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  1. Ruby Link

    Harp Playing During The Credits

    I literally just beat the game a few minutes ago and just discovered this during the credits (I paused the Wii so I actually haven't finished them yet because I ran over to my laptop to make this thread :xd:). I was messing around with the buttons and at one point I had heard notes from the...
  2. Ruby Link

    Have You Gotten the Hylian Shield in SS Yet?

    The title really says it all, but have you obtained the Hylian Shield? I just got mine yesterday and it's pretty useful being indestructible and all. :P For those of you who don't know how to get it, you must be at the part of the game where you learn the Thunder Dragon's part of the Song of the...
  3. Ruby Link

    Skyward Sword "number"

    Ok, I recently found out that Skyward Sword will be my 10th LoZ game, I have the Collector's edition, which counts as four, WW, TP, FSA, and I used to have both of the DS games; Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks, which makes SwS 10. What number will SwS be for you? Edit: Well, I just got a...
  4. Ruby Link

    Your Favorite Video Game Music

    Post your favorite video game music here, you can have more than one song so post as many as you want. Have the name of the song, video game, and if possible have a link so everyone can listen to it. You can also post the lyrics but thats really up to you. :D Philistine from No More Heroes 2...
  5. Ruby Link

    Titles That Didn't Deserve/need Sequels

    Well, the name is kinda self-explainatory, but the question is, what movies, video games, books, ect. do you think did not deserve or need a sequel? It could be because the original was perfect and the sequel would just ruin it, or because the original sucked and didn't even get much attention...
  6. Ruby Link

    Sword Problem.

    Ok, SwS is suppose to get the player immersed in the game by giving them full control of the sword/other items. What I don't understand is why Nintendo didn't think about the slight possibility that someone who buys this game, might hold the wii remote in their left hand. I hold the wii remote...
  7. Ruby Link

    Something Thats Been Bugging Me...

    Okay, how come a slim chance and a fat chance mean the same thing, but a wise man and a wise guy are two totally different things? I heard this on the radio and I can't get the damn question outta my head! :lol: So what do you think?
  8. Ruby Link

    SSBB Custom Stage Ideas

    I've literaly been doing nothing this summer but hanging out with friends, seeing movies, playing video games, and making stages on SSBB. I was wondering if anyone had stage ideas cause I wanted to make more for fun. I'll try to make as many stages as possible but just so I'm not completely over...
  9. Ruby Link

    Skyward Sword Plot Concern.

    I know this is a Zelda website but I don't like how there are links that give away things in Syward Sword. I don't know if I'm the only one feeling this way but, I think that by the time SwS is released we'll already know whats going to happen which will ruin the game... I don't know, maybe I'm...
  10. Ruby Link

    PG-13 Movies Not So PG-13 Anymore.

    Is it just me, or is it that almost every PG-13 movie nowadays has the word f*** in it? Only once will this word appear but its enough to shock you. I was when I heard it, and basicaly every movie since then has had it. But, like I said before, it doesn't occur more than once. It seems that ever...
  11. Ruby Link

    What Kind of Pets Do You Have?

    The pets I have curently are two cats, Spice and Ching, a dog named Chase, and two Paso Finos (thats a horse breed if you didn't know) Amante and Raul. So what pets do you have?
  12. Ruby Link

    Childhood Characters That Scared You when You Were Little

    As the name suggest, this thread is about characters from children's shows that scared you when you were younger. Mine was Tigger from Winnie the Pooh. Apparently (as my parents explained it) whenever he showed up i'd run behind the couch and hide untill my mom said that he was gone. I also had...
  13. Ruby Link

    Reserving a Copy of Skyward Sword

    Alright, I just reserved a copy of Skyward Sword at GameStop so I'm guaranteed to get the game when it comes out! I was wondering how many other people have done this too?
  14. Ruby Link

    Ocarina of Time How Did Link Survive?

    Ok, so when Link pulls out the Master Sword from the Pedestal of Time he sleeps in the Temple of Time for 7 years, right? WTF Nintendo!? How come he was able the live for 7 years asleep, without nourishment? That doesn't even make sense! On another note, it's a friggin miracle that Link can even...
  15. Ruby Link

    Being Creative with the Dominion Rod and Other Zelda Items

    Dominion Rod: I always thought this thing was practically useless because you barely used it. So, to make up for it's lack of use, I've been using it in ways it probably wasn't made for. For instance, when I got really bored while playing TP, I'd take it out and start playing catch with myself...
  16. Ruby Link

    Super Smash Bros. 4 Personal Character

    I have no idea if theres a thread already like this because I didn't bother looking... But if you could pick one character out of any game that has been on a Nintendo system, and put them in SSB4, who would it be? I wanna see Travis Touchdown from N.M.H. I'd really love to take Mr. Game&Watch...
  17. Ruby Link

    Quake and WiiDOOM

    I recently got the Homebrew Channel on my Wii and I gotta say, its kinda useless... I downloaded a ton of games (took like an hour) and then when I tried to play them, half of them didn't even work! The only reason I still have it is because of Quake and WiiDOOM. I loved these games when they...
  18. Ruby Link

    I Just Got a Mace 0_0... What Should I Do with It?

    I've been begging my parents for some sort of weapon for self-defense reasons like a sword or some knifes, but they kept saying no... I literaly just got a wooden mace from them today and it looks pretty deadly. Its light, hand-crafted, and it looks like it could pwn some unexpecting robber...
  19. Ruby Link

    Your Own Personal Zelda Item

    Let's say that there was a drawing Nintendo had to pick someone to invent a new item for Link to use. If you were lucky enough to win, what would you make? Explain the type of dungeon the item would be in. You can give some details about the boss if you'd like. I personaly would make a new type...
  20. Ruby Link

    Do You Think Nintendo Will Ever Make a M Rated Zelda Game?

    So far, the highest rating level for a Zelda game has been T. Do you think Nintendo would ever make an M rated LoZ game? If they did, would you buy it? Do you think they should?
  21. Ruby Link

    Out of All the Zelda Bosses, Which One Do You Think is the Lamest?

    Zelda bosses have been a huge part of the series, c'mon, how could they not be? Theres literaly one in every temple. But that aside, which Zelda boss did you think was just a waste of Link's time? I mean, some were epic, with awesome cutscenes and sweet attacks, but others were just... really...
  22. Ruby Link

    Zelda, The Movie

    If a big time movie company said they would do one movie based on a already existing Zelda game (Skyward Sword NOT included) which game would you want to be made into a movie? Who would you want directing it? (you don't have to answer that one, its more of an optional thing if you wanted a...
  23. Ruby Link

    Phi Reference in Twilight Princess

    I'm new here but I haven't seen anything about how the wooden shield in TP has a symbol that looks like Phi in SwS. Here's a picture: Am I the only one who's noticed this? Its kinda cool how I've only just started and I found something new... EPIC. BTW: I'm at my friend zeldahuman's house...
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