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  1. My Dear Epona

    WW-Wii U Medli's Harp

    Hey guys been a while since i last posted. I was playing TWW recently and while i did dragon roost i noticed Madili's harp. It looks terribly similar to sheik's harp and to what seems we will have on SS. Do you think Madili could somehow get Sheik's harp?
  2. My Dear Epona

    General Classic Temples or Side Quests?

    Hello guys :) it's been a while since my last post but am back! yay. So i was watching the video walkthrough for MM mainly just for fun and I was thinking on how much I like the side quests. Then I thought on the rewards of the side quests and they pretty much end on you getting the mask or...
  3. My Dear Epona

    You Guys Are Gonna Love This

  4. My Dear Epona

    Ocarina of Time 3DS Glitches Collection :)

    Hey guys, so after reading the master sword glitch on the main page so I decided to try an idea, what if each of us writes here the glitches we have found on this game just for the sake of doing it :) this includes, funny, cool, annoying and just plain weird glitches. So ill start the list with...
  5. My Dear Epona

    Ocarina of Time 3ds here

    Ok just got my Oot 3DS I love you all
  6. My Dear Epona

    Fs/FSA Different Timelines

    Ok, hi guys, am not great on timeline theories and thats why i dont really have a timeline theory, but today i was reading an article about Vaati on zelda wiki and it got me thinking, they mention how in fs link has a red shield, and in fsa a blue shield, ok sounds like something not important...
  7. My Dear Epona

    Spoiler Links Awakening Oh Links Awakening

    Ok so, i just finished a links awakening for the first time am not the biggest fan of 2d zelda but this game was just brilliant, the dungeons were satisfying for someone who wants a challenge but it never lost the adventure and mystic sense of zelda, and the boss fight against the nightmares...
  8. My Dear Epona

    General Classic Worth It?

    Ok am gonna be preppy straight forward, I just saw Links awakening on the Eshop of my 3DS I dont know much about this game, is it worth downloading?
  9. My Dear Epona

    Morpheel Theory

    Ok so today i was thinking about Morpheel, we cant ignore the resemblance in the very name to morpha, the boss from Oot water temple, also am sure you all guys have noticed the physical resemblance between the tentacle on the introduction of morpheel and the tentacle that well... morpha is! so I...
  10. My Dear Epona

    Twilight Princess Did You Notice?

    Hey guys :) so today i decided to restart my Twilight princes story just for fun, and when i noticed this. EDIT! Link was wrong sorry, this one will work http://zelda.wikia.com/index.php?title=File:Link's_House_(Twilight_Princess).png&limit=500&showall=0 if you havent seen it i am talking...
  11. My Dear Epona

    :embarrassed: Maybe Stupid Yet Important Question.

    Am sorry if this ends up being a silly question and silly threat but in doubt i always ask. Will the game work on the basic wii console? i mean the very first to come out? you know what i mean? and if you do and am not being clear can you help me express more easily?
  12. My Dear Epona

    Spoiler Locomo Sword...

    So i recently finished ST and i have to say i felt upset with the locomo sword. I wanna see it like this. Oot = Master Sword = Opening the Time temple door = Only way to defeat ganon, and strong weapon = epic MM= Glided Sword = Finish the ¨goron temple" win the race and be patient = double...
  13. My Dear Epona

    Epona Plox?

    Ok so, if you havent figured it out yet am a huge epona fan :) It was my favorite feature on Oot and she made the aliens my favorite mini game on MM, I loved all the importance she was given on TP (her own item, possibility of naming her, and multiple horseback fighting including ganondorf), now...
  14. My Dear Epona

    Shield Meter

    Ok we have all noticed ( i think) the magic bar like meter with a shield next to it under the hearts, and i wanna know your theories about it, and will this mean no magic meter? i love magic meter :(
  15. My Dear Epona

    Spoiler Multiple Zelda/Link/Ganondorf Theory

    Ok, so this is my first thread yay!! anyways i know this theory has been spoken of before but i decided to thread about it :) Firstly i wanna clarify this theory agrees strongly with the split timeline theory. So if the split theory is true it just doesn't make sense that all of the links...
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