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  1. Gorrilaz

    What Internet Feature is Impossible for You to Live Without?

    Probably Amazon. I can find stuff on there that have no presence in the stores.
  2. Gorrilaz

    3DS Game Wishlist!

    A metroid FPS of some sort, as long as it uses 1 analog pad perfectly, Kinda like Metroid Prime. It should be different though, because come on, we've had 3 friggin Metroid Primes, I want something new.
  3. Gorrilaz

    If You Could Make a Game

    I would remake Aliens:Colonial Marines into what it should have been originally; a resident evil-esque, running around a space frigate avoiding xenomorphs with limited resources type of game.
  4. Gorrilaz

    Favorite Metal Band?

    OH WAIT! I forgot Black Sabbath and Judas Priest on my list.
  5. Gorrilaz

    Favorite Metal Band?

    Just wondering if anyone here likes metal. My all time favorite metal bands are Iron Maiden, Slayer, Megadeth, Metallica, and Cannibal Corpse.
  6. Gorrilaz

    From where do you get your news?

    I get all my news from my Facebook newsfeed
  7. Gorrilaz

    Favorite Vocalists

    Mine are Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden, James Hetfield of Metallica, Micheal Jackson, and Ozzy Osbourne
  8. Gorrilaz

    Would You Like to See a Metroid HD Collection?

    Don't fix it if it ain't broke. Except Metroid Prime. Those controls haven't aged well, and they should be fixed.
  9. Gorrilaz

    Who Here Collects Stuff?

    Other than video games, I collect LOTR copies. And by that, I buy the same exact books, just with different covers. Yeah, i'm not very thrifty.
  10. Gorrilaz

    Your Favorite DreamWorks Animated Movies

    I very much enjoyed all shrek movies (except the 4th was a little lackluster)
  11. Gorrilaz

    Do You Pay Attention To the Lyrics in Songs?

    I love listening to the lyrics of old thrash metal music. For some jacked up reason, whenever i'm breaking my back to understand the lyrics, I simply cannot understand them, but when i'm just sitting there relaxing with music on, my brain clicks and computes the lyrics, even though the singers...
  12. Gorrilaz

    Game Grumps

    Yeah, game grumps is one of my favorite Let's Play channels. I've been watching since they first opened the channel, and I like their style of comedy.
  13. Gorrilaz

    How Many Games in Your Collection Have You Completed?

    I beat all my pokemons and zeldas, everything else I am still playing. And I own about 60 games so far.
  14. Gorrilaz

    Should More Japanese Exclusive Games Be Available in the West?

    I very much agree. Nintendo needs to put time and money aside to release those games to the rest of the world (maybe on a compilation disc or something)
  15. Gorrilaz

    Minecraft: How Do You Play?

    I always turn on creative mode, with cheats and a peaceful setting. Then I create buildings, houses, and other structures while listening to Metallica or Rush or something.
  16. Gorrilaz

    Which GameCube Games Would You Most Like to See Remade in HD?

    SoulCaliber II and Beyond Good and Evil would look awesome with WiiU graphics.
  17. Gorrilaz

    Smash Bros U and 3DS Might Be at This Year's E3

    All I want for the new SSB E3 news is a couple screenshots for both versions (to show off the graphics) , and the announcements of new fighters. and maybe a story teaser.
  18. Gorrilaz

    Monolith Soft's "X"

    It looks badass. It's like Xenoblade Chronicles with realistic graphics, mixed with Monster Hunter and Gundam.
  19. Gorrilaz

    Do You Listen to Your Own Music While Gaming?

    Sometimes I listen to classic rock music while playing Animal Crossing, but that's about it.
  20. Gorrilaz

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

    Ride the Lightning by Metallica. Gotta love 80's thrash metal.
  21. Gorrilaz

    Dr Who, Anybody Like This Show?

    I LOVE Doctor Who. It's probably my favorite scifi series ever. The doctor (in all incarnations) is my favorite television character, even beating Dr. House to the number one spot. I've seen more Tom Baker episodes than any other actor.
  22. Gorrilaz

    First Game Console

    Mine was the Game Boy Advance. My parents bought it for the whole family in 2002, but I played it the most. The games I got for it was "Super Mario Bros. Deluxe" and "Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2"
  23. Gorrilaz

    Peanut Butter Gamer

    Yeah, PBG is definetly one of my favorite webshows, and he has a plethora of zelda related videos. He's very entertaining.
  24. Gorrilaz

    How Can I Put a Title on This...

    I ate Ghirahim.....
  25. Gorrilaz

    Most Relaxing Video Game Music

    Music from the homebrew Neo Geo/Dreamcast homebrew game "Gunlord".
  26. Gorrilaz

    What Kind of Bender Would You Be?

    Probably a fire-bender. I'm a very aggressive person, especially when someone disagrees with me. I also somewhat know how to keep my temper. So I guess my personality closely resembles firebending
  27. Gorrilaz

    Who's Scariest?

    In Christopher Nolans Batman trilogy, which main villain do you think is the scariest? Scarecrow, The Joker, or Bane. I thought The Joker was scariest because he had no diabolical plan; he just wanted to watch people die and the world burn.
  28. Gorrilaz

    Under-appreciated Space Sci-Fi Movies

    I have no clue whether this is under-appreciated or not, but the Stargate TV series is pretty good.
  29. Gorrilaz

    DC or Marvel?

    DC, the stories i've read (and watched) from DC have generally been darker than the stuff i've read and seen from Marvel. And I love dark stories.
  30. Gorrilaz

    3DS New Zelda Game?

    I would like Majora's Mask to be remade, with the same graphics and gameplay of OoT3D.
  31. Gorrilaz

    Best Spin-off Series?

    Mystery Dungeon is my favorite spin-off series. It has great gameplay, stellar music, and an amazing, emotional storyline that is not worth missing.
  32. Gorrilaz

    How Quickly Can You Beat Any Pokemon Game ?

    Whenever I get a new pokemon game, I usually play through it and beat the elite 4 in a week. And it took me about a year and a half to catch 2/3 of the pokemon in diamond version (national pokedex)
  33. Gorrilaz

    Favorite Anime Theme Song?

    The original theme song, for sure. I also enjoy listening to Pokemon World and Diamond and Pearl
  34. Gorrilaz

    Symphony of the Goddess~Anyone Go?

    I went on april 20th in Arizona, and I had about 700 nerdgasms. The music in concert is 100x better than the songs on the disc
  35. Gorrilaz

    Zelda Wii U Coming 2015?

    That would be cool. I graduate from high school in 2015, so the new zelda game can be my graduation gift! :D
  36. Gorrilaz

    Is the Wii U Going to Be Backwards Compatible with Wii Games?

    Yes. And you can use your Wiimotes, Nunchuks, and Wii Balance Board.
  37. Gorrilaz

    Avengers Opinion

    One of my favorite superhero movies. It would be #1 but it's currently in 2nd place behind "The Dark Night". But I personally disliked how it got off to a slow start.
  38. Gorrilaz

    Anyone Excited for The Dark Knight Rises?

    I am very super excited, I'm planning to get midnight premiere tickets.
  39. Gorrilaz

    Games That Were Previously Announced and You Would Like to See Reappear at E3 2012

    Definetly Pikmin 3. I can't wait to see the gameplay trailers at E3. They'll show gameplay trailers, right? RIGHT?!?!?!
  40. Gorrilaz

    Why is the Difficulty of a Game So Important?

    If it's difficult, and you overcome the difficulty of that game (or part of game), you gain an amazing sense of accomplishment. That's why I personally like hard games.
  41. Gorrilaz

    Which "Lord of the Rings" Film is Your Favorite?

    Just wondering. Mine is the Two Towers because they introduce Gollum in that volume, one of the best characters in the trilogy, and the battle of Helms Deep was one of the most epic battles ever.:cool:
  42. Gorrilaz

    Favourite First Level in a Video Game?

    World 1-1 on Super Mario Bros. It's just so perfectly layed out, and classic, and awesome, and everything in between.
  43. Gorrilaz

    3DS Player

    I actually thought up that concept before, but only compatible with the DS. Keep the credit though, you posted it before me :)
  44. Gorrilaz

    Which Order Did You Get the Triforce

    My memory's foggy, but I think it was Courage, Wisdom, Power.
  45. Gorrilaz

    Can You Beat Skyward Sword Without a Shield?

    I played through the game with a shield, but I beat Ghiramhim in his final form without a shield; it broke while I was running down the slope.
  46. Gorrilaz

    Your Favorite Villains of All Time

    The Joker, obviously, because he's a smart, mentally crazy gang leader. Also, Giovanni, because he sends people out to beat and steal pokemon.
  47. Gorrilaz

    Which Seemingly Easy LoZ Boss Do You Think is Actually Quite Difficult?

    Moldarach, the 3rd boss from Skyward Sword. He's actually pretty easy because he's an eye boss, but for me it was pretty tedious to uncover all the sand and try to find him, and I was horrible at stabbing with my wiimote at that time.
  48. Gorrilaz

    Mystery Dungeon

    I sometimes play Explorers of Sky, but it's kinda hard to me, so I often rage quit
  49. Gorrilaz

    General Classic Oracle of Ages and Seasons on Virtual Console

    There isnt any news on the games coming to e-Shop yet, but I'd love it to happen.
  50. Gorrilaz

    Diablo III

    I'd love to get Diablo III, but as I have no moolah for it, I'm just going to go to my friends home to play it and try it out; his dad's getting it on launch date.
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