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  1. geek4887

    Twilight Princess Was It a Filler, or Did Nintendo Put Their 100% in It?

    The title says it all, my friends. Twilight Princess is probably the most controversial Zelda game to date, if not of all time. It's one of those games that makes you feel doubtful about something. On the contrary, Twilight Princess is my 2nd favorite Zelda game, but I wanted to see what others...
  2. geek4887

    Weird Coincidences in Zelda

    This thread is just something to share about a weird coincidence of Zelda to the real world, etc. I'll start this thread off with an example. I'll go with the year 2000. What a great year for Zelda; Majora's Mask was released. This amazing game had a three day system in which you have to...
  3. geek4887

    Spoiler Hint on Origins of Ganondorf(HUGE SPOILERS READ AT YOUR OWN RISK)

    I am a little jerkface and have spoiled the entire Skyward Sword plot. please don't hate me Anyways, that aside something really caught my attention, and it feels like Nintendo is fulfilling their promise of revealing a little bit of Ganondorf's origin. It's not literal, but anyone should be...
  4. geek4887


    Hey, I don't have a PS3, but might plan on getting one just because of this awesome game. I've seen enough, but story-wise, I'm in the dark. Anyways, this game looks gorgeous and if anyone can give me info on the franchise, that'll be sweet! Thanks!
  5. geek4887

    Skyward Sword's High Expectations

    With a few weeks away from Skyward Sword's release, everyone's been speculating as much as they can about this new installment. Everyone's been theorizing, checking out items, so on so forth. Of course, everyone then has a standard on this game. Now, as Zelda fans, we tend to have a bit too high...
  6. geek4887

    Link's Cool House

    I'm pretty sure everyone has seen the restroom vid, so I decided to make a thread about this, well, something like that. If that was Link's house, then I must say, that's an impressive house. No more one room houses for our hero, yay! :clap: So, here's the question: Which Link has the best house?
  7. geek4887

    The Temple of Time in SS

    I was just wondering if it HAS been confirmed for their to be the Temple of Time in SS. I was looking at the walkthrough feature here in ZD and saw a chapter dedicated to the temple. If so, wasn't the temple built to be as a lock to the Sacred Realm? And without the Triforce, how can there be a...
  8. geek4887

    The Mysterious Clock

    Hmm...I was reading an article over at ZU and I couldn't help but wonder. One little thing piqued my curiosity. I'm playing the original The Legend of Zelda right now, and I've been getting the clock once in a while. It's a powerful clock that is able to stop time. Sound familiar to an orb that...
  9. geek4887

    Zelda Vs. Mario

    So, it's pretty simple: Which is better, Zelda or Mario? So, ever since, Mario has overshadowed Zelda being the first of Nintendo's games, it has evolved into the most iconic game in the gaming industry. Wow, that's a tough hurdle to beat for Zelda. But, with Ocarina of Time, nothing's...
  10. geek4887

    Capcom or Grezzo?

    So guys, I've been trying to make threads more frequently, but let me get to the point here. :P So, Grezzo has been pretty popular with Zelda lately. Ocarina of Time, and then Four Swords. Well, Grezzos got its hands full of remakes. There's no surprise if they're also in part of making a...
  11. geek4887

    Return of the Shadow Temple

    Ok...So, who loved the Shadow Temple? I did. It was pretty cool. It was as closest to an M-rated Zelda we've got. I mean, there was blood on the floors, torture chambers, and the whole lot! Not saying that it should return, but, what do you guys think? Do you want another "Shadow Temple"? How...
  12. geek4887

    Favorite Musicians

    This is just a thread to let out all of your feelings about all of the musicians in Zelda. From Link, to Sheik, to Embrose, let it all out! Talk about things about favorite duets, songs, arrangements, etc. Anyways, to start it off, my favorite arrangement was the final duet with Zelda...
  13. geek4887

    How Were the Areas in Skyward Sword Remembered in Twilight Princess

    So it has been confirmed that the areas in Skyward Sword, will be based on the areas in Twilight Princess. So, how come those areas were never mentioned in Ocarina of Time? Well, this will be just a silly speculation, but I guess that civilization (obviously) would've improved by the time...
  14. geek4887

    Linearity in This Game

    It's pretty straightforward. Anyways, how linear do you think this game will be? Would you want it to be an open world like Ocarina of Time, or closed like Twilight Princess, or a bit in between like Majora's Mask? Of course, I would want it to be open, because that would allow some nice touch...
  15. geek4887

    General Modern Adult Timeline

    Ok, if you read the title, I hope you didn't think this was a theory. Anyways, I was wondering how the Adult Timeline could continue. Ganondorf is dead, buried under the Great Sea. Everyone's in New Hyrule. Anyone have ideas on how Nintendo can implement new ideas to the Adult Timeline?:thinking:
  16. geek4887

    Uhh, Lord of the Rings Fans Discussion Thread?

    Hey, I hear we got a lot of LotR fans out here! I thought I should put up this thread, just so that fans can talk about there favorite characters, items, scenes, etc. I dunno. Well to start it off, I guess I'll say that I love Aragorn, just because he's pretty amazing! :right:
  17. geek4887

    The Awesome First Sword

    In EVERY single Zelda game, we get our sword fairly early in the game. Then we upgrade it and so on so forth. Anyways, my question here is that what was your favorite "I got the sword" moment? It could be any sword at all, like the Biggoron's Sword, Ordon Sword, etc. Just list your thoughts...
  18. geek4887

    The World Ends With You

    The title sort of hints what I'm going to say here. Anyways, if you own a DS, you should get this game. It's by far one that showed the most use of the DS system for me. It's amazing and shows this one gameplay I've never seen before. You start out as Neku to play in this game in which you...
  19. geek4887

    Skyward Sword Story- a Fake?

    I was looking through resources and stuff and found this weird piece of information. This pertains to A Link to the Past, and Skyward Sword. As we all know, Skyward Sword's main focal point to the series, is that it depicts the creation of the Master Sword. What we all don't know, though, is...
  20. geek4887

    Spoiler Linebeck-A Heck of a Character!

    Linebeck is arguably one of the best, if not, then the best character in the Zelda series. He started out as a jerk when you met him. He was a selfish coward who always ran away and left all the hard work to you. Further on in the story, though, we saw him grow as a character. He was really cool...
  21. geek4887

    Bridge to Termina

    Been a while since my last thread...ok.:cool: This will be a pretty simple thread. So, at the end of Majora's Mask, Link leaves Termina forever right? Then he can't go back there anymore. So, what then? Termina was an amazing place, and a nice fresh breath of air from Hyrule. There's no way...
  22. geek4887

    Split 2x

    This is no theory exactly, but more of a speculation. Or, maybe it is a theory, I just probably don't have a LOT of evidence to prove it. Here it goes. So, there's a split timeline in OoT right? So, is there a possibility that there's also a split in MM? It's not necessarily a split in time...
  23. geek4887

    Seal War Game

    This has got to be one of the BIGGEST event in the Zelda timeline, and all it is is a backstory. I, as the loving Zelda fan I am, am very disappointed that Nintendo will not produce a game out of this. I think that TP's art style will best suit a game like this(that's just me though). And, it...
  24. geek4887

    What is a "perfect" Zelda for You?

    Well, I'm just gonna answer the question here. My perfect Zelda would be Twilight Princess' art style. Similar story to TP. The same amounts of sidequests in MM. The linearity of TLoZ. And the difficulty of OoT. Perhaps a dual overworld like ALttP. And an overworld filled with secrets like...
  25. geek4887

    General Modern Open Overworld

    The DS games were pretty much the most linear games, despite what was said about Twilight Princess(AWESOME GAME!!!). Here's where my question comes in. The DS games were pretty much on the low end of Zelda quality games, and that's because it was too linear. If Nintendo made it so that you could...
  26. geek4887

    General Modern If the DS Zelda Games Were Done Like Super Mario 64 DS

    I just saw Super Mario 64 DS reviews on the internet, and it's gameplay intrigued me. The DS system was capable of all THIS, yet they never tried to implement it on the Zelda games. Instead, they really focused on its touchscreen uses. In my opinion, they could've made Phantom Hourglass the way...
  27. geek4887

    Ocarina of Time Has a Bit TOO Much Influence

    I think that sometimes Ocarina of Time's influence halts the epicness and originality of a new Zelda game. Let's take Twilight Princess for example. In my opinion, this is the best Zelda game, but to others, they see an Ocarina of Time remake. In both games, TWW and TP, there's a bit of OoT in...
  28. geek4887

    Geography Help

    Ok, this is sorta stupid, but I was just wondering how the heck the Temple of Time made it all the way to the Sacred Grove. That's pretty weird. Did it just teleport there and crush the entire Forest Temple(from OoT)? I dunno, that's why i needed some answers, 'cuz this just kept tugging at the...
  29. geek4887

    What if Nintendo Made a Dark Zelda Game Again?

    We saw two dark Zelda games from Nintendo so far: Majora's Mask and Twilight Princess. Both games were a huge success, the latter being the second best selling Zelda of all time. I loved both of these games, and I hope that Nintendo would make a new one with the atmosphere influenced by both of...
  30. geek4887

    How the Master Sword is "hidden"

    There are two places in Hyrule where one might find the Master Sword: Sacred Grove/Lost Woods, or the Temple of Time. How does it get there? Well, this theory is mainly for the child timeline, so yeah. :) Here it goes After the child timeline, many people say that after Link went to Termina...
  31. geek4887

    Spoiler I Have Questions About the Triforce

    The Triforce is divided into three pieces, and can only be obtained by a person who has true balance, to gain the "True Force"(?). No one is revealed to have gained all three of them in perfect balance yet, though. But that's not my question's about. How come different Links/Ganons have either...
  32. geek4887

    General Modern Will They Ever Re-use the Concept of the Dominion Rod?

    It's been a couple of days since I last made a thread, so here it goes. The concept of controlling things was already made in Wind Waker(I forgot when it ACTUALLY started though). Then they carried it on to TP in the form of the Dominion Rod. I sorta enjoyed the Dominion Rod's effect, although...
  33. geek4887

    The Colorful World Of The Legend of Zelda

    I was curious about this topic, so I decided to make this thread. So, please, read on. :) Hyrule is known to be such a magical world. From Gorons, Zoras, Dekus, Fairies, Kokiris, all of them are all unique. The Hylians as well are unique. There are so many characters to this world of Hyrule...
  34. geek4887

    Twili and Interlopers

    Ok, I was really curious about this topic for a looong time. I always found the little backstory in Twilight Princess one of the most interesting. I was wondering whether the hierarchy amongst the Twili was determined due to power. Of course this is really obvious in many monarchies around the...
  35. geek4887

    Ocarina of Time Is Navi a Fake Fairy?

    This is probably nothing that big, but I was just wondering what the purpose of collecting fairies to heal you, when Navi is a fairy herself and she should be capable to heal you. I dunno, but it's just weird how your partner's a fairy, but it can't help you except for Z-targeting and some...
  36. geek4887

    Did the Kokiri Only Arrive in the Woods Recently?

    Ok, I'm going to get straight to the point here. The Kokiri are immortal, and they never grow old, due to the protection of the Deku Tree. Can the Kokiri just be blessed Hylians? Hylians who were adopted by the Deku Tree? I think that the Kokiri are just the same age as Link. Link had to grow up...
  37. geek4887

    Spoiler Was This a Hint to Skyward Sword?

    So, back in Twilight Princess, there was this dungeon called the The City in the Sky. During the quest to get all the runes to make it to that dungeon, there was that scholar (forgot his name :P). He mentioned this: "Yes, according to legend, Hyrule was made by the Hylians, who, as we all know...
  38. geek4887

    How Different is It Really?

    So, Nintendo has heard some of the people's outcry and said that they're doing something "different." Well, who knows what this difference may be? It could be something from the "formula" or just something completely different. They also claim that it would be the "best" Zelda yet. I'm not sure...
  39. geek4887

    Would the Addition of Voices Be a Plus or a No-no?

    So, Zelda, as we know, is a pretty mute game. It has a pretty good soundtrack, but sometimes the whole overworld (despite its largeness) feels...claustrophobic. So let me go to Twilight Princess. This game is pretty well known in the series because of its cool cutscenes. Some of those parts...
  40. geek4887

    Zelda WiiU

    So I'm pretty sure a lot of us has seen the tech demo for the WiiU. I thought it was pretty awesome. The graphics were really cool, and it looked as magical as any other Zelda series. I've seen many threads about all the dungeon ideas, items, bosses, etc. Tell me what you want to see among all...
  41. geek4887

    Twilight Princess Twilight Princess-The Sequel

    Well, there have been a lot of flaws of Twilight Princess, but I think the game deserves a sequel. I know Midna won't be there anymore :( but it would still be cool if TP got a sequel. How come the game doesn't get the same love as OoT and TWW did? Hope they make the sequel on the WiiU.
  42. geek4887

    Fire Dungeon

    Ok, I've read this somewhere in the forums. This person noticed that the fire dungeon is inside some creature, because of the ribs on the background in the trailer. Will it be similar to Jabu-Jabu, or is it just me(and the one who brought it to my attention)?:thinking:
  43. geek4887

    Trading Sequence.

    Ok, so i'm almost done with OoT, and i thought that i could start the trading sequence. I know that you start off with the cucco, and i woke up "mario" already, but the cucco lady still won't give me the blue cucco. is there something wrong?
  44. geek4887

    Phi Compared to Everyone

    Well, Link has had some trusty companions over the past 25 years, and some we hated, yet some we learned to love. We've known for now that Phi is the spirit of the Skyward Sword, and thus will act as Link's companion. Anyways what will you think of her? Will she be an awesome sidekick as Zelda...
  45. geek4887

    Twilight Princess Twilight Princess: An Underrated Game?

    Well, I've heard MANY rants about Twilight Princess. Everyone says: "hate the art style"; "too linear"; "too easy"; "stupid Ganondorf"; so on so forth. Well, I respect your guys' opinion. I just finished Twilight Princess quite recently. I didn't find the game as "awful" as everyone says. I mean...
  46. geek4887

    General Modern The Future of Zelda

    Well, I'm sure we all have seen the demonstration of the Zelda WiiU at E3 '11. Taking the graphic style of TP to represent was pretty cool. I mean TP, to me, was the best art style in the series (i just don't know why people hate on the game too much). What would the Zelda WiiU mean to us fans...
  47. geek4887

    Just a Thought on Skyward Sword

    Hey you know those little birds you ride on in Skyward Sword? Are they just like some sort of replacement for Epona? Just sharing my thoughts guys.:)
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