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    Ocarina of Time Ocarina of Time 3D Walkthrough

    I was planning on making a Youtube based Walkthrough on this new remake. I'm hoping I'll get support from all the members who are willing to watch my walkthrough. And for you americans, I'll probably upload my first vid on the 18th June, so one day before USAs release date. There will be both...
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    Zelda Art Ocarina of Time Cursors

    Hey, I've had a little hobby for the last few days, to make Ocarina of Time cursors and I thought that I could post them here. :) Heres a youtube clip I made on how to install them. Since my computer is in Swedish you just have follow the images, sorry. :P Download link...
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    Ocarina of Time Minigames?

    So I've heard that they're adding new features to OoT3DS, so what about minigames? Do you think we will have new minigames in OoT3DS? I hope that there will be more minigames because its always fun with minigames! :P Discuss!
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    General Art Halloween Face!

    I know Im late with the whole halloween thingy but still, I wanted to post this cuz it is my first real-life edited pic that is worth keeping! :D
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    Anubis Gallery

    Hey, I decided to make a thread with my (a small part) images I've made. Here we go! Gerudo Fortress: Ganondorf Lolface: twili123prince sig. request(Alt. 1): (He doesnt respond..matter infact havent seen him online...he got new account or what? XD) Example signature: Octorok (STfanart...
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    Zora in Water (Handdrawn Fan Art :D)

    I felt like drawing and i made this: Ill color it too so wait for my update in this post! ^^ *UPDATED*: Hope you like it! :cucco:
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    Gerudo Fortress (Hand Drawn Fanart)

    Hope you like it drawn it for kinda 1month ago.. :P Btw it was fast drawn so no bad comments please! XD
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