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  1. kindlyone

    Spoiler FI?

    I just beat Skyward sword for the first time (like 10 minutes ago) So Ghirahim was obviously some kind of Anti-Fi, so is there an anti-master sword? And if Demise's black sword was it, why haven't we seen an anti-master sword any other time. Just bringing up something that ws problobly...
  2. kindlyone

    Snow!!!!!! (not Here)

    hey guys all this snow the country is having sucks because down here in Florida we dont get any so just enjoy your snow days cause florida kids are still in scjool :( no zelda in school
  3. kindlyone

    Ocarina of Time Bunny Hood Guy

    when you sell the bunny hood to the guy in the middle of Hyrule field he runs off at the speed of sound why doesnt link run really fast when he wears it (i know he does in majoras mask but why not in ocarina of time)
  4. kindlyone

    Zelda Art The Untitled Story of Link ! (PG-13)

    Hey guys this story is a little off course of zelda stuff but i use names and charecters a lot in this so i guess its zelda :) Chapter I ughhhhh....... i wake up in some strangers house ... and her bed. I try to get up without any...
  5. kindlyone

    How Many Dungeons?

    How many dungeons do you guys want in SS do you want more sidequests like MM or more dungeons like Oot
  6. kindlyone

    Name Game

    ok this game is simple but really fun here is how you do it first type your name: Kindlyone then type name with eyes closed: kindlyind now type name with your elbows:kkloimnfdoklky6t9oojhe3w now elbows and eyes closed: kjjkuihnnfvgfrikgfnb ill give you brownie points if you can spell...
  7. kindlyone


    alright PS3 is pretty low on defenders out there but i think its better than the 360 and wii but everyone at school and work all like xbox more who in this world likes the ps3 instead of 360 speak out and be heaRD :) :tektite: :chu: :octorok:
  8. kindlyone

    Ocarina of Time Giant Manatee=zora?

    in oot king jabu jabu is this huge manatee thing but evidently all the zoras originated from it how does a cute little :zora: come from a giant ugly sea cow ?
  9. kindlyone

    Spoiler Ganon

    i wasnt sure where to post this so bear with me wtf in a couple games such as twilight princess ganon just *poof* is thrown in there who else thinks this is stupid how miyamoto has done this
  10. kindlyone

    Link + Other Stuff

    Hey in majoras mask you got a tast of other races but what about a game when you could play the whole game with a differnet race like in some rpgs or mmos would that be cool or would nobody play it because it isnt link i personally would play it that would be soooo cool :tektite:
  11. kindlyone

    I Need a Girl's Opinion

    hey to all the girls on zelda dungeon i need your opinion im a guy and there is this girl right i really like her but she is always talking about a boy from mississippi (we live in florida) how do i convince her that he is in mississippi and im in florida girls know these things right?
  12. kindlyone

    Yeah What Are the Figurines

    i was mesin around in the guides of games i havent played and what are the figurine sin minish cap i saw a huge guide for it but never knew what it was do you guys know?
  13. kindlyone

    General Art Writting a Book

    hey guys im writting a book (thank god for spell check) and i need some name idias that arent copyright if you could help that would be great (and yes i know that people use this forum for ideas all the time but im bad at names good at story so thanks)---- ok here is the setting a 13 year old...
  14. kindlyone

    Spirit Tracks 100 Percent Complete

    i wanna kow if i got 100 percent on st help me out please i have all heart containers bunnys stamps swordmans scrolls all teleporter things linked up all train parts all force jems every passenger i could deliver i have delivered goods is done any thing i missed? :)
  15. kindlyone


    Gorons confuse me are they pure rock or even living? in tp you can find two gorons that dont need to breath underwater also the gorons have a soft belly which would make them biological right ? what are your thoughts
  16. kindlyone

    Good Charlotte Anyone?

    im a huge good charlotte fan (older albums like the young and the hopeless ) anyone else out there like em
  17. kindlyone

    Twilight Princess Wolf Link

    When you guys first saw the demos and stuff for twilight princess in 2005 did you think that miyamoto was doing bad with wolf link At first i though "OH NO link is slowly going to become a stupid charecter along with all of Zelda (kinda like sonic) but i was proven wrong when i played the...
  18. kindlyone


    many people are telling me that zelda isnt a hardcore game any more >:( this is untrue ummmmm i dont see any 5 year olds playing twilight princess post if you agree that zelda will live on forever (at least until miyamoto runs out of ideas :lol:
  19. kindlyone

    Wii is Broken :(

    My idiot brother broke my wii anybody know how to fix them? :(
  20. kindlyone

    Best Zelda Style Evar!!!!!

    we all know that link looks a bit different throughout his games which style is your favorite. :) Personally my favorite is Twilight princess style cause he looks like a total badass.
  21. kindlyone

    Where is the Four Swords

    Where is the four swords game on this website? was it not devoloped by nintendo or something or what O.o
  22. kindlyone


    what i always wanted to know is if the triforce is so holy and good then why or how does ganon (gannon, Ganondorf) get a piece any idea guys? :)
  23. kindlyone

    Adventure of Link Why?

    Why do you the people of zelda dungeon think that the second legend of zelda was part side scroller this is the only true zelda game i have seen do this what are your thoughts.
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