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  1. Patch

    Looking to Trade? :D

    So I've been trying to look for someone to trade with. I need to trade my haunter, and you need to trade it back to me in order for it to become a gengar ;D I also need to trade my slowpoke so it can evolve into a slowking (I don't have king's rock, but am trying to get it. .-.) I know its a...
  2. Patch

    Dissapointed with the Amount of Room to Explore?

    Alright so am I the only one who feels that I wish there would have been more sidequests? And on top of that, more room to explore, maybe paths connecting the three regions much like TP. I mean I thought that was definitely lacking...
  3. Patch

    The First Zelda Game You Played

    For me, the first Zelda game I played was The Ocarina of Time. I was hooked ever since. <3 What about you?
  4. Patch

    Least Favorite Boss/temple?

    Not sure if there's already a thread like this one. If so, sorry about that! Anyway, I was wondering what your least favorite boss/temple is in SS. Mine would have to be the Lanayru Mining Facility. I really hated the robots and the whole vibe of the temple. I also found it incredibly...
  5. Patch

    Tower of Spirits - 16th Floor

    I think I am on floor 16 of the spirit tower and I am at a part which says: To Start on the green tile, end on the red tile and you will make a special symbol, problem is I have no idea what the special symbol is supposed to be :hmm: This is where the boss door is and also there are a lot of...
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