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  1. K

    Dear White People

    So I'm thinking about seeing Dear White People but I want to know if it is good or not. has anybody here seen it?
  2. K

    General Zelda Zelda Timeline Concerns

    So with Nintendo dropping books like Hyrule Historia which included a full timeline of the full chronology of which Zelda games happened first I have become concerned about this recently: I feel like because Nintendo made the timeline to appease all of the theorists out there I hope they won't...
  3. K

    General Zelda Another Creepy Zelda Game

    With all the horror anime I have been watching recently it kinda got me thinking: What if we had another Zelda game that had the creepiness of Majora's Mask? I thought that the ominous, sort of hopeless feeling of time running the moon with the giant ugly face gave you was kind of cool. I mean...
  4. K

    Your Favorite Avatar?

    So guys I was wondering: Out of all the Avatars in the Avatar series, which one is your favorite and why? Mine is Avatar Aang since his development throughout the series is compelling and he always tries to find to solve problems without hurting anyone( Such as in the very last episode when he
  5. K

    Is Appealing to a Wider Audience Really Appealing to Anybody?

    Hey guys. So recently I bet you have heard game developers on interviews talking about how they would like to have their games "appeal to a wider audience." This can have good or bad results. An example of a bad result is survival horror becoming more fast paced and action packed to "appeal to a...
  6. K

    Empires, which one is the best?

    Which do you think is better? It can be for any reason.
  7. K

    How Do I Grow an Afro?

    If there are any black people on the forum I need your help: So I'm trying to grow an afro. I've been growing it since December of last year. But my hair length has stayed the same since then :sad:. Can any tell me what I need to do make it grow. Please and thank you!
  8. K

    Where's Waldo?

    So guys........... Where he at?
  9. K

    Do You Fart/Poop in Front of Your SO?

    LOL HAHA:D So this is pretty self-explanatory. Do you fart or poop in front of your boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, husband, friend with benefits? And if you do how do y'all react to it? I would love to hear all your comments! :lol:
  10. K

    How Many People on ZD Do You Actually Know?

    What I mean is, how many people on ZD do you know personally and have met them in real life before?
  11. K

    Public School or Private School?

    Which type of school do you go to? Public school or Private school?
  12. K

    My Take On the No Partners in Paper Mario Sticker Star

    Although I do thiink that there absolutley WILL be partners in Sticker Star, I think they will only help you in the field because think about it: How would the partners fight? One could argue that they could use the some of the stickers Mario collects throughout the game. But since the partner...
  13. K

    Zelda 3DS: Interpreting Aonuma

    When Eiji Aonuma was asked about Zelda 3DS he responded by saying " it will be a game where having 3D means something." What do you think this means?
  14. K

    Do You Think Zelda WiiU Will Have Motion Controls?

    It's no secret that Skyward Sword's 1:1 motion control was very fluid and in my opininon was part of what made the game so great. But do you think that there will be motion controls in the next console Zelda game? If it does go back to button controls this, for me, would be a huge step...
  15. K

    Which Gun Would You Use In a Last Stand?

    So if you needed to singlehandedly hold off a drug dealer that you pissed off along with 30 or more of his armed underlings which gun would you use to fight them and why? I don't really know much about guns but if I were in this situation I would bring a gun that has a lot of mobility to it...
  16. K

    If You Needed to Save the World In 3 Days What Tools You Bring?

    So if you had only 3 days to save the world from a terrorist attack and you were only allowed to have 3 tools that are in your room to save it, what would you bring? And why?
  17. K

    Why Does Mario Trip In the Original PM?

    Does anybody know why Mario trips when he enters some battles in the first Paper Mario game?
  18. K

    Safe House Ending..........

    Safe House Ending.......... SPOILERS READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!! So what'd you think of the ending for Safe House? It was kinda interesting huh? The way Matt Weston just looks at his girlfriend then leaves was weird. It wasn't really an ending. This...
  19. K

    What's Your Ethnicity(s) ?

    So as the title says, what is your ethnicity? I am Ghanaian, Indian, and South African.
  20. K

    Are Excited For Burn Notice Season 6?

    I am so pumped for the new season of Burn Notice! I'm sad that Fiona is gone but this'll give Michael, Sam, and Jesse time to strengthen their relationship with each other. So I guess this is gonna be a pretty bro-mantic season:D. I also like how they didn't completely abandon Anson yet so we...
  21. K

    Why Exactly Is It Bad To Meet Yourself In The Past?

    So if you go back in time say 1 year and you meet yourself, what would happen? Why is it imperative that you never meet yourself in the past?
  22. K

    Spoiler The Most Anti-Climatic Moment in Skyward Sword.

    SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lanayru Desert. The Lanayru Temple of Time specifically. Link has just got to the stone bridge leading him to the Temple. He is relieved as she sees Zelda with her servant Impa. Just as he is...
  23. K

    When Did You Awaken Your Skills In Zelda?

    This question is aimed at the hardcore Zelda gamers on this fan base. But before I asked you it let me tell you my backstory on this: So the first Zelda game I played was Alttp the GBA port on my dad's Gmaeboy SP when I was like 6. The game was really fun, But I SUCKED! The farthest I had gotten...
  24. K

    Paper Legend of Zelda?

    So what if Nintendo made a Zelda game with the art style and paper effects of Paper Mario. I love the art style and paper effects of Paper Mario. That combined with the gameplay elements of Legend ofZelda would be a game worth buying. Unfortunately I fear that a lot of people would give it a lot...
  25. K

    Who's Pumped for Paper Mario 3DS?

    Is anyone here gonna get Paper Mario 3DS? To me it looks friggin awesome. I love how they really put you in control for this game by giving you an almighty sticker book filled with power ups and abilities! I am digging the new sticker theme! I also love how they changed the perspective of the...
  26. K

    Cartoon Network's Level Up.

    Do you guys like Level Up? Honestly, I don't. I mean I appreciate the effort in making a show about gamers, for gamers. But I really hate the way they portray the gamers. The characters are kind of nerdy-like people. I guess they tried to make up for this by adding a girl, but with the many...
  27. K

    SS Ura Zelda?

    Although I highly doubt Nintendo's gonna do this, but wouldn't it be cool if they released a DLC package for Skyward Sword:D? I mean it could have new areas, new dungeons, new enemies( new enemies is something SS gravely needs) new minigames maybe some new shields, and more upgrades for your...
  28. K

    Getting to Know the Heroes Behind The Legend

    Have you ever wondered what Link is feeling? What goes on in his head when he finds out that he is the savior of Hyrule? I have. And what I want to see is an insight into the head of the man behind The Legend: Link. Now one person has suggested we have already seen this. I recently read a thread...
  29. K

    Shouldn't We Be More Worried About The Sibling-zone

    We have all heard of the infamous Friend-zone. The social abyss that girls and boys get thrown into when they have confessed their love for someone and get rejected because their love wants them to be "just friends." But I think there's pit of despair that the "rejects" are being thrown into...
  30. K

    Spoiler Skyward Sword's Aftermath.

    So what do you think happens after Skyward Sword? Since Link decides to live on The Surface with Zelda, what do you think happened after that? What I think happens is that Link and Zelda travel to all three regions. They go to each region with some members of each race and things exclusive to...
  31. K

    How Does Link Survive Icy Regions?

    When you were playing Majoras Mask did you ever wonder if Link felt cold when he went to Snowhead? I mean it's bad enough that he still is wearing t-shirt but when he goes there, but he doesn't wear pants! I mean if that were you or me that did that we would probably get frostbite! It would have...
  32. K

    Did Anyone Else Like Returning to Regions Beside Me?

    I actually liked the repetition of returning to places you already have visited. It gave it kind of a new feel being in the same area, but for a different reason For me it was like whenever I was in a dungeon, I would think that I have explored every nook and cranny of that area. But then would...
  33. K

    RE6 Format?

    So how do you think the format with Resident Evil 6 will be. Since you get to play as 3 different characters that are in 3 different global locations, how do you think it'll work. I think there are two formats for RE6 Format 1 Leon Ch1- Chris Ch1- Wesker Jr. Ch1 And so on until the end of...
  34. K

    Ghirahim's New Spin on Evil.

    CONTAINS MINOR SPOILERS!!! WATCH AT YOUR OWN RISK Before I played Skyward Sword whenever I heard of evil I thought of a merciless, relentless force that would literally do anything for the destruction of the world. That was until I saw Ghirahim. From that crazy long tongue thing he does when you...
  35. K

    Proof That Ganaondorf is Demise's Hatred Reincarnated

    So some people have been saying that Ganondorf is not really an incarnation of Demise's hatred for the gods. That he is just under the influence of Demise or just sees Demise as his role model. Well I've been thinking about that and I thought of of a theory that might disprove that. Do you...
  36. K

    Demise's Workout Schedule

    Now I don't know about you guys but I think Demise is the MOST buff villain in the Zelda series. I think he's the most buff character period but I'll have to look into that. Did you see that stomach? That must've been like a 60-pack! I think the reason why he was so fat when he became The...
  37. K

    Triforce on Demise's Sword

    If you look closely at Demise's sword there is the symbol of the Triforce on it. Not only that, but it's upside down! What do you think this means? I think it means that Demise is is the complete opposite of good and that he is pure evil. What are your thoughts?
  38. K

    Return of Demise

    When I first fought Demise I thought he was the most badass villain I had ever fought. Not only in the Zelda series but in all of the video games I've played. I would love it if he made another appearance. Even though he is the essence of evil in the Zelda villains which technically means he's...
  39. K

    Violin Should Have Have Been Used As Musical Instrument?

    Did you like the fact that you couldn't really make any actual tunes on the harp? When I first got the harp I didn't think that the only thing I would be able to play on it were a bunch of chromatic scales so I was in for a rude awakening. It's not that don't like the harp it's just that I think...
  40. K

    Ancient Holodrum? Ancient Subrosia

    Now that there is a Zelda game that takes place in ancient Hyrule (Skyward Sword), would you like to see a game that takes place in ancient Subrosia? Or ancient Holodrum?
  41. K

    Zelda As Links Daughter?

    What if Nintendo made a Zelda game where Link was a father and his daughter was Zelda. I mean am I the only one who would think that Link would look hot with a beard? Now I am 100% straight but come on bros., you know Link wouldn't looks so bad with some 5 o'clock shadow:D Now before you say...
  42. K

    Lizafos Tails?

    Um guys do you know what the Lizafos tails are for? Because I don't think they're any part of any upgrades. Do they have a use or are they just useless?
  43. K

    The Beginning of the Game

    So in the beginning of the game you see a crack in a forest that shows the Imprisoned has freed itself. But the forest itself is what I'm interested in. How come we never get to explore this part of Faron Woods. It looks like an open boundless forest like in beta OOT and TP. Do you think part...
  44. K

    SS Region and T Province Names. Coincidence?

    If TP takes place on a completely different timeline than SS, why do most of the places share the same names? Were the developers just last and decide to reuse the names from TP or is there a special reason.
  45. K

    What's Gonna Happen In Burn Notice Season 6

    With Fiona in prison, what do you think will happen to Michael? How do you think he's gonna free her from prison? I like that they put Fiona in jail because now Michael can go back to being the super spy badass he was in the earlier in the first four seasons. The only downside to this is that...
  46. K

    Hyrule Explored More in Wind Waker?

    Now I don't know about you but my favorite part of Wind Waker was when Link sinks beneath the ocean and sees Hyrule for the first time. Now it kind of bothered me that you only went to Hyrule on 3 occasions and what bothered me even more was that you could only go to Hyrule Castle and Ganon's...
  47. K

    Disappointed There Was No Water Region?

    When you found that there was not a separate region dedicated to water, how did that make you feel? Did you like the fact Nintendo put. The water-esque area in Faron Woods and in the Sand Sea? I really didnt care that there was no water region, but I think it would have made sense if there was...
  48. K

    Leaving Skyloft at Night

    When you try to leave Skyloft at night a bird rider tells you that only senior nights can fly at night. This shouldn't be because if I am correct Gaebora promotes Link to senior class before going off to rescue Zelda. Why do you think it's impossible to leave Skyloft at night. I actually want to...
  49. K

    Number 3 Referecnces

    I bet you've probably noticed that there are a lot of things that come in three in Skyward sword. 3 regions, 3 Sacred Flames, 3 Ancient Tablets, 3 phases of the final battle, and fighting The Imprisoned 3 times. Why does the whole game practically revolve around the number 3? Your thoughts?
  50. K

    Biblical Assassin's Creed?

    There are many stories of war in the Bible. But do you think those stories and the people in them can be intwined in the Assassin's Creed universe. If they ever do that they're probably gonna do the story of when Joshua sent the spies to Jericho so the could retake the promised land. Then the...
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