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  1. kizo

    The Effects of Flaws in the Zelda Series

    The flaws are what make the series so great in my opinion. I think that because of the flaws in Zelda games, it has the opportunity to improve and always keep the fans coming back. I also believe that because its flawed, it keeps fans coming back to see if the new Zelda game has improved on...
  2. kizo

    Zelda Game Trivia - For Those Hardcore Gamers Pt.2

    Which item has a recurring presence in most zelda games, has been the most developed upon and has had its name changed quite a few times?
  3. kizo

    Manga Trivia - For You Hardcore Gamers

    Ok, Who is Raven the Knight? What Manga is he from? And how is he related to Link?
  4. kizo

    What is Links Most Iconic Item? (besides His Sword and Shield)

    I personally believe his Bow and Arrow is his most iconic item (besides the sword and shield) that he is most famous for. What do you think, do leave an explanation that why me and others know why you think so.
  5. kizo

    How Many of You Hardcore Zelda Fans Know Who Raven the Knight Is?

    I personally know who it is, but for those hardcore gamers who know Zelda like the back of their hands, do you know who Raven the Knight is and his connection to Link
  6. kizo

    Link's Obvious Yet Unknown Skills

    Link for as long as I can remember link has always somehow known how to use a sword and shield, and the various amounts of items he has had but how excatly does he know how to use them? Does he already have experience with familiar things, does he already posses the natural ability to do so, or...
  7. kizo

    Alternate Skyward Sword Boss

    I think this should of been the boss for skywad swrod or at least an alternate boss for skyward sword. What do you think?
  8. kizo

    Improving Zelda

    If there was one thing you would improve in the Zelda series what would it be? In my opinon I'd like them to make new provinces while retaining the classic forest, volcano, and desert areas.
  9. kizo

    Nintendo's Recycling Addiction

    As you all know, everyone has an addiction....including gaming companies. First off, taking into consideration of what I'm going to post I support Nintendo and by no means dislike Nintedo but only wish to make clear that Nintendo...yes Nintendo has an addiction...a really bad one. That addiction...
  10. kizo

    Spoiler Will We Ever See Fi Again?

    Fi is the goddesses assistant that aids link in his adventures in skyward sword. She is very "robotic" like with the way she analyzes, and talks yet she is able to sing and dance freely as any other might. In the end she leaves our beloved hero and returns to the master sword after telling our...
  11. kizo

    Should the Next Zelda Game Have a Difficulty Selection Before Playing?

    I think that zelda should have a difficulty level selection before playing because I feel that this will help the series welcome both neebies and pros to the game. I aslo feel that nintendo has implimented this idea before such as master quest for ocarina of time and hero's quest in skyward...
  12. kizo

    Classic Zelda Charcaters

    What classic zelda character would you like to see in the next zelda game? I want to see error again from adventure of link :)
  13. kizo

    Arcade - Fav Game and Least Fav Game

    :D whats your favorite game and least favorite game. My favorite is that nanca crash, my least favorite would be....bowling...how I dislike it...so very much.
  14. kizo

    Choose Your Battle Style

    Ok, if you had the chance to face any boss with one weapon besides the sword, no shield, and only three heart containers would you? If you would, tell me what boss (must be a final boss from any zelda game), one item from the many link has collected over the years, and one sword (there have been...
  15. kizo

    Hero's Quest?

    After beating the game for the first time your given the chance to play in whats known as the Hero's quest which basically makes the game a bit more difficult. I believed it to be a waste of time. First, theres no point, why would I want to play the game again with a bit more difficulty, I mean...
  16. kizo

    What Would You Rate Skyward's Uniqueness of Areas

    Rate, post, and discuss
  17. kizo

    Whats Your Favorite Zelda Item?

    Out of curiosity, whats your favorite zelda item? My personall favorite is the bow and arrow because its long range weapon capable of taking out enemies with ease and theres no danger which is great for tactical approaches. Give me your thoughts, what do you think?
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