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  1. sailorgirl221

    What Makes You "lose It" ?

    So I'm watching cops right now and this officer was called to a house about a baby. Well, when he get's there the baby is limps and barley breathing in his fathers arms. the father started shaking him a little bit and I shouted "DON'T DO THAT!!!" then the tears started rolling, uncontrollably. I...
  2. sailorgirl221

    Ocarina of Time Link's State of Mind After the Scared Realm.

    It took me so long to think of what to call this! lol! So I'm watching the OOT walk through on zelda dungeons channel on youtube and i'm to the part when Link wakes up in the sacred realm and it got me thinking... how is links state of mind in all this? seven years have passed when he was...
  3. sailorgirl221

    Road Rage

    For any drivers out there, do you get road rage really bad? what kind of driver do you consider your self? Any one ever witness road rage? I know I have a real problem with road rage lol.. it's like a strange magic, as soon as I get into my car i'm angry all of a sudden then when I'm out of the...
  4. sailorgirl221


    I'm sorry if there is another one like this. I looked for one and I couldn't find it. :) So I just happened to watch the shout box and i seen that they talked about a certain dance move, twerking. (i think that's how it's spelled) I was wondering how people felt about dancing? do you enjoy...
  5. sailorgirl221


    I have six tattoos and I plan on get at the very least six more. I love my tattoos and I wouldn't change any of them for anything. My dad doesn't like that i have them because he doesn't like that I "marked up my body" aka it's clashing with his religious beliefs. So my question right now is: Is...
  6. sailorgirl221

    Your Favorite Sound.

    You know i was listening to a song and it had a heart beat in it and that alone sounded like music to my ears. I love hearing the human heart beat, it's a beautiful sound. It't the sound of life. though i love the sound of thunderstorms also, I don't think they hold a match to the sound of a...
  7. sailorgirl221

    A Random Act of Kindness.

    So today I had to go to Starbucks so I could get on the internet for school because it was acting up at home. I get there, get set up, order my coffee and what do you know? I found out that i locked my keys in the car! I was so upset and I ca;;ed my mother asking what i could do. She told me to...
  8. sailorgirl221

    Obesity, Opinions and Personal Stories

    I apologize very sincerely if there is already a post such as this one. This is actually something that I’ve been dealing with for some time. I'm overweight and I have fought "the battle of the bulge" since my fifth grade year at least. I've tried everything healthy eating, excersies diet...
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