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  1. DarkAssassinXer

    My Team Fortress 2 Medic

    Getting this set took a bit of patience and luck, but in the end it was worth it. What do you guys think with all the edits?
  2. DarkAssassinXer

    Saxton's Survivors SU

    While I'm waiting for my shift to start here at work, I thought I might as well brainstorm an SU. After the constant war between Gray Mann and Saxton Hale, Gray finally decides to launch a deadly nuke on Mann Co to eliminate them once and for all. Needless to say, Mann Co and the main mercs...
  3. DarkAssassinXer

    What Nintendo Series Can You Not Get Into?

    For me, I'm trying to get into Metroid but I just can't. And I personally refuse to get into Star Fox :P
  4. DarkAssassinXer

    Outside of the Zelda World, What Games Are You Hyped For?

    As much as I want to add Zelda to this question, I know most of us would say Hyrule Warriors. In all honesty, the two games I've been so impatient for are Persona 4 Arena Ultimax (PS3) and Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth (3DS).
  5. DarkAssassinXer

    What Do You Guys Like to Do for Fun Outside of Music, TV, Video Games, and Internet?

    Myself I personally love going to the arcade. Relieving stress with music games is my favorite thing to do. Technika, Pop n Music, Jubeat, I love em all~
  6. DarkAssassinXer

    Any Favorite Music Artists OUTSIDE of the US?

    I know most music artists tend to get started here in the states, but does anyone here have a favorite artist that started in another country? I'd have to say my favorite is Lotus Juice from Japan. He's done a lot of the Shin Megami Tensei music but the past few years they've begun doing...
  7. DarkAssassinXer

    What's Your Favorite Character Theme from ANY Video Game, Show, Etc.?

    Just a quick question for everyone~ Music has always been an interest of mine as well as others taste in music. It gives such epic and upbeat moments for some situations the character may face, eerie chills in dark situations, or relaxing and peaceful moments. Currently, my favorite character...
  8. DarkAssassinXer

    Hyrule Warriors If You Could Add One More Character to Play As, Who Would It Be?

    Another question I'd love to ask the community. Personally in my opinion, I would LOVE to play as Skullkid from Majora's Mask. While we have the Moon appear in the game, I still can't help but think how cool it would have been for them to add Skullkid to the roster.
  9. DarkAssassinXer

    Favorite Eevee Evolution?

    I'm curious about what most of us in the community prefer between all the Eeveelutions. So if you had to pick one favorite, who would it be and why? Mine is definitely Umbreon. I say this because I can see it as a darker version of eevee while it still remains it's happiness and loyalty to...
  10. DarkAssassinXer

    Beta Signature

    Well, here's the beta for my signature. At least if you can see it =P Beta 2.0 ....I should stop saying beta, but I'm really not good with these guys ;~; I hope this is the final one D:
  11. DarkAssassinXer

    The RP Grand Prix

    "Rivals, they are... Characters, yet powerful foes! A desperate fighting tournament among ZD's roleplaying characters. A new legend is about to start! But first, a word from The General." With what appeared to be a bear suit wearing a general hat and cape, with a cigar in his mouth and a...
  12. DarkAssassinXer

    Persona 4 Roleplay SU! ((Please People, I Wanna Make This Happen ; W ; ))

    Alrighty, so I finally got an idea for a roleplay that has probably been done before, but this is something I really would like to pull off. Persona 4, probably my most favorite game of all time atm. Anyways, we dont have to do the dialogue day by day, we could have it in any mix really. I'm not...
  13. DarkAssassinXer

    Trouble at the Shrine RP

    Hello there! Summertime is almost here, and the human village is preparing for a huge festival at the peak of the area, the Shrine of Barriers. It separates our world from the outside world. However, it seems someone has stolen the light of day, and without the light, there can be no festival...
  14. DarkAssassinXer

    Luigi's Mansion Vs. Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon

    Alright, coming up on my 6th post today in this section (sorry for being annoying), for those of you who have played both the Luigi's Mansions, what are your opinions? Which do you prefer? I'll admit I was very excited when I first got my hands on Dark Moon. I like the concept of new mansions...
  15. DarkAssassinXer

    Dead Island Riptide: Buy or Pass?

    As much as I love zombie games, pass. The first Dead Island was boring if you ask me.
  16. DarkAssassinXer

    Ocarina of Time Toughest Piece of Heart?

    For me truthfully, it was getting those 50 tokens. I could get every single piece of heart before that, but when it came down to the very last piece and having a hard time getting up to 50 tokens, it was so stressful x_x
  17. DarkAssassinXer

    Goldeneye Rogue Agent

    Was I one of the only people who liked this game? I read so many bad reviews earlier and it's funny because I just played this game again yesterday and enjoying it tons.
  18. DarkAssassinXer

    Any Spiral Knights Gamers Here?

    How are you guys enjoying the anniversary update? Unbox anything good?
  19. DarkAssassinXer

    To: IPhone 5 Users

    How do you guys like the phone? It's been out for a while and I haven't heard much about it lately.
  20. DarkAssassinXer

    Xbox 720 (???) Vs. Playstation 4

    What side will you guys choose? As always, I'm staying on the amazing side of Playstation~
  21. DarkAssassinXer

    Windows Live Messenger Taken Down!

    What are your thoughts for those of you who would use the application? I'm a bit disappointed because I would use this everyday to talk to some friends and even if I did transfer them to skype, it still doesn't feel the same :c
  22. DarkAssassinXer

    Do You Play an Instrument? What Kind?

    I may be a guy, but I love my flute :P
  23. DarkAssassinXer

    Favorite Character Theme? (Current, Not All Time Favorite)

    Another music question from yours truly. I'd say mine current favorite character theme is Teddie's theme from Persona 4 Arena.
  24. DarkAssassinXer

    Fighting Gamers: How Many Fighting Games Do You Own?

    Even though I started a few months ago, I've got 4. What about the rest of you?
  25. DarkAssassinXer

    Return to Gensokyo RP

    Alrighty everyone! The story of Fang and Xer will be continuing in this thread. What's going on you might ask? They are about to cross over to the border of Xer's homeland, Gensokyo. This roleplay will feature Touhou characters that I will need some people to roleplay as. I will allow about 1-2...
  26. DarkAssassinXer

    Should Tetras Trackers Be Remade and Available for the US?

    I'd love to see it, but I highly doubt it'll happen
  27. DarkAssassinXer

    A Link Between Worlds Should the Camera Be Required for Some Puzzles?

    Personally I don't mind, but what about the rest of you?
  28. DarkAssassinXer

    When Playing RPG's..

    Do you grind off of battles wasting hours to know for sure you're a high enough level for a boss to come? Or do you go under-leveled for a greater challenge?
  29. DarkAssassinXer

    Adventure of Link Why Do Most People Dislike Zelda II?

    I mean I know that it's way different and more challenging since it's level up based, but still. I personally enjoyed the dungeons =P
  30. DarkAssassinXer

    What Gen Team Will You Make?

    As far as what's to be caught, what are your goals as far as a team? I think I'll stick with the legendary and some from Gen I-III
  31. DarkAssassinXer

    Favorite Video Game Music (ANY GAME)

    One question I always have to ask, what's your favorite song from a video game? Mine is definitely the theme of Hamelin from Ni No Kuni Wrath of the White Witch. It's so amazingly put together, and it puts images of different scenes in your mind. Ni no Kuni OST - Hamelin - YouTube
  32. DarkAssassinXer

    Ni No Kuni Wrath of the White Witch

    So anyone here play Ni No Kuni Wrath of the White Witch? And if so, where are you and how are you enjoying it?
  33. DarkAssassinXer

    Pokemon Original Series (1-151) Favorite Episode?

    What was your favorite episode growing up with the first pokemon series? I liked who gets to keep togepi ^^
  34. DarkAssassinXer

    General Zelda What Was Your First Favorite Item?

    When I was 4 I loved the hookshot, and surprisingly it's still my favorite to this day :D
  35. DarkAssassinXer

    Which Version Will YOU Get?

    I'm aiming for Pokemon Y myself :D
  36. DarkAssassinXer

    Legendary Challenge

    Ever try catching a legendary at full hp with only pokeballs?
  37. DarkAssassinXer

    Any DJMax Technika 3 Players?

    Just wondering if there are any T3 players here, even though the game kinda died ^^;
  38. DarkAssassinXer

    A Link Between Worlds Should a Past Character Return?

    I think it's be awesome if Darunia could make an appearance, what do you guys wanna see? :D
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