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  1. Arkatox

    Why Do You Play Video Games?

    I've been thinking about writing an article for GenGAME titled "Why I Play Video Games". I'm curious as to why some other people play video games—specific reasons, or just because you find them fun? I'd write out mine, but I'll save it for the article.
  2. Arkatox

    Spoiler From Demise to Ganon

    It's commonly assumed (and practically given) that Ganondorf is a reincarnation of Demise. Demise's final words, along with the fact that he looks similar to Ganondorf, all but confirm this. It makes sense that when Demise was reborn as the gerudo Ganondorf, he would go by the name Ganondorf...
  3. Arkatox

    Spoiler Reviving the Ancient Robots

    In Skyward Sword, you are able to revive one of the long-dead robots from the Lanayru Mines by supplying Gondo with an Ancient Flower. Am I the only one who, after discovering that the Ancient Flowers could revive the robots, wanted to go to the Lanayru Province and revive every last robot...
  4. Arkatox

    Uprisen (the Very First Kid Icarus: Uprising Fan Site!)

    Starting in early afternoon, aka around 2:00 PM (and it's now 7:00 PM), it took me almost all day to create this, and it's still totally beta. http://icarusuprising.wordpress.com/ As of the time this was posted, there are two posts on the blog. One's an introduction, and the other is about a...
  5. Arkatox

    Drawing the Hourglass in the Bellom Fight(s)

    It so ticked me off when, after about HALF AN HOUR (on two different nights not combined) I finally discovered that to freeze time, while fighting Bellum, you need to draw the hourglass so fast that it looks like you're scribbling on the touch screen. Has anyone else felt really ticked off...
  6. Arkatox


    Me and my family just saw it. Serenity is a movie that takes place after the HUGE hit TV sci-fi series Firefly. The series was such a huge hit that when it was cancelled (even before the first season was done), the fan movement to get the show running again was so large that the producers made...
  7. Arkatox


    I haven't beaten TP myself (though I have this horrible habbit [that I need to stop] where I watch my brothers from the very beginning of a zelda game until 100% completion), but I was wondering: was Malon in the game at all? She seems to be in so many other games, but I don't remember her being...
  8. Arkatox

    Dream Theater

    Possibly one of the best bands ever. These guys have been playing music as Dream Theater for over 25 years, and they had a college band, Majesty, before that. They're some of the best musicians out there. Just recently their drummer, Mike Portnoy, was named the 5th best drummer of all time...
  9. Arkatox

    Ted Dekker

    Anyone here read any books by Ted Dekker? He's one of the best Christian authors I know of. In fact, my favorite book ever was written by him.
  10. Arkatox


    This thought has been in my head for at least a year or two: Why doesn't Nintendo make it so that in the next TV-Console Zelda game, you can ride dragons? Just imagine what that would be like! You'd be able to soar through the skies and reach places you haven't been before. You might even have...
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