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  1. Ruby Link


    Yes, but the sword does become over-powered eventually and that's really the only thing that ruined the swordplay for me; I didn't use the shield unless it was for deflecting the Octorok's attacks or if I was blocking against some other enemy. The sword is really awesome to use, but Nintendo...
  2. Ruby Link


    Yeah, probably. Games have always had this problem where one item is way too over-powered and people complain about it all the time. This isn't the only over-powered item in SS either, look at Link's sword, in the beginning it took three hits to kill a Golden Deku Baba, then after the first...
  3. Ruby Link


    Dude, all I said was don't use the shield, seriously, why are you getting so defensive? You barely need to use the shield bash anyway, the only enemy where it's necessary to use is the Octorok. If your using it to the point where it gets abusive and your upset about things being too easy, don't...
  4. Ruby Link


    Wow, they give you the option to not have a shield equipped, if you have a problem with the shield, don't use it. It doesn't do anything to ruin the swordplay, it just helps less experienced players that are having trouble with certain enemies. Again, you don't like it, don't use it. It's that...
  5. Ruby Link

    Spoiler Do You Think They Went a Little Bit Too Far?

    I thought they were awesome. The music that played when you were being chased by the guardians was great and really set the mood to make it feel like something was around every corner and if you stopped you wouldn't survive. I personally loved them because they were unique and special.
  6. Ruby Link

    Harp Playing During The Credits

    I literally just beat the game a few minutes ago and just discovered this during the credits (I paused the Wii so I actually haven't finished them yet because I ran over to my laptop to make this thread :xd:). I was messing around with the buttons and at one point I had heard notes from the...
  7. Ruby Link

    How Are So Many People Finishing Skyward Sword So Fast?

    I would have been finishing the game three days after release, but I stopped after realizing, "This is a Zelda game... why the hell am I rushing through it?" So instead of going straight to the portal that warps you to Demise, I went back through the Gate of Time and tried to 100% the game...
  8. Ruby Link

    Spoiler Monster's Inc/Sandship/What?

    I thought the design of this particular boss was disappointing... I mean there you are, running for your life, hacking at tentacles, trying to make your way up the ship so you don't drown, and the boss looks like something only a four-year-old would be intimidated by... "What the hell?" Was my...
  9. Ruby Link

    Harp-Worst Instrument Ever?

    The controls for the harp really weren't that bad. However, I didn't like the fact that it was barely used, and that, like Axle said, you can't replay songs you've already learned. I think that if Nintendo had added more uses for the harp other than opening the Silent Realms, activating Gossip...
  10. Ruby Link

    About Skyward Sword Side Quests

    I do them along the way, at the end it makes you feel rushed because the final boss is just around the corner, and here you are stuck doing side-quests because you want to 100% the game.
  11. Ruby Link

    How to Pronounce Fi

    I say Fee, but I honestly don't care, Zelda's still a game, and you (the player) can determine how to pronounce things however you like.
  12. Ruby Link

    It's Official, I Suck at Zelda Games So Far.

    I personally don't like the DS games, because they were just terribly easy. I played Phantom Hourglass, beat it, okay game. Got Spirit Tracks, beat it, thought it was the worse Zelda, I'm sorry for people who think otherwise, but I didn't even enjoy playing it and the story was really.... really...
  13. Ruby Link

    What Shield Did You Use Before the Hylian Shield?

    I used the Goddess Shield for the majority of the game (once it was available) but I do have every final form for each shield because I liked collecting them, although I didn't use them much. I recently got the Hylian Shield and I just put my others away so the only one I carry is the Hylian...
  14. Ruby Link

    Anything Permanently Missable??

    Lucky for you there is a time where you unlock the ability to re-enter the Silent Realms. :yes:
  15. Ruby Link

    Is Ancent Cistern the Best Water Temple Dungeon Yet?

    I'm gonna have to go with VanitasXII, OoT's Water Temple had the best difficulty because it wasn't easy unlike other temples and the Ancient Cistern wasn't really a Water Temple, for me it gave off the evil catacombs/deserted tomb vibe.
  16. Ruby Link

    Have You Gotten the Hylian Shield in SS Yet?

    The title really says it all, but have you obtained the Hylian Shield? I just got mine yesterday and it's pretty useful being indestructible and all. :P For those of you who don't know how to get it, you must be at the part of the game where you learn the Thunder Dragon's part of the Song of the...
  17. Ruby Link

    Easy Rupees

    Well, I would suggest going to Beedle's shop and purchasing the extra wallets, I think they're 100 rupees each. If you buy one then walk outside and go back in another one will be available. You can buy three and then he'll run out. They let you carry 900 extra rupees if you get all three (1...
  18. Ruby Link

    42 Hours

    *smirks* A big fat nothing. :lol: Trust me, it really shouldn't take you too long to get 100%, well, as long as you do side-quests (gratitude crystals = wallet upgrades), pick up plenty of rupees, and upgrade weapons through-out the story. Oh, and don't forget about them Goddess Cubes... yeah...
  19. Ruby Link

    Not Getting into the Game

    I actually just got the :mastersword: and trust me, do not stop playing it gets a hell of a lot more fun!!! Plus that Beetle you got in the first dungeon, just wait until you fully upgrade it. :yes:
  20. Ruby Link

    Did Skyward Sword Become Your New Favorite Zelda?

    You know, I actually never had a favorite anything... I guess I'm kinda weird like that... I just accept things as they are and decide that nothings better than anything else. Like MM and OoT, some people would like MM more, others OoT, I like them both, but neither are my favorite, because I...
  21. Ruby Link

    What Do You Like the Most About Skyward Sword?

    Timeshift orbs/crystals, music, upgrading system, and the fact that you can ruin people's lives. :lol: JK, but seriously, if you've done the side-quest were you have to deliver the love letter for Cawlin and actually deliver it instead of giving it to the guy in the bathroom, you know what I...
  22. Ruby Link

    What Would You Have Named Link's Bird?

    Leroy Jenkins. :lol: 'nuff said.
  23. Ruby Link

    Have You Beat Skyward Sword Yet?

    I just learned Nayru's Wisdom, but that's because I've been upgrading my things like crazy and doing side-quests.
  24. Ruby Link

    Skyward Sword Youtube Walkthrough

    Wow... people are so friggin' lucky. :lol: That's not cool, people should have to wait as long as anyone else before getting the full game... I mean people have already beaten it! I understand why reviewers are getting the game early, it's their job, but other people should learn to obtain the...
  25. Ruby Link

    When You See The Skyward Sword Commercial on TV . . .

    Whoa, I haven't even seen it one TV yet. :lol: I did however see it on this site, and I gotta say, its a pretty cool trailer. I would have laughed soooo hard though if it showed a Master Sword hit someone. :P I mean seriously, how come no one got hurt? And that one guy better have good car...
  26. Ruby Link

    Life in Hyrule

    I'm not that new, but yeah, I haven't really had an account for that long. And yes, ANOTHER TRIGUN FANATIC!!!!! :lol: I've only recently gotten into the series, but when I saw that first episode on Youtube, I was hooked. Now, I'm going to get Badlands Rumble on dvd, the whole series boxset, and...
  27. Ruby Link

    Do You Think These "dragons" (Eldin and Faron) Will Have a Important Role on SS?

    But I thought some Mogmas took the Earth Temple key and broke it into several pieces? I think you might talk to them after you complete a temple, they might even teach you a song for the lyre. Just an assumption.
  28. Ruby Link

    Harp Trailer

    At 1:00, when Fi starts "dancing" up the wall, it looks like she dances to a carving on the wall that resembles slightly her, if you pause at the right moment you'll see what I'm talking about.
  29. Ruby Link

    Harp Trailer

    I totally agree, but I think it's "Fi" now... it seems... less magical than the original spelling.
  30. Ruby Link

    Harp Trailer

    Anyone else notice the purple, pink, light blue, and black Loft Birds? I thought Link's was the only one that had a different color?
  31. Ruby Link

    Life in Hyrule

    Zora, my reasons: 1. Can breath underwater 2. Swim like a dolphin 3. Boomerang fins 4. I'm electric mofo :lol: 5. Awesome fish skeleton guitar
  32. Ruby Link

    Will Skyward Sword Be the Best Zelda Game Ever

    Well, first of all; no one's really in any position to answer this question 'cause no one's played and beaten the game yet, and two; it's really a matter of opinion, some people might like it more than other games in the series, others might hate it.
  33. Ruby Link

    Chances of a Skyward Sword Home Demo

    As awesome as that would be... I don't think we'll get one.
  34. Ruby Link

    Will I Be Able to Use the Original Wii Motion Plus Add-on for Skyward Sword?

    I too, have the wiimotion+ add-on, but I'm still getting the bundle because it's a Zelda wiimote+, I mean, what Zelda fan wouldn't want that?
  35. Ruby Link

    Left Handed Mode Unconfirmed

    Wow, that's exactly like me. :P I write left handed, use my bow right, swing swords in right, but use a fork left handed.... I know, I'm weird.
  36. Ruby Link

    The Funny Jelly Monsters...Chus

    Okay, lemme rephrase that; if you cut them horizontally, like the person in the video was doing, they instantaneously reform because the top half falls on the bottom, making it one being again, what I meant is if you planned to do that, you'd probably have to slash fast in order to defeat both...
  37. Ruby Link

    Modernization in Zelda

    I'm actually quite surprised that we haven't seen guns in a Zelda game yet, we've got cannons, trains, steamboats, and apparently airships (Beedle's shop in SS). I don't see why Nintendo hasn't made it a weapon especially since there have been pirates in the series, and flint-lock pistols were...
  38. Ruby Link

    Do You Like the Idea of Zombobkins

    Well, personally I think zombies have become extremely over-rated over the years, but this seems like a cool enemy. :yes:
  39. Ruby Link


    Well, in the SS gameinformer they mentioned that the slingshot can be upgraded to the "spreadshot", but then there's this scattershot shown in the picture Caelus posted. So it obviously has more than one upgrade, well, either that or you have to chose what you want out of the selection they give...
  40. Ruby Link

    The Funny Jelly Monsters...Chus

    I think there's a video showing Link fighting one, and it splits in two halves, well, that's the only amount the player got to do, 'cause they instantly combined again. Seems you have to hack away at them fast.
  41. Ruby Link

    What if Link Didnt Wear a Tunic.

    I think it'd be pretty sweet to see him wearing armor, I mean, he is a hero. :P
  42. Ruby Link

    Are You Disappointed That Ghirahim Won't Be the Main Villain?

    Even so, they said that Ghirahim was gonna be the first temple's boss, but they also said he would be popping up occasionally. So him being the final boss didn't seem like a definite no, because Nintendo could have pulled it off... I just hope this new leader, is introduced/revived somewhere in...
  43. Ruby Link

    Anyone Still Upset With The Graphics?

    I'm perfectly fine with the graphics/style of SS. But if we get this style for the WiiU Zelda, I'mma be really pissed considering how good the demo looks.
  44. Ruby Link

    Enemy Analyzation Is Back

    I didn't find it extremely useful in OoT, but it's still cool to know about the enemy. Thank you for bringing it back Nintendo. :yes:
  45. Ruby Link


    Yeah, we are. Same with Goron Nick. :yes:
  46. Ruby Link


    Dude, that is so weird. :lol: Well, look at it this way, you like this girl, and you wanna go out with her. Her mom also approves of you two having a relationship, and is actually encouraging you to ask her daughter out. But sadly, the girl doesn't have the same feelings, and rejects your asking...
  47. Ruby Link


    @ZH Dude, Hope has a huge crush on me. :P She's asked me out four times this year already, which, were all answered with a no, but, well, you know why.
  48. Ruby Link

    Ocarina of Time What Happened to Lord Jabu-Jabu?

    Well, I always thought he was either frozen by Ganon and broken into pieces (which is what adult Link jumps on to reach the Ice Cavern) or he just got away before Ganon did anything. :yes:
  49. Ruby Link


    Ah, lemme answer this one, Tiffany and him have known each other for... well I don't know how long specifically, but long enough for him to grow on her. Savannah on the other hand, well, ya know, she was weird, and looking for a boyfriend. Plus ZH gets all romantic and crap when he talks to...
  50. Ruby Link

    G4 Attacks Skyward Sword.

    They're just arrogant, it seems that now-a-days a game needs to have great graphics in order for it to be playable. It bugs me, how people can be so critical over graphics, I mean, its the same thing with how violent a game is. Look at Gears of War, Mortal Kombat, and other games like that...
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