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  1. HylianHero

    Timeshift Stone Theories?

    Following up on Beauts' Timeshift Stone/Ocarina of Time thread, what do you guys think about Timeshift Stones? They are possibly one of my favorite gameplay mechanics, and it surprises me something like them hasn't been utilized in a Zelda game before, given that Zelda games seem to be...
  2. HylianHero

    General Zelda Was Your First Zelda Game Your Favorite?

    Just looking around the forums, I've seen that it's kind of a trend that a lot of people's first Zelda game is also their favorite. I want to see if there is actually any connection. Am I completely delusional or is this a thing? One thing I've given thought to is that OoT was the game that...
  3. HylianHero

    Skyward Sword Favorite Harp Melody

    Following ThePurpleKnight's example, what is everyone's favorite harp song from SS? Mine would be the Song of the Hero. I know it's a bit of a knockoff of the main theme, but the way the dragons sing it adds new depth to it.
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