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  1. Onilink89

    Hyrule Warriors Pre-order Costumes in Eshop Available!

    Dunno about US, but finally in Europe they are available. Someone in US region, please confirm it is available there too.
  2. Onilink89

    IGN's ORAS Review #TooMuchWater

    So yesterday i was reading the review on IGN. Now i know IGN's reviews suck most of the time but this time i have seen it all. So funny i just had to share it and make a thread about it. The original R/S games got a 9.5. This time it got a 7.8 because of "too many HM's and "too much water"...
  3. Onilink89

    MM-3DS MM 3D Release Hinted or Coincidence?

    Now that this game is officialy confirmed, i look back at some things. Nintendo said that this game development started in 2011, and basicly decided to be quiet and be trolls about it for 3 years when fans asked for the remake after OOT 3D. But here is the thing, i feel this game has been...
  4. Onilink89

    Hyrule Warriors WARNING! - Heads Up with 25.000 Locked Skills!

    Now you all know that the Master Sword has a purple locked skill which requires to unlock all weapon levels of all characters. Then you have to beat 25000 enemies to unlock the skill called "Evil's Bane" that adds 200 more base attack power, making it a total of 500. After unlocking the Master...
  5. Onilink89

    Hyrule Warriors My First Reactions About the Game

    So today my copy arrived. I'm still kinda pissed by the fact that Europe did not get any pre-order DLC skins, which should not be DLC to begin with IMO. I mean for starters its a zelda fanservice game. Now im not talking about sexy costumes, jiggling boobs ect... But you know that an avarge...
  6. Onilink89

    Animal Crossing New Leaf - Trading Thread

    Lately i'm seeing alot of ZD members visiting my town and getting swapnote messages of what they want in the game. In this case i think a thread would be more handy then swapnote. Requesting to sticky this thread. How does this thread work? 1. Type down your Mayor name, Town name, the stuff...
  7. Onilink89

    Monster Hunter 3 - Ultimate

    The only reason i bought the Wii U so far. I totally loved MHTri on Wii, it was the best wifi title on the console that actually worked. And this one is even better in HD, more monsters, more subspecies, more ranks, more weapon types. So much to do here and alot of replay value. So who...
  8. Onilink89

    Last Story - Personal Review

    For all those Americans over there who is looking forward to Last Story, I’m going to give you guys a little personal review about Last Story. I know that there isnt a release date for US…yet. But seeing that Nintendo is finally releasing Xenoblade in US, I get the feeling Last Story is sure to...
  9. Onilink89

    Fan Made Wii U Trailer

    So i was just checking IGN and found this. So i thought "this is worth posting" Its supposed to be a HD sequel of WW for the Wii U http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fns6BD7zZ34
  10. Onilink89

    Fire Emblem - The Sacred Stones

    For those who are part of the 3DS ambassador program have this game. To start with myself, my first FE game was Path of Radiance on the GC. And of course a direct sequel game on the Wii, Radiant Dawn. Radiant dawn is still my fave FE game till now. Not just because of the quality and the...
  11. Onilink89

    Onilink89 Shop - Very HIGH Offers for Items

    I WANT (these will be frequently updated) Gear Station Shop Items (You can get these with "Battle Points" at Battle Subway) Choice Specs Choice Scarf Choice Band Air Balloon Red Card Toxic Orb White Herb Other Items Flying Gem Psychic Gem Fist Plate Meadow Plate MY OFFERS...
  12. Onilink89

    Using DS or 3DS?

    Recently, i picked up my pokemon game again. And of course i have been transfering alot for Gen 4 to Gen 5. Until now i played pokemon white on my 3DS, but i found myself playing the DS again with this game. Now i know you can adjust the resolution on the 3DS to match DS games, but it just...
  13. Onilink89

    Mario Kart 7 - Join the ZD Community! Racing every Saturday @ 3pm Central

    You may or may not know, but you can make communities/groups in Mario Kart 7. So i took the honors to make a "Zelda Dungeon" Community within Mario Kart 7. Think about it, you will be able to race against all of the ZD forum members in a instant, without entering a friend code one by one...
  14. Onilink89

    Cleaning Game Discs

    So i noticed that couple of my Wii games needs to be cleaned. Normally I used the soft cloth for cleaning my glasses and it worked, but this time it caused some smudges. I'm planning to buy a CD-cleaning liquid and hope it will actually make my Wii games clean. I googled around and i...
  15. Onilink89

    Spoiler 4th Empty Bottle Confirmed

    I though this game only had 3 empty bottles. Yesterday i found a 4th Empty bottle from a goddess cube chest on a small caged rock in the thunderhead. Don't remember which cube exactly activates the chest. My guess would be the cube located at the middle of the waterway that leads to the water...
  16. Onilink89

    Nyan Cat 3D

    I just had to share this. The Nyan cat is getting its own 3d game for the Iphone? Hilarious and Epic! Check the trailer: http://uk.ign.com/videos/2011/10/07/nyan-3d-launch-trailer So who is getting this? =P
  17. Onilink89

    Selling Games or Personal Value?

    The way i see it, there are two things when it comes to buying games. Some people sell their old games/consoles to buy new games/consoles. While others keep or collect them just out of personal value. So im curious, what type are you?
  18. Onilink89

    Nintendo Wi-Fi Issues (help from Computer Experts Needed)

    I had this problem for years and i just hope someone can help me to fix this problem. And those guys at nintendo hotline are a bunch of noobs that don't have the knowledge about this. My problem is, i can connect to nintendo wi-fi but most of the time unable to connect to other players. I'm...
  19. Onilink89

    Monster Hunter Tri

    So who bought this game? After i saw some good reviews of this game, i decided to buy it. I got it with the Classic controller pro package and so far i like this game. Its good to have a slow paced game for a change. Still havn't tried the Online feature, i got a lot of things to do...
  20. Onilink89

    Pokémon 5th Generation

    Yes a 5th generation is coming. How many generations are they planning to continue? Here is a link http://www.serebii.net/generation5/ If you ask me, i think its an evolution of Lucario Only question is, are they planning to realese it on this console gen or an upcoming new one?
  21. Onilink89

    ST Missing Link?

    i don't know if i'm the only one who noticed this, but this game has some refrences towards TMC. For instance, the 4 forces, force gems, and especialy the map of hyrule castle. and is it possiple that the minish may be the spirits that is mentioned in ST? There isn't really solid proof for...
  22. Onilink89

    Muramasa: The Demon Blade

    This title deserves a thread for itself because I totally got hooked to this game. The art, the music, the style, the storyline and not to mention the oldskool gameplay like the arcade machines. I think this is one of the best 3th party wii titles. I really recommend buying this title. And...
  23. Onilink89


    Well i'm quite curious. Does members had or has multiple Names over the internet or in online gaming? My first time ever on a forum i called myself "Deadstrike" And my current username here on ZD has never chanced for these past couple of years. Also, with Wifi games or any other game that...
  24. Onilink89

    PSN IDs, Xbox Gamertags & Steam IDs

    How does this thread work? 1. Post post Xbox Gamertags, PSN IDs & Steam IDs here. 2. A random moderator will copy the Gamertags/IDs in the list. After your Gamertags/IDs are listed, your post will be deleted. 3. If you add a person, then PM the person that he/she is added by you and ask to add...
  25. Onilink89

    Ocarina of Time Fourth Bottle!

    Yes the fourth bottle in ocarina of time. Now this may be a simple poll and bottle but i got curious, who did actually took the trouble of finding the big poes? Who did actually obtained the fourth bottle? (the glitch method doesn't count) And to prevent to make this only a "Yes or No"...
  26. Onilink89

    Zelda Sprite Comic

    I was talking about this in the Shoutbox and some members wanted to see my old sprite comic. Yeah at Old ZD i made a sprite comic, it was my first time making a sprite comic, i was 16 then (so thats like 3 years ago) and i was bored. Some of the senior members will still remember it while a lot...
  27. Onilink89


    Yes who watches anime? What kinda anime do you like? Which anime have you watched or are you currently watching? Discuss these kinda things here. :D
  28. Onilink89

    Majora's Mask Doggie and Transformation masks.

    For everyone who has played Majora 's mask knows this. If you are a Deku, doggie attacks like he has rabies. If you are a Goron, doggie will first acts as tough guy and then runs away because its scared. If you are a Zora, doggie follows you like a loyal pet. Now i can can understand why...
  29. Onilink89

    Complex storyline?

    Now some of you may check IGN for some news. And this was also mentiond there. the thing is, Miyamoto is know to put simple storlyines/plots in his games. Same goes for zelda. Now i have read that many Zelda fans and even some staff of nintendo wants a more complex storyline for the next...
  30. Onilink89

    Nintendo/Other Consoles and Sega.

    now for a long i was curious why sega and nintendo co-op with eachother and what their history was. and man i came with some interesting stuff. People who lived to see the 16 bit generation (a.k.a. 4th gen SNES vs GENISIS) know what happend between nintendo and sega, they were like in a total...
  31. Onilink89

    Favorite Zelda Title Logo

    What is your Favorite zelda title logo? there is are so many to choose from, so its kinda hard to decide. So lets do it this way, posts your top 3 Fave Title logos and also give a reason why you like it. mine would be: 1. Alttp Reason: i just love the sword an shield in the logo. i also...
  32. Onilink89

    Minish based from a real tale?

    now i was watching an anime and the sentence "korobokkuru" came up. the meaning/explaination in the anime was: little people under leaves from ainu ledgends. so first thing what came in my mind was minish cap. so i was curious about it so i tried to search some info on wikipedia. here is...
  33. Onilink89


    remember the fish that always says "Hoy small fry" in windwaker. the one that looks like a skippyjack and always draws a section of your sea chart when you feed him. i am currently replaying WW right now, and at the first encounter, he seems to know The King of Red Lions. so that got me a...
  34. Onilink89

    Skull Kid

    Now i have been wondering, the skull kid that gives you a piece of hearth when you play saria 's song in OOT is the same skull kid in MM right? and in OOT it was explained that kids without a fairy would turn into a skull kid and normal persons into a stallfos. either way they always wonder...
  35. Onilink89

    Master Sword location.

    ok i have been thinking a long time about this. were does the master sword belong? lets start with Alttp, we find the master sword in the lost woods. then in oot it is located at the temple of time/light. but then when TP came out. those two locations were like mixed. we find the...
  36. Onilink89

    Ocarina of Time Ocarina of time "Classic"?

    now this may seem a dumb and simple topic but i think its something worthy to discuss about. now we all now what classic games are right? now here to the next question: "should Ocarina of time be conciderd as a classic game?" Now "A link to the past" thats a classic, but is oot already...
  37. Onilink89

    Zelda Easter Eggs

    Ok i wanted to make a topic for zelda fans who noticed some easter eggs in zelda games that caught our attention. of course if you just pay good attention you will find something interesting. Post here the easter eggs that caught tour attention of the zelda games you played. Cool thing about...
  38. Onilink89

    Rito Tribe

    most of us know the Rito Tribe in WW. the main subject about this tribe that i always questioned is: did the zora race really evolve in to the rito tribe, is so how come? now there are clues that prove this, like medli, got the zora logo on her clothes and she carries the bloodline of the...
  39. Onilink89

    Ocarina of Time Ocarina of Time "Mirror Shield"

    for people who played oot both on n64 and gc may have noticed that the design on mirror shield has changed. personally i don 't know why nintendo changed the symbol, because i liked the old symbol. (apperently not only the logo is changed but more things in the game where also changed) now i...
  40. Onilink89

    Windwaker Review

    After i finfished zelda PH, i had the urge to play windwaker again. then i started thinking what made the game so good? first of all i think that it has a great storyline, the feel of the game is unique with the cell shaded grapics, some people may call it childish but i think its quite rare...
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