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  1. DynoStretch

    My "Heart of The Desert" Cast Made With an Avatar Creator

    After I commented on the idea on this forum of a Zelda game where you could customize your own avatar character, I thought I'd take a shot at physically designing the lead Gerudo girls from my story Heart of The Desert. Since I'm no good with drawing and don't have a scanner to upload them...
  2. DynoStretch

    Breath of Fire - Alan and Cerl Forever

    Hey there folks, Dyno here with a new oneshot story! This particular one is based on the Super Nintendo RPG Breath of Fire, the first installment by Capcom and SquareSoft. This game is particularity special to me as it was the first RPG I ever played and was what got me into the genre. This...
  3. DynoStretch

    Ys 8: Ambitions of Dana (complete)

    So I was skeptic about posting this story up on this site, as it's not a Zelda story, but I noticed some people posting things like Pokemon and Spider Man, so I figured it wouldn't hurt to put this up. This is a story based on the PSVita/PS4/Switch, Ys 8: Lacrimosa of DANA, an installment in...
  4. DynoStretch

    Left Behind - A Twilight Princess Story

    Howdy-do folks, this is DynoStretch with a Twilight Princess story for your pleasure. The story takes place about a year after the events of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, and is a bit more of a comedy oriented story. though It does contain plenty of drama, lots of action, and some...
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