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  1. Memory

    General Art Memory's Art -uh Sort of

    This is my first art to post here u-u it's nothing much but my friend from this forum said that I should just post this so yeah. But it's nothing much u-u
  2. Memory

    What's Your Favourite Drink in Starbucks?

    Mine is Caramel Macchiato. I dont really drink bitter stuffs but Starbucks is an exception. Whats yours? If you've never been to it, just say your favourite drink :)
  3. Memory

    What Kind of Story Genres That You Like?

    I have a wattpad account and am going to write a story. But the thing is, I don't know what to write and so. I was planning on recommending you guys from this forum to read any of my stories. Maybe if I know what kind of stories you guys like to read, I'll probably try to make one but it'll...
  4. Memory

    What Would You Do when There's Nobody in Your House Except Yourself?

    I don't think I'd be left alone in the house all by myself. But I always make imaginary friends to keep me company. And change into the me who lives in the internet as always ^^ Or I could just ask Violet to come over.
  5. Memory

    What Do You Guys Do when It's Raining?

    Well, I was wondering how bored I am when it's raining. What do you guys usually do? Any suggestions? :hmm:
  6. Memory

    Is It Okay to Have Less Friends?

    Violet, a friend of mine, told me that if I don't have any friends people will think I'm forever-alone. I thought of adding Violet's friends but It'll be awkward. I want some advice(or something like that) from some users though..
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