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  1. zeldalink

    Zelda Art Zelda101s Art

    Well, i have some art. Twilight Princess Skyward Sword Spirit Tracks
  2. zeldalink

    Spoiler Helper Peoples in Zelda

    For anyone who hasn't completed SS, TP, or OoT, there may be spoilers for the ending. Well, I don't know if I'm copying something but I just got an idea. I started thinking as I just finished skyward sword that all of the people that follow you like fi and midna go away at the end to some...
  3. zeldalink

    Game Help

    I need help with some games SS: Im stuck on the 3rd silent realm. I dont really need help, but i am stuck. I have given up trying. Dont really need anythng unless you have like a quick and easy way to do it. ST: 3rd spirit temple. The dark room. I keep getting seen by the phantoms before i...
  4. zeldalink

    Twilight Princess Fishing

    what kinds of fish can you catch? I know that you can catch a Hyrule Bass, and Ordona Catfish and a green gill or something like that. Anything else? or can you only catch those?
  5. zeldalink

    Zelda Art My Drawings

    I stink but I might as well show you because I uploaded them.
  6. zeldalink

    Twilight Princess Who is the Heroes Shade/ Golden Wolf

    I've heard a lot about who he is but do we really have any proof? I have a theory but I am not sure about it. I think that there are really two Links. One is before Twilight Princess, and the other is in Twilight Princess, The heroes shade. I've heard that in the Majora's Mask Link takes a walk...
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