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  1. romani64

    The Gamecube Version of Return to Dreamland

    ((This is just a Copypasta from my account post on the Kirby Club forums... soooo enjoy? i guess???)) "I would now like to move onto the topic of the gamecube version of Return to Dreamland. "It would have just been the same on the gamecube" -one of my internet friends Actually, the more I...
  2. romani64

    The Great Fairy and Fi

    NOW. im not sure if there is a thread like this but, i was just wondering if any of you ever noticed the strong resemblance Fi has to the queen fairy in wind waker *le image boxes* but because im not good with any zelda history/timeline stuff, im going to leave this thread to you guys...
  3. romani64

    Zelda Dungeon's My Little Pony Thread

    THERE IS NONE, SO I AM STARTING ONE i dont understand the way ZD makes pictures. why cant they just be big enough so you dont have to click on them...? ANYWAY POST PONIES THATS WHAT THIS THREAD IS FOR AND WHAT IT SHALL EVER BE USED FOR all other sites have a pony thread....
  4. romani64

    Did You Ever Notice...

    LOOOOK!!!(lol) <clickpicture! ... you dont see it??? look at the bird-like thing on the hylian shield you get from majoras mask, and than look at the bottom of the master sword!!!!!!!:D see it now??? so what do you guys think of this? you think it has anything to do with...well ANYTHING?!??!??!:l
  5. romani64

    The Maga Man Games-a Question About Them

    hey everyone!!!!!just wondering something, but first, i have to yall you all a short story. so after watching countless mega man themes with lyrics by brentalfloss, even though she never played the game, she found the themes quite interesting... so romani was wondering, "are these games fun?"...
  6. romani64

    Theory of the Phantom Eyes.

    hey guys!!!!!!!!romani64 here!!!and ever since i beat phantom hourglass, i have been wondering something...why are there phantom eyes (the annoying beeping things) in spirit tracks as well???bellum was not in spirit tracks, not even close. so why are his eyes there?(in PH, someone said the...
  7. romani64

    What Kind of Pets Do You Have???

    yea, so, in this thread, you tell everyone about what kind of pets you have. PS: sorry if there is already a thread like this, i dident see one so...i thought i would start one!!! well, because my parents are seperated, i have a lot of animals in each house!! Dads house: blue-dachshund...
  8. romani64

    That Website Called the Dragon Cave

    the dragon cave forums arent much help sooo........this thread is for people who want to talk or post images of there dragons/eggs!!!(if they need clicks and stuff...) if you want a account go here =>http://dragcave.net/ if you want to help my dragons/eggs, click them!!!yaa!
  9. romani64

    If You Could Have a Enemy in Zelda As a Pet...what Would It Be?

    if i where to have one it would probably be one of those ice wolves from TP or molgera. cuz you know riding a giant flying sand snake/bug/worm thing cant be any more epic.:rolleyes:
  10. romani64

    Games Other Than Zelda?

    what games do you play other than zelda?well i play pokemon, mario, and kirby. black and white comes out tomorrow for me!!!!im so exited and happy!lolz i have to save up for a 3DS...i only have $40.....(OoT!!!!!!:) and i really want a majoras mask 3D....really...bad.... and i found out last...
  11. romani64

    Majora's Mask Theory on the Moving Keaton Grass.

    for the people who dont know, i will explain. there are the moving grasses around termina, each one containing a keaton if you wear the keaton mask.but what some people did not notice was that there is actually 4moving grasses.at the begining, when you start in the forest,there is the 4th.(or...
  12. romani64

    Majora's Mask Like....anyone Find Any Glitches????

    well i would looove it if someone told me some glitches they found!!!!:)
  13. romani64

    Majora's Mask People Who Try to Figure Out Majoras Mask.....

    sorry for the long read but......(yea im a MM freak!what can i say???:) the feeling your being watched,but your really not. the sense of death, when no one is dead. the aura that makes you feel your alone...when your not. to bad for us that the garos and moon are watching us.every...
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