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  1. mvsl54321

    What Games Have You Finished in One Sitting?

    Basically, What games have you started and finished in one sitting, and if possible, how long do you think you were playing it for. You could also say what games you would finish in one sitting if you got the chance. I'll list mine: Paper Mario (N64): 23 Hours. Ocarina of Time (N64): 6 Hours...
  2. mvsl54321

    The Kokiri (Can They Die from Ageing)

    As you know, Kokiri live in the forest as they are eternally young with fairy companions on their side. So since they don't get any older, could they actually die from old age? If they don't get any older and stay young how could they die? The only way I see possible is actually being physically...
  3. mvsl54321

    Spoiler Least Favorite Dungeon in Skyward Sword?

    There are a total of 7 dungeons on Skyward Sword. Of the 7, which is your least favorite? *Update- Changed my mind* Mine is the Earth Temple. This is because the dungeon is REALLY short, and the puzzles were not as awesome as they were in the other dungeons. I also did not like rolling on lava...
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