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  1. Wolfie

    Breath of the Wild No Spoilers Tips & Tricks Guide from Noob to 1337

    I wrote this guide to teach my sister how to play the game without spoiling the story for her and thought I would share it. There may be some minor spoilers but I've avoided any major story elements and the stuff I feel walks the line has been clearly marked. Best Recipes: (Note: You can only...
  2. Wolfie

    Ganondorf as an Antihero and the Reunified Timeline

    Spoiler warning for everything. In Skyward Sword we find out that Demise came forth from underground and invaded. As he dies he curses Zelda, the incarnation of the Goddess Hylia, and Link, the incarnation of the Hero, in a cycle of hatred without end. What we never find out is: Why did Demise...
  3. Wolfie

    Last Hobbit movie out, no more Tolkien? I think not!

    So evidently most people are not aware of this but Tolkien did not write just lotr and the hobbit he also wrote 12 books just about the history of middle earth totaling 3,500 pages... But there are also several other books he wrote: Bilbo's Last song - poem about what happens after Biblo leaves...
  4. Wolfie

    Zelda 2015 Timeline Placement

    Mildest of spoilers for Skyward Sword and the 2k15 game to follow: http://youtu.be/0e1vJrEJhBY?t=1m18s Notice the sailcloth which was said to be a relic of the original hero in Skyward Sword. Which is important because given the size of the map (shown in the video 47 seconds in) this world...
  5. Wolfie

    Marin's Fate

    Spoiler warning for Link's Awakening and Link's Awakening Dx. Anyways when the game ends it is revealed to have all been a dream and all the characters you encounter to have not been real and stop existing when you finish the game. This is especially painful as Link falls in love on the...
  6. Wolfie

    Good Display Cabinet?

    I can't seem to find a good display cabinet. Here's what I'm looking to do: Top shelf: Nes, Snes, N64, & Gamecube 2nd shelf: wii u & portable consoles (3ds, 3ds xl, gba sp x2, ds lite x2, Goldstar 1100m) 3rd shelf: Games & accessories 4th shelf: strategy guides/any game related books So I'm...
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