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  1. Deku

    Mega Evolutions Confirmed for Pokémon X and Y!

    I'm absolutely in love with this idea - and what's more? All of those mega evolutions look really well-designed! I hope every Pokemon gets one of these!! :D
  2. Deku

    If You Had to Remove One Pokemon, What Would It Be?

    Uggghh, I forgot about Probopass. Too late to change my answer?
  3. Deku

    First Shiny Pokemon?

    Don't feel too bad - I've been playing the Pokemon games for 15 years, and I've only ever seen two. Saw my first three years ago, and my second this year.
  4. Deku

    What is Happiness?

    Happiness is a choice. You are in control of your life and your emotions. Being yourself - and truly feeling free with being yourself - is the best way to achieve this. Be impeccable with your word, don't take anything personally, never make assumptions, and always do your best. Above all...
  5. Deku

    First Shiny Pokemon?

    Nabbed a shiny Donphan in HG as my first :) It's unfortunate though, as I had already beaten the Elite Four by then... I'd really love to raise one from a low level.
  6. Deku

    If You Had to Remove One Pokemon, What Would It Be?

    Rhyperior. So say we all.
  7. Deku

    Have the Games Reached Their Decline?

    I think you've said it best, Sonic. While we all have our own favorites, each of the games of the series so far have their merits and negatives, just like any well-established game series. On a personal level, I felt that the HG and SS versions were the strongest overall, and found Gen III to...
  8. Deku

    What Is Your Favorite Gym Badge In-Game?

    I've always loved the Thunder Badge - that one has to be my favorite. A close second would be the Earth Badge, though. I've got a set of badge replicas from Gen I, and the Earth Badge just looks damn classy, even on the lapel of a suit jacket.
  9. Deku

    General Zelda Favorite Mask?

    *removes Stone Mask* ...Look behind you, Ventus o.o
  10. Deku

    General Zelda Favorite Mask?

    For practicality's sake, I've always found the Bunny Hood to be the most universally useful (at least in Majora's Mask)... ...But my favorite in terms of look would be the Garo's mask. ...Closely followed by Bremmen's mask and Kamaro's mask. :B
  11. Deku

    Majora's Mask Majora As A Villain

    Well, I'm fairly certain that the full power of Majora is limited while the Majora's Mask is not being worn.* It's been speculated that Majora used its influence to draw the Skull Kid to the Happy Mask Man, getting him to attack him and find the mask. The Skull Kid lacked the power to do...
  12. Deku

    General Zelda Boss Struggles (3D Games)

    I remember playing Ocarina of Time for the first time when I was 10, and having to fight the Barinade seven times before actually defeating him. I have far less trouble now, but I always feel that same fear of death whenever I step into the boss room... I might as well throw a list down as...
  13. Deku

    Majora's Mask Majora As A Villain

    Though I wouldn't say that the character and history of Majora is quite as well developed as the Skull Kid's, I found Majora to be an excellent villain, and one that clearly stands apart from the others of the series. Here's why: While the Skull Kid's history tells the tale of him losing his...
  14. Deku

    Ocarina of Time What Are Your Favorite Temple\Dungeon Themes From Ocarina Of Time?

    I've always loved the Forest Temple theme. In fact, when I haven't played Ocarina for awhile, just thinking about that temple makes me want to play it again... ...Crap, where's my 3DS...
  15. Deku

    General Zelda Zelda Tattoo Show-off or Ideal Zelda Tatto

    Here are my two: Of course, there's the standard... But my second one means just as much to me: The truth should always be told, and so the Eye of Truth is a constant reminder to be true to myself and others. ...But also, who wouldn't want to be one of the Sheikah? :3
  16. Deku

    Do You Think They Should Make Team Rocket Playable in Pokemon

    Aw maaan, not much love for Team Rocket going on here! I mean, sure, the idea is outlandish, and would probably never be done in any of the games, but think of the possibilities here! Let's say your player character just falls in with the wrong crowd, right from the beginning? You're told to...
  17. Deku

    Do You Play All The Pokemon Games?

    Hmmm, for me it'd have to be the following: Red Blue Gold Emerald Platinum Heart Gold Black ...and Colosseum and Pokemon Snap, of course. My favourite by far would have to be Heart Gold though. Nothing beats a Pokemon game with 16 gym leaders and two runs at the Elite Four in my...
  18. Deku

    Your Favorite Weapon???

    Have you ever played the 3DS OOT remake? That was my favorite iteration of the bow in any Zelda game, mostly because of the way the camera tracks with your movement of the 3DS, and not just the controller. I felt like I was looking through a tiny window into Hyrule. And shooting crap through it :3
  19. Deku

    Your Favorite Weapon???

    This may seem like a strange answer, but mine is most definitely the Whip. It first appeared in Spirit Tracks, and made a comeback in Skyward Sword, complete with epically-fun motion-control. Easily the most fun item to use in both of the games, in my humble opinion. However, one problem with...
  20. Deku

    Skyward Sword Beetle or Boomerang?

    Huh. I really never considered that this sort of thing would come up, but everyone seems to have interesting points here on both sides. However, while both the Beetle and Boomerang share a few similar functions, they behaved differently enough that I could easily see both returning in future...
  21. Deku

    What's Your Favorite Dragon Type?

    Oooh, tough question, but lots of answers... Pokemon: Haxorus Zelda: Argorok Any: Black Dragons :3 ...Or pretty much any Dragon that Wayne Reynolds draws...
  22. Deku

    Pokemon X and Y Information About Revealed Pokemon

    Y'know, the thing that always concerns me most about the impending arrival of a new Pokemon game is the quality of the Pokemon designs. To be fair to the series in general, I'm a huge fan of each generation regardless of the designs chosen. The games are great, each in their own way, and always...
  23. Deku

    Zelda Shirt and Animated Series Giveaway - The Hardest Zelda Level or Dungeon

    Gyorg's lair is EVIL The hardest dungeon to me was Great Bay Temple from Legend of Zelda Majoras Mask: The three day time limit and the water pumps.
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