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  1. toonlink

    Lost Items Thread

    Have you lost anything recently? Maybe you lost something really important a while ago? Got any stories about losing things? I wanna know! Myself, I lost my wallet twice in the past year, and both times there were long searches before I gave up (the first time) and found it in my bathroom (the...
  2. toonlink

    First Exposure to Anime?

    How did you get into anime? What kept you watching it? If you didn't keep watching it, what kept you from it? I either started watching anime through on demand anime network recordings or watching Toonami late at night with my cousin. I had to be only 11 or 12, sometime a bit before I started...
  3. toonlink

    Second Favorite Genre?

    I'm sure you've asked someone, "What's your favorite game genre?" and it provided some insight into that person. Maybe it told you about their tastes, what they grew up with, that sorta thing. But what's your second favorite game genre? Was it maybe something you originally really loved, but got...
  4. toonlink

    Halloween Costume?

    Saw that the last thread like this was from years ago, so here's a new thread for it! What's your Halloween Costume going to be this year? Why'd you choose it? Are you going to even dress up at all? Still deciding myself, but I was thinking of dressing up with my girlfriend as the Tethered from...
  5. toonlink

    Pretentious Media

    As the title implies, I wanna know what media--whether book, game, or show--you thought was pretentious and overrated. Alternatively, I'd love to hear about works that others find pretentious that you find great! Did you think that it wasn't that deep? Maybe you think that it's underrated...
  6. toonlink

    Favorite Aspects/Genre/Things In Anime?

    Just as the title implies, I wanna know what you like in anime. Perhaps you like slice of lifes? Maybe you enjoy the animation in cool sword battles. Or do you enjoy slow burn romance? Neko Girls? Whatever it is, I wanna know, and know why! As for myself, I quite enjoy big sprawling Sci-Fi...
  7. toonlink

    Thoughts. Words. Trigger.

    If there's any thread that already did this, sorry, I didn't see it. All you have to do is post what the previous word reminded you of. It can be a sentence. A fragment. A word. After that, you post any word you want. Lemme start. Secrets.
  8. toonlink

    What is Your Favorite Ability?

    I saw the other "What's your favorite"s, and didn't see one of these, so I decided to. Anyway, you just, well, put your favorite ability, why you like it, how you use it, and stuff like that. I would put a poll, but there are so many abilities, it didn't make sense to. My favorite ability...
  9. toonlink

    What is Your Nickname

    Well, there was one for names and would be names, so why not? Post here your nicknames. Mine are Matt-Matt, Marcy, Question Marc, Kuya Marc, Marco and Harry Potter (those little kids who think anyone with glasses is Harry Potter)
  10. toonlink

    DeCo KingBrea Game

    Make up a simple code and decipher the message. Try not to be TOO simple, but don't invent your own language. Whoever can guess it correctly can make their own code Ex: Link: I devas eluryH. toonlink: Hyrule saved I Link: No toonlink: I saved Hyrule Link: CORRECT...
  11. toonlink

    Who's That Pokemon!

    Simple. Give one hint and then 2 more everytime they guess five times incorrect. HINT1: It is very light
  12. toonlink

    Word For Word

    Game's simple. Post one word at a time, then see the result. There
  13. toonlink

    My HeartGold Team

    I will not put levels because they are not trained to them yet.These WILL be competitive Feraligator—Lizalfos Item:Mystic Water Ice Fang Waterfall Hydro Pump Dig? Scyther—Kronos Item: Silver Powder X-Scissor Hyper Beam ?????????? ?????????? Gardevoir—Nienke Item: Phychic Plate Phychic Shadow...
  14. toonlink

    Please Rate My BW Team!

    No, it's not my sig. Samurott Lv100 Item:Mystic Water Ability:Torrent Hydro Cannon Ice Beam Scald X-Sciscor Liligant Lv57 Item:Big Root Ability Prankster Sleep Powder Dream Eater Mega Drain Petal Dance Gigalith Lv58 Item:Leftovers Ability: Sturdy Flash Cannon Earthquake Giga Impact...
  15. toonlink

    Finish the Sentance

    Okay, I am terribly sorry if such a thread already exists. Simple, Complete the previous poster's sentance and start your own. Psychic powers can be attained by...
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