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    New Zelda Game Idea - Sequel to AoL

    I thought about a new Zelda game where it was a sequel to AoL but it's not a continuation from the actual ending when you beat it, no I'm talking about another split or "what-if" sequel and that's where it continues from the game over screen because it does show the return of Ganon. Now this may...
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    No Beast Ganon in TWW

    TWW remains as the only Zelda game with Ganondorf in it that does not become beast Ganon. Were you disappointed that the TWW did not feature beast Ganon or does it not matter to you? For me at first, I didn't really give it much thought but now I am somewhat disappointed because I would...
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    The Hero of Time Defeated Timeline Split - Major Flaw

    OK so after looking at this third split where the Hero of Time is defeated by Ganondorf I noticed a major flaw in this. Now if you look at ALttP's backstory we know that Ganondorf went into the Sacred Realm and took the Triforce. This does happen in OoT as well but in OoT when Ganondorf gets...
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    Have You Completed a Zelda Game from Start to Finish Without Stopping or Saving?

    I did and it was ALttP. I believe it took me about 5 hours. Wasn't 100% complete though, the only item I forgot to get was the magic cape and I think it was one piece of heart that I missed and it was the one where you had to dig up with the shovel in the dark world (at that time I didn't know...
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    The Hobbit Trailer

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    What Zelda Game Did You Have Fun Exploring in the Most?

    The Wind Waker I would say was my favorite to explore in the most because you sailed the sea and visited different islands, not knowing what to expect there. Also allot of the islands such as Outset, Dragon Roost and Windfall were also fun to be at with quite a few NPC's, side quests, hidden...
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    Is FSA Really a Prequel to ALttP?

    Is it? Now Zelda said in FSA that Ganon was once Ganondorf and was once of the Gerudo. Ganon in ALttP was also once the human Ganondorf and part of the Gerudo. Prior to FSA Ganondorf took the Trident in a Pyramid and that turned him into the beast Ganon. Prior to ALttP, Ganondorf took the...
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    The Legend of Zelda Collector's Edition

    You know I really hope Nintendo releases another Zelda collector's edition because the first one to me was a disappointment because for some odd reason they didn't include ALttP even though they show video clips of it on there so because of that I never bought it. ALttP is my number 1 favorite...
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    WW-Wii U Is There Going to Be a Video Walkthrough?

    Just wondering if there were plans for a video walkthrough for this game. If so, when?
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