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  1. Zelda-Rocks

    General Zelda The Stupid-looking Characters of Zelda

    This has been a thing that bugs me the most about Zelda. Most of the NPCs look terrible. Link, Zelda, and a few others look normal, but then there are the ones who are abominable and not at all realistic. Like the potion brewer from SS, the huge-headed bald guy from WW, Groose was pretty close...
  2. Zelda-Rocks

    General Zelda I Need Your Help, Zelda Duneoners!

    I am torn. i can't decide whether to save up and wait and buy a wii u and Zelda u or buy a sword and shield for my cosplay now. i will eventualy to both but i can't decide. You guys choose for me!
  3. Zelda-Rocks

    General Zelda When Will Potions Drain?

    One thing that really got me mad at SS was that the potions just stayed one color and then were empty. When will the potions drain like in real life?
  4. Zelda-Rocks

    General Art Against the Darkness, Book 1: The Sky Watchers

    Alright, here's a book me and my bro have been writing. it is the first of a quadrilogy and then we will write a sequel trilogy. and i will also include the cover art i drew with Gimp. Against the darkness Book 1 The Sky Watchers The Darkness "Hurry! They don't have much time...
  5. Zelda-Rocks

    General Art Courage (my Newet Book Attempt)

  6. Zelda-Rocks

    MORE Races?

    Why did they add MORE races to Skyward Sword. We already have(most of this is copied from the wiki): Gorons, Zoras, Hylians, Deku, Demon Tribe, Sheikah, Oocca, Yeti, Twili, Gerudo, Kokiri, Minish and Anouki. So why did they add more?
  7. Zelda-Rocks

    Favorite Pokemon of All-time

    i'm sorry if someone else has posted this, but what is your favorite pokemon of all time? Mine is Charmander. he is cute and he evolves into Charizard, one of the coolest fire pokemon ever.
  8. Zelda-Rocks


    Kokiris dont age, right? Then why is Saria an adult in part of OoT?
  9. Zelda-Rocks

    General Art Dark Lands

    here is ANOTHER book i'm writing. Dark Lands 1 The Factory of Doom By Elijah Boyd Prologue It was a dark day. Not like this was unusual, considering it was a dark day everyday. There was no sun in the sky. Just a dark, black orb that produced no light. The only reason...
  10. Zelda-Rocks

    General Art Ember Wolves

    Here is yet another book i'm writing. Ember Wolves By Elijah Boyd Chapter 1 The Choosing “Time to get up, Cade!” Mother called into my room. I groaned. It was much too early to get up! But then I remembered what today was. Today was the Choosing. The Choosing only happened...
  11. Zelda-Rocks

    Choclate or Vanilla Cake?

    Hy guys. witch do you like more, Choclate cake or Vanilla cake?
  12. Zelda-Rocks

    Monster Hunter

    I LOVE the Monster Hunter Series! Am i the only one?
  13. Zelda-Rocks

    General Art I'm Writing a Book!

    I'm writing a book, it's called Mage of Fire. I only have abot 25 pages of it, but i would like to hear what you think about! Heroes of Galera Mage of Fire By Elijah D. Boyd Prologue My name is Darren, Darren Fellowgood, but don’t tell anybody that. I’m apprentice to Master Yan...
  14. Zelda-Rocks

    Let's Play a Pokemon Story Game

    Let's play a Pokemon stroy Game. The way it works is, i start out by saying 3 words, like 'charmander ran towards,' and then yuo guys keep saying 3 words and before we know it, we have a story! ok, lets start "A Pokemon Trainer
  15. Zelda-Rocks


    Anyone watch Primeval around here?:chu:
  16. Zelda-Rocks

    Zelda or Mario TV Show?

    Do you like the Zelda or Mario TV shows? I dont like either of them.:(
  17. Zelda-Rocks

    Which Imprisoned Battle Did You Enjoy Most?

    Which battle with the Imprisoned did you like most? Fighting Demise counts.
  18. Zelda-Rocks

    What is Your Favorite Race?

    My favorite race from Skyawrd Sword is the KIKWI'S! They are funny and adorable. :)
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