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    Water Temple- I've Fallen and I Can't Get Up!

    I'm pretty sure you can just grab it next time the water is up there.
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    Majora's Mask Fav Useless Mask

    Several of these are not actually useless.
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    Phantom Hourglass Drawing the Triforce

    You said that you turned off your DS... is it possible that you had not saved, and therefore your Link has not yet learned what symbol he needs? It's been a while since I played PH, but sometimes in these games, even if you personally know what to do next, you need to talk to a certain person or...
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    Phantom Hourglass Mercay Island Tree

    To do a roll attack in PH, you need to draw a tiny circle with your stylus. Like, you are running toward the tree, and just before you hit it, make a little circle and you should roll. It's pretty difficult - I have a lot of trouble with it. There are actually several trees throughout PH that...
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    Majora's Mask Hardest Part of Majora's Mask?

    Hmm. Great Bay temple is pretty complicated and that makes it pretty hard, but I like it a lot. Same for Stone Tower. I have always disliked the Bottom of the Well and the Alien Invasion, but they aren't hard - I just don't like doing them. For me, the hardest part is ... actually, I always end...
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    Majora's Mask Gyorg Fish Thing

    My method tends to be rather slow, but I never ever die doing it. ;-) Wearing your Zora mask, stand in the center of the platform. Keep an eye on Gyorg (he releases bubbles to the surface of the water). He'll hit the platform trying to knock you off, but since you're in the middle you won't...
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    Twilight Princess Floor 49 in the Cave of Ordeals

    I always drop off the edge of the ledge attempting to only get the attention of the one directly under me so I can deal with him first. I use the back slice exclusively on the Darknuts, always - it's the easiest way I have found to beat them. You have to target until the one you're targeting...
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    Majora's Mask Stuck.......AGAIN!

    Without using bottles, there is no way you'd have enough magic to use Giant's Mask or the Light Arrows on Twinmold. Only thing I can think of is just regular arrows, but sheesh, you've just got a small quiver too. I think that the pillars that are scattered around drop magic jars when TM breaks...
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    Majora's Mask Help Me Beat Gomess in Majoras Mask!

    Have you tried light arrows? Hit him/her/it with one and the bats will scatter. Then lay in with your sword. Good luck, lol.
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    A Link to the Past Links Uncle

    Alfon actually makes sense to me. We know they like to re-use names, and Link's mentor was Alfonso in Spirit Tracks. But no, they never gave him a name in-game.
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    Legend of Zelda's Replay Value

    I love to replay. :) I have played each of the games I own probably like 20 times each.
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    Zelda Wallpaper

    Might try DeviantArt. Quite a few good artists there. .........
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    Using Guides

    I always end up using a guide to complete the game, but I like to play through the first time by myself. Sometimes I get stuck on certain puzzles and need a clue, and of course I don't have the patience to hunt down all of everything (like the Skulltulas in OoT), so guides are my friend.
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    3DS Point Shop

    Try a pawn shop for a GB if you really want to play it old school. We see them pretty often here, maybe you will too. And omg I do hope that OOX is on the virtual console, because while I have OoS, I canNOT find OoA in any store anywhere I look (and I don't want to buy online). {100th post...
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    Leaving A Dungeon

    I could definitely see this working. Maybe like a "stealth mission" type thing? Or maybe, say, the item/boss/etc is in the middle of a large building, or on the top floor, and you have to get back out/down. Would be much more realistic, I think.
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    Spirit Tracks Mic Oddly Not Working Only During Duet

    Back up from the mic a bit. (lalalalalalalalalala)
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    Linebeck; Asset or Anchor?

    I love Linebeck. He's an asset just for the comic relief. :D
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    Could Ganondorf Control the Power of Majora's Mask?

    Majora seems to be the strongest independent power in the entire canon. Maybe the whole Triforce could challenge it, but Ganon/dorf's sole piece? No, I doubt it. Also, Majora controlling the Triforce of Power? EVACUATE HYRULE NOW.
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    Water Temple- I Can't Go on

    Like said before, go back to where you met Ruto and float up to lower the water. Then either search around yourself or check a walkthrough to find a key you have missed. More than likely, it'll be the one underneath the tower. Or there's one in a room to the south that I tend to forget. Just go...
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    Is It Just Me....?

    It slows you down if you jump constantly. If you just jump every now and then, it makes no actual difference to your speed. It just *feels* like you're going faster because it breaks up the monotony.
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    A Link to the Past Enemies!!

    Hmm. I have not yet finished this game (and haven't played in a while), but so far I think that the most annoying is those sand men in the desert. Or maybe the birds since they circle around forever.
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    Who has beaten majora's mask completely?

    There is one (maybe two?) bottles that I have never bothered with, and a couple heart pieces that I've either not managed to get or didn't bother. But I always get all the masks and all the SFs (except for Woodfall - I have gotten them a couple times though). I'm not really into doing challenge...
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    How Many Times Do You Beat Zelda Games?

    A million times. I am a hardcore replayer.
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    Will You Use a Guide?

    I don't plan to use a guide on my first play-through. However, I will freely admit that I stink at "block puzzles" and might need some help on them. I will eventually use a guide though - I generally buy a Prima guide and use it to find all the hidden stuff.
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    Will Ganondorf Be the Main Villain or Will Nintendo Create a Completely New Villain?

    I don't think it could be because Ganondorf looks to be around 40 or so in OOT. Not 140. ;-) If the Main Enemy is even a Gerudo at all, he'd have to be Ganon's ancestor/etc.
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    Spirit Tracks Am I missing something?

    Back up from your DS mic a bit & try to blow slow and steady. Being too close makes it easier for the DS to pick up on tiny differences in the air flow and will cause errors.
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    Twilight Princess Dark Link Cutscene in Twilight Princess

    FD : but it was DELICIOUS fan service. ;-) I love that Dark Link.
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    Why Didnt the Wind Waker Have a Water Themed Temple?

    I think that the Tower of the Gods took up a bit of that mantle (in fact at least one guide I have read refers to it as the water dungeon), with the first big room being dependent on your boat. Also, the entire game is on the ocean and features a lot of mini-dungeons/challenges (like the...
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    Twilight Princess Dark Link Cutscene in Twilight Princess

    Are you referring to the one that happens after you restore the Tears of Light to Lanayru? That cutscene is about the Twili and why they were banished, and a warning to Link about the seduction of power, with particular emphasis on the fact that he is actively seeking the exact same power that...
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    Phantom Hourglass Temple of Ice

    You need to stand on the center piece of land, close to the wall that the eyes are on, and face downward (away from them). Put a tightrope between the two pegs, and get out your bow. The aiming for this is not difficult, but is kinda hard to explain. You need to aim your arrow about halfway...
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    Classic Controllers Vs. Motion Sensing Controllers (Wii)

    I like the Wiimote pretty well, and enjoy using it for the Mario Galaxy games. I enjoy my DS games a lot (although I wish the buttons were used more in the Zelda games). I don't own TP on the Wii, but I played a bit of it at a friend's house and honestly I was kinda disappointed. I guess I like...
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    Great Site I Found!!!

    Too bad the sound and graphics suckkkkk. :( (I can wait for the VC on the 3DS.)
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    Skip Tutorial/guide?

    I have been hoping for this feature since 1999. :D The help and guidance is great in your first couple of plays, but by the time you've beaten it 30 times and just wanna mess around and have fun - ugh.
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    I like Vaati a lot and would love to have more of his story, but I'd rather have either more depth to Ganondorf's story, or have new, unique bosses in the future.
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    Majora's Mask Help

    If you are planning to get the Gold Dust from the Goron Race (and thus get the Gilded Sword), you will need to re-defeat Goht, as the Racetrack is only open when it's spring. If all you want is the Powder Keg, then you're good to go.
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    What Zelda Might Be the Best First One

    I voted for Link to the Past, Ocarina of Time, Wind Waker, and Twilight Princess. Before you shoot me for voting for 4 of them, let me say that I would choose each one in a different situation. Wind Waker for a younger person. LTTP for someone who likes harder games (or older style games). OOT...
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    What Single Aspect of Zelda Would You Want Nintendo to Expand Upon?

    I want to know more about the Twili, the "tribe" that used Majora's Mask for hexing, the "interlopers" that feature in that cutscene in Lanayru's spring in TP, Dark Link ... in short, all the dark mysterious stuff.
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    Floating Head/Hands Boss in SS?

    It really depends on how they would do it. I liked Gohdan in WW, because he was a test set by the goddesses to make sure that Link was worthy of the Master Sword, and I think he/it fit that bill nicely. Ghosi mentioned feeling small and powerless - but that was kindof the point, to me. You ARE...
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    SS File Select Name

    I have used several different names for Link in the past, but for the last 5 years or so I've used just Link. I like it. :)
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    Was it 20? Sorry, haven't played in a while and thought it was 30. :) My bad.
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    The Return of the Moblin

    OceanicTempus - you have hit the nail on the head! The OLD enemies should come back!! :)
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    Like CSD said, it's the Hero's Charm. You receive this from the Teacher on Windfall Island for giving her a total of 51 Joy Pendants (21 of which are required for the game).
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    The Return of the Moblin

    I wouldn't have a complaint about it. I agree with Djinn that the Bulblins were a great addition though - they had a story to them instead of just being randomly bad - and I would like to see more of that.
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    Spirit Tracks I Need Help in Spirit Tracks

    12cloud3 - http://www.zeldadungeon.net/Zelda13-spirit-tracks-walkthrough-09.php
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    Ocarina of Time What's the Differnece Between Master Quest and Norm

    The dungeons are different, and that's all. They have the same layout as in the regular quest, but you don't progress through the rooms in the same way, & the puzzles and enemies are more difficult. I think the bosses are the same though. Everything in the "overworld" is identical, though. And...
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    Twilight Princess Fishing Driving Me Nuts!

    (Alternatively, if you're playing on a GC, hold the C stick down and Link will do all the reeling in.) And just for anyone who might look in here looking for help fishing at the fishing hole - it's completely different.
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    Spirit Tracks I Need Help in Spirit Tracks

    I suggest going to the nearest station, stopping, and then getting back in your train and going for another look. If you have attempted to catch it and missed, the rabbit won't appear until you stop at a station. Also, are you sure you are in the right spot? Remember that things don't appear...
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    Spirit Tracks Getting to The Ocean Temple

    The letter you get from the Lokomo there indicates where the orbs are. The first one is among the group of tall spiky rocks that stick up from the water on the far east side. The second one is behind the large hollow island in the central-north area, and the third one is at the intersection...
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    Majora's Mask Is This Rare?

    Yeah, ditto what insanity76 said - the Bomber's code is gonna be different on every file you create. The "way through the forest" is probably for the Lost Woods, but keep in mind that there is a different "correct" path in the LW for each day in the game, so it may not always be helpful. I'm...
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    Favorite and Least Favorite Dungeon

    LOZ: haven't played in a long time, but I know I hate the final dungeon. LTTP: I greatly dislike the Skull dungeon and the one in the middle of the lake in the Dark World (No idea what their names are). I've only played the game one and a half times, so I don't really have a favorite yet. OOT...
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