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    A Link Between Worlds Am I the Only One Who is Disappointed?

    I have been hoping for a Zelda top-down perspective for the 3DS. Though many want a complete 3D back view perspective like Ocarina of Time 3D, I feel that it doesn't truly capture the full potential of what 3D can enhance in a Zelda game. Sure Ocarina of Time 3D has some great effects, but...
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    OoT Observation

    If we believe that the wooden material rots overtime in the 7 year gap, I wonder what's keeping other materials from rotting as well. If Link was preserved from starving to death for 7 years and is perfectly fit when he's wakes, why would wood, a substance made from life itself, rot instead of...
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    Spoiler Ganondorf's Evil Spirit?

    Well, Skyward Sword has given some light on this matter about origins of Ganon's evil. When the Demon King Demise was defeated in battle, he placed a curse on Link and Zelda's descendants (and future incarnations) to be forever haunted by an incarnation of his hatred. This incarnation is...
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    Corrupt a wish!

    Wish granted, now the Internet is closed for good. I wish that the Cold War never happened.
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    If There Really Was a Fourth Piece of the Triforce, What Would It Represent?

    If we view the Triforce symbol on the Hylian Shield as the symbol of the goddesses, then the Fourth Piece would represent Hylia herself. As Hylia is the guardian of Hyrule, the piece itself could be the Force itself. Definition in Hyrule Historia: Interestingly enough, the Red Loftwing is on...
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    Skyward Sword Is Hylia an Effective Part of the Lore?

    In short, yes. She does matter in the overarching theme of the Legend of Zelda. She is the protector of the Triforce and the Hylian people, battling against the wicked forces of the demons who intend to use it for malevolent purpose. She is the one who chose Link as the hero and made go...
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    Aquaman: Yay or Nay

    Well, Aquaman can summon Cthulhu if he wishes and he rules over 70% of the Earth. I think Aquaman can be awesome if the writers know how to use him properly. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T837zAuUMLA
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    General Zelda The Triforce

    It's a difficult thing to say, but I believe that it means you're left with the Triforce piece that you believe is the key to your success. If you desire to become the most knowledgeable person in the world, you would most likely gain the Triforce of Wisdom. If you wish to battle numerous...
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    Skyward Sword How Does Demise Resemble Ganon?

    When people are talking about Demise resembling Ganon, they're referring to Ganon's human form: Ganondorf. While Ganon is often the name of the beast and Ganondorf the name of the man, in-game characters like Zant and the King of Red Lions use both interchangeably since they are the same...
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    General Zelda Does Anyone Know This Song?

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LJh3D_zX0To A Link to the Past End Credits Theme
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    Spoiler Is Demise Supposed to Be This Easy?

    I have a friend who didn't realize that he can do lightning strike until after he'd beaten Demise. He was told by Fi that the Skyward Strike is unavailable during the first phase of the battle and assumed that the same goes true with the second phase. Thus he had to fight Demise with the...
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    Spoiler Is Demise Supposed to Be This Easy?

    Demise is based on how good the player is at sword-fighting. If you're a skilled expert, of course he's easy. But if you're not, he is like a juggernaut. I've tried defeat to Demise with no lightning strike and he was a monster, on normal difficultly no less. I don't think this show Demise's...
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    General Zelda Zelda's Darkest Moment

    The Ritual and Resurrection of the Demon King Demise. After realizing that ritual was going on as Link fights Ghirahim, I felt genuine fear when I saw that the Imprisoned is going to absorb Zelda's soul. The mere presence of that monster getting near Zelda and the sheer agony from Zelda as her...
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    Spoiler What is the Execution Sword.

    It's the Sword of the Sages, it's meant to execute dangerous criminals like Ganondorf. And like any other sword (except for the Master Sword), it can be wielded by anybody, good or evil. There's no real purpose of the Execution Sword aside from the fact it symbolizes the corruption of the...
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    General Zelda Should Link Die?

    The only way I could see Link die is if it was a heroic sacrifice with a bittersweet and hopeful ending. Like if Link defeats villain and saves Hyrule from destruction, but is mortally wounded in the process and dies. The people will honor him for his deeds while Zelda will mourn her fallen...
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    Reincarnation or Bloodline?

    I would prefer a more diverse set of options on the poll considering that it's a bit more complicated than just a simple reincarnation or bloodline. Some Links are related, like OoT and TP, and some are not, like OoT and WW. Skyward Sword Zelda may have reincarnate in her bloodline as another...
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    Rayman Legends No Longer Wii U Exclusive

    There are no words that can describe my feelings about this executive move. To say I'm disappointing in Ubisoft is being too kind to them, to say that I'm sick with anger is an understatement. I can understand a delay for it allows time for improvements. I can understand a multiplatform...
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    General Zelda The Hyrule Historia Error Thread

    You mean the Fire Medallion and Spirit Medallion that has been switched? I recall a thread tried to disprove Hyrule Historia based on that one error. It was kinda silly to declare a book non-canon just because the designers identically switched the symbols. I've seen other errors and...
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    Skyward Sword What is the Crimson Loftwing's Purpose?

    The Crimson Loftwing is symbol of a special destiny that awaits for Link in my interpretation, since Loftwings chose their riders and the Crimson Loftwing is almost considered to be an extinct breed. Originally the Crimson Loftwing was intended to be the only thing that can penetrate the cloud...
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    Will Skyward Sword Remain the "Series Prequel"?

    Yes, I believe that Skyward Sword will remain as the series prequel for a long time because it has the origins of the Master Sword, the appearance of the first Link and Zelda, an ancient demon responsible for Ganondorf's rise, and much more. Before Skyward Sword, we only have the story of the...
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    Why Are Koume and Kotake Ganondorf's Surrogate Parents?/Their Influence On Ganondorf

    I doubt that would be the case. The Triforce wasn't split at that time and therefore Impa could not have the Triforce of Power. As Ganondorf is a Gerudo because he has the same golden eyes, skin color, red hair, round ears, and pointed nose like the Gerudo Tribe whereas Impa has red eyes...
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    General Zelda What Was the First Zelda Game You've Ever Played?

    The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks
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    What Happened to the Gerudo Tribe?

    For the Adult Timeline, people of Hyrule were scattered across the islands after the Great Flood, never truly united as one whole kingdom till Link and Tetra's voyage to the new lands. The Royal Family was reduced to a band of pirates, the Gorons are wandering merchants, and the closest thing...
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    Creation of the Master Sword?

    I understand that the English Manual is indeed a mistranslation and that's why I used it as an example of distorted legend and contradiction. But maybe I should have compare it to Japanese version as an example of real life distortion or just compare the general backstory of ALttP to the story...
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    Creation of the Master Sword?

    Legends can be distorted over time and separate tales of history can be fused into one. The English version of ALttP manual back story is good evidence of that. It combines the creation of Master Sword and the origins of Ganon into one story. It states that Ganondorf stole the Triforce first...
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    Am I the Only One Let Down?

    While I'll understand why some people are disappointed that it isn't MM HD coming for the Wii U, there are key factors as to why. Much of it has to do with it's a direct sequel to Ocarina of Time. Majora's Mask re-used the same OoT models and gameplay engine with a few modifications here and...
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    Zelda Wii U & Non-Linearity

    I'm thinking of Skyward Sword's Overworld except it's much bigger and more interconnected, filled with secret paths and mazes down every corner. I felt that Skyward Sword did a great job of making the province more deeper and I want them to build from that, like Super Metroid in a sense. As to...
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    "Can Hyrule's Destiny Really Depend on Such a Lazy Boy?"

    It goes to show that even the greatest heroes come from the most humble places. That and the fact that humble backgrounds and personality does provide a good cover from your enemies as oppose to being raised in high places where one could be an easy target.
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    Which GameCube Games Would You Most Like to See Remade in HD?

    The less accessible games, the ones that are Gamecube exclusives and never been re-released for the Wii. F-Zero GX, Star Fox Adventure, Star Fox Assault, and Super Mario Sunshine are first things to come up to mind.
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    Effective Villains

    Great topic and nicely done analysis for the villains and how they should be effective. The villains of Zelda have their ups and downs, ranging from creative to uninspired, but there are some memorable gems like Ganondorf or Ghirahim. In my personal opinion, the most effective villains for me...
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    Zelda Art TLoZ Story Suggestions

    Name: The Legend of Zelda: The Storm of the Lanayru Sea Main Instrument: Couch Shell Companion: Zelda Main Villain: The Moblin King Race of Companion: Hylian Race of Villain: Moblin Gender of Villain: Male
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    Should Nintendo Remake Zelda Games More Often?

    As long as it's one at a time and a considerable distance in terms of release date, yes. One HD remake is better than a collection of HD remakes for it allows the developers to focus, enhance, and improve the one game they are remaking instead of just slapping new improved graphics on it and...
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    The Dragons

    Not necessary the case here. Dragons in Zelda come in all shape and size with different kinds of personalities, taking cues from Western Culture and Eastern Culture. Some dragons are benevolent and wise like Valoo and the Three Dragons while others are like mindless monsters such as Volvagia...
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    There is one era of the official timeline known as the Era of Chaos. According to Hyrule Historia, it was a time, shortly after the end of the era of the Sky, when the people of Hyrule grew greedy and lustful for the Triforce. There are details here and there as to what happened but at the...
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    One Change

    I personally think that Ganondorf started with good intentions at the beginning but as he reads more about the power of the Triforce and how to get it, he became more unhinged and mad with power. It's only after suffering a defeat from Link and losing Hryule twice that Ganondorf began to...
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    Villain with Good Intentions: What Do You Think?

    Depends on how it's used. There are some villains that work great with good intentions and some that don't. For the Legend of Zelda, I can see a lot of well-intentional villains Nintendo could come up with. But we have good intentional villains, then I personally we need a pure evil villain...
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    WWHD a Good Consumer Tactic?

    While Twilight Princess has more appeal to the modern audience, I think the Wind Waker HD better showcased the Wii U's graphic capabilities. Although Twilight Princess's graphics are considered to be more "realistic" and "better" than the Wind Waker, they became dated as soon as the next-gen...
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    Wii U Art Style

    If the Twilight Princess art style is akin to The Lord of the Rings, then the Zelda Wii U art style should be like the Hobbit, a balance of both high fantasy and whimsical fairy tale with a variety of colors and characters. The Twilight Princess has a serious, dark, and epic tone, but the...
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    The Legend of Zelda Wind Waker HD Screenshots + Video

    I say it's an unexpected surprise...but one that I welcome <3. I was quite blown away by the new HD graphics for the Wind Waker for surpassed any high-resolution graphics that the Dolphin Emulator has to offer. Now one could wonder what other Zelda games would look like in HD ^^.
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    Am I Reading the Timeline Right?

    Well, you got most of it right. For the Child and Adult Timeline at least. The Downfall Timeline is caused when Ganondorf and Link battled at the top of Ganon's Tower for the control of the Triforce, but ends with Ganondorf defeating Link. There was never really any timeline doomed when Link...
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    What Kind of Artstyle/graphics for Zelda Wii U?

    If I had to choose, I would want Zelda Wii-U to have great HD graphics with a wide variety of colors ranging from whimsical and bright to dark and foreboding. But I don't really care what Zelda Artstyle/graphics as long as they can make it as grand and beautiful as possible. If they go with...
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    Whatever Happened To? - Create Little Stories!

    Well, here's my little story of Kikwis and their fate: Spirits of the Forest As the Skyloftians descended to the land of the Surface, many lived near Faron Woods where the timid Kikwis lived. The new settlers were at first shocked and amazed to see the Kikwis because of their strange...
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    Silent Realm=Sacred Realm=Twilight Realm?

    If I recall correctly, the chambers where you get the Triforce pieces has the same atmosphere and the style as the Silent Realm, which you enter by plunging the Master Sword into a seal. And when you get all three pieces, the atmosphere suddenly turns to gold, much like the Sacred Realm...
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    Ever Predict Something in the Series?

    When Skyward Sword was announced in E3 2010, they mentioned how this game was a prequel and that Link must descend from the Sky to the world below that is overrun by monsters. Many wonder who the new villain was going to be and guess range from young Ganondorf to Majora and the Dark Tribe...
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    WW-Wii U The Rito Tribe Were Zoras? Why?

    The Real Life answer: Nintendo wanted a bird race for the Wind Waker and they decided turn the existing Zora race into the Ritos for continuity reference. The answer in-game is mostly likely to hide the existance of Hyrule. Hyrule is sealed under the sea and if Zoras still swim in the waters...
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    Spoiler Do You Think the Time Travel Was a Cop-Out?

    It's simple really. The Imprisoned was killed in the present time when that Goddess Statue fell down on his head and crushed him. But the Gate of Time leads to an era where The Imprisoned is sealed away but still alive. And that is Ghirahim's plan. If he can't have Demise revived in the...
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    Spoiler Why Did Link Need to Open the Second Gate of Time?

    I think I might not have made my argument clear in post. The situation refers to the fact that Link's goal of opening the Gate of Time indirectly made Link's spirit strong enough to weigh the Triforce. There's more to the Gate quest than just getting a full powered Master Sword and allowing a...
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    Spoiler Why Did Link Need to Open the Second Gate of Time?

    Because opening the Gate of Time is the safest bet for Link's quest if Demise is to be destroyed. The reason why Impa sent Link off to forge the Goddess Sword into the Master Sword is not just to open the Gate, but also have to Link's spirit grow as well. The Triforce is not some relic...
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    SS's Chronological Release And Placement On The Timeline Hinder Its Overworld

    While Skyward Sword is less advanced in terms of civilization and technology compare to the recent games, it does not mean that it is out of place at all. In fact the town of Skyloft seems to be even more advanced than the towns of recent Zelda games considering that Beedle's Air Shop is...
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    Spoiler Why I Don't Believe The Hyrule Historia Timeline

    If that was the case, why wasn't it mention in all of the other official Nintendo press? Where was it when Nintendo talked about the gaming history of Zelda? I think it's because the game is not part of Zelda canon unlike the major handheld and console Zelda games. There are many Zelda game...
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