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  1. The Jade Fist

    A Link Between Worlds Hero 3 Heart Run Success

    So I did it. Death Count 27 (according to the game, but i'll throw on an extra 10 for the times I was too lazy to go restock, and figured just quiting and reloading was faster) So now that I've completed this i'll be spamming this section a little less. Anyways, I have to say it was a...
  2. The Jade Fist

    A Link Between Worlds Dark Palace 2F

    Its a person, with his arms up, just look at the map, you can see his beard and everything.
  3. The Jade Fist

    A Link Between Worlds I Beat the Ice Ruins

    on hero 3 heart (2 bottles, green tunic, normal shield) with out dying once, i'm proud of myself 6 more dungeons to go + lorule castle why did I start with Ice Ruins first? idk maybe i'm stupid.
  4. The Jade Fist

    A Link Between Worlds Path to the Ice Ruins How?

    I'm having some serious difficulty making my way to the Ice Ruins, i keep dying to bats I can't do anything about. I'm on moving platforms, they can only be hit by tornado rod, that might decide i deserve to die anyways, can't block with shield, and attacking with sword might still result in...
  5. The Jade Fist

    A Link Between Worlds Semi Spoilers: Hard Mode Boss Guide

    Defining Hard Mode, as 3 heart challenge on Hero mode, (upgraded items / rented or purchased items up to player discretion) So while the first play through of the game, you simply have to find ways to kill the boss, this formula changes things, to not how do you kill the boss, but rather how do...
  6. The Jade Fist

    A Link Between Worlds Possible Spoilers: Post Thoughts

    So now that I've beaten the game, and its still fresh on my mind, I'd like to talk about a little bit about it, and discuss both the good and bad aspects in the game. Where to begin? First off the Music, was just amazing, I can't really say I had any complaints. Animation style, Its a bit...
  7. The Jade Fist

    A Link Between Worlds Best Buy Had 23 Copies....

    According to their computer. They weren't with all the 3ds games, they weren't up front in the cage like the Zelda 3ds XLs, there wasn't any in the back, there weren't any at customer service. So one guy went to check in back, he disappeared for 20 minutes, another employee went back to see...
  8. The Jade Fist

    Pokemon Art Jade's Pokemon Y Nuzlocke Diary

    Introduction:What is a nuzlocke? While many pokemon fans are aware of this style of playthrough, incase you weren't this is the basic rundown of the rules: 1. Perma Death If a pokemon faints in battle, it is considered dead, and shall be released, or put into storage in a box labeled graveyard...
  9. The Jade Fist

    If I Delete My Save File?

    What will happen to the gift torchic? Will I be able to redownload it? Or will it save the gift pokmeon card thingy and I can pick it up again at a pokemon center? Also should I delete it or buy Y? If i get Y thats pretty much my entertainment budget for the month, since I already bought...
  10. The Jade Fist

    WTT Chespin Babies for Other Starters

    Breeding baby chespin, if you got baby other starters gen 1 or gen 6, willing to trade
  11. The Jade Fist

    My Pre Order Bonus

    came with chicken strips, beat that game stop.
  12. The Jade Fist

    So, Grass, Water, or Fire?

    With the inclusion of Gen 1 starters early in the game, I'm actually debating about not starting grass type like I usually do. (because I can just grab bulbasuar) So Between the 3 starters, if you aren't aware of their evolutions I won't spoil them for you, but for those of us that are aware...
  13. The Jade Fist

    So I Finally Got a 3ds

    So I bought a 3ds XL today, black version. Picked up Ocarina of Time 3d, along with it. So now I'm ready for A Link Between W World, and pokemon X when they come out. Also, any recommendations for other titles worth picking up? Keeping in mind i'll have to wait till next month to buy them...
  14. The Jade Fist

    Oblivion, is There a Way This Game is Enjoyable?

    So I recently reinstalled this game because I never finished it. And i'm having a hell of a time being able to get into the game. The combat feels bad compared many other games, the inventory / menu system is pretty bad, the conversations are broken by every one creepily smiling at me at...
  15. The Jade Fist

    Skyward Sword Hand Confusion

    So if this version of Link is right handed... why does he shoot the bow left handed?
  16. The Jade Fist

    Skyward Sword Link Doesn't Even Lift Bro

    So I went into Groose's room and pressed A by his weight bench, and nothing happened.
  17. The Jade Fist

    Skyward Sword So I Finally Have Wii (sort Of) and SKyward Sword

    My first impressions, are I suck at motion controls lol. Beat the first dungeon though, it took practically forever to get thru all the initial plot in the game to go there. Flying with any accuracy is hard, or is it just me? I'm actually kinda enjoying it so far, I just wish the...
  18. The Jade Fist

    Game Help Tonight I Shall Attempt to Play Thru the CD-i Games

    help me, and may Nayru have mercy on my soul.
  19. The Jade Fist

    General Zelda ZD Community Game Group

    If you're interested in helping with the project or simply throwing out ideas, please come visit our forum group. ZD Community Game Project - Dungeon Gaming Network
  20. The Jade Fist

    General Zelda ZD Community Game Technical Reqruitment Thread

    Self application: I'm electing myself Community Organizer / Lead for the project, I've lead guilds of 250 + members , forum mod in PWE's Jade Dyanasty offical forum, clan leader back from Halo/ SWBF days/ website manager and graphic artist for back on SWBF league for our group of clans. So I...
  21. The Jade Fist

    General Zelda ZD Community Fan Based Game Project Poll, 2d or 3d

    So lets do this nice and simple. Vote for a 2d game or a 3d game. The entire community is welcome to input. 2D - :bunnylink: Pros: Alot less work I mean alot less, like could be done in a few weeks compared to 3d being a year + Would play like the more classic Zelda games. For a community...
  22. The Jade Fist

    Majora's Mask: Kafei

    Alot of people ponder and speculate why there is no mirror universe version of Link. But a thought occurred me, that Kafei is representative of Link. Both were once grown men, now turned into to children. While maybe not a direct clone of Link like some other characters in Majora's...
  23. The Jade Fist

    A Link Between Worlds Alttp2, Shouldn't Have Used LInk

    It should have used Dark Link, instead of turning into painting he would have turned into a shadow.
  24. The Jade Fist

    Retrospective: Gameboy to DS

    So, past few days I've dusted out my old school original Gameboy, as well as my Gameboy advance. I must stop and question myself, how did I ever play anything on these? (I had a gameboy color as well at one time but no longer) They are just so uncomfortable to use, and hard to see the screen...
  25. The Jade Fist

    Gamestop, Just Why?

    So I can buy a new 3ds XL at best buy for 10 dollars cheaper then they'll sell a used one. I don't get it. Or should i say i won't get it from them. Infact they are selling used normal 3ds's for the price of a new one else where 159.99 Why would i want to do that? So I don't get a box?
  26. The Jade Fist

    General Zelda Mini Games You Hate

    So doing Alttp trying to do 100% run, and i've been at this treasure shoveling thing for like 30 minutes and no piece of heart. I hate this mini game, along with the pick 2 treasure chest one. If you get the heart piece is so luck based, and can take needlessly long to get it.
  27. The Jade Fist

    What If:

    What if steam was offered on the PS4 or X1, or WiiU? Would that console instantly win? Would it be better then steam trying to push its own steam box? When they could make money from a software side only, and not have to struggle to sell boxes, when the other boxes are already going to sell...
  28. The Jade Fist

    Need an Snes Game to Play Tonight

    So i'm looking for a good snes game to play tonight, any suggestions?
  29. The Jade Fist

    What Console to Buy?

    So with in a few weeks here or so, I'll be looking at buying a new console. I'm considering 3DS, or 3DS XL Or a Wii/ WiiU. If I decide to go with a 3DS , I could play the upcoming Alttp2, Pokemon X, Yoshi's Ilsand remake thats coming up, OoT 3D, Donkey Kong Returns and a fair handful of...
  30. The Jade Fist

    A Link Between Worlds My Alttp2 Theroy, Story with in a Story

    So i'm just throwing this out there, just incase i'm right I can say i called it way back when. So watching some stuff on Alttp2 you can see he turns into a painting and its not even an item its just the A button, which makes it seam like its a very central aspect of the game if its just an...
  31. The Jade Fist

    General Art Brethren of the Blade Chapter 1 and 2

    disclaimer :My writings are not meant to be crude, but there might be some instances of language or violence usage, that are in line with the depicted characters or relevant to the plot. PG -13 as a general guideline, although such things are pretty minimal. “There are two fundamental...
  32. The Jade Fist

    What if the Next Zelda Pulled a Bioware?

    Random thought hit me, what if the next zelda pulled a bioware style game on us? You know all the chat options and semi branching story. But still kept the action adventure style combat/ dungeons. edit: of course all of link's dialogue would be what type of staring/ grunting at them you want to do.
  33. The Jade Fist

    Game Help Adventure of Link Need Help

    So all the talk of Adventures of Link made me pull it out of my closet and put it in my DS, i have the GBA nintedo classics version. So this might sound stupid, but I seriously can't cast magic. I have the shield spell, and i bring up the menu, and no matter what buttons i push i can't cast the...
  34. The Jade Fist

    Will the Lens of Truth Ever Come Back?

    I haven't played SS but i was looking thru its items list and saw nothing that resembled the eye of truth. So after majora's mask there hasn't been another item like it. And i wonder why. I personally loved the idea of invisible walls, enemies, fake floors, and hidden chests. It doesn't...
  35. The Jade Fist

    Zelda Art (Mini Novel) Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Goddess'

    Current draft line This is still a work in progress, and it will be very long, so please bear with me. At this stage in a draft I'm dividing up and organized sections to which I'll add in as I go Reason for writing this? Well I'm trying to give myself a full length story writing experience...
  36. The Jade Fist

    OoT-N64 Ocarina of Time, Temple Order

    So, I'm curious who else out there does like me and does the Spirit Temple before they do the Shadow Temple when they play Ocarina of Time. Or if you normally do temples in a different order then normal Normal being: (Kid Dungeons) Forest Fire (Ice) Water (Bottom of Well any time after forest...
  37. The Jade Fist

    Song of Storms and Pre Destination Paradox

    Now I just played thru Ocarina of Time again, and I'm left with the same question as I'm always left with at the end, where did the song of storms actually come from? Its a predestination paradox, and I don't like those types of paradoxes, because they are so unexplainable. thats the kind where...
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