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  1. TheMasterSword

    Comic Thread (New 52, Marvel, Etc.)

    Post series you follow, weekly pickups, and any theories you may have with upcoming story arcs! I'm currently following: Nightwing Batman Batgirl Damian:Son of Batman Red Hood and the Outlaws Batwing Superman: Unchained Batman Beyond Universe Since Nightwing is my favorite character...
  2. TheMasterSword

    Does Anyone Want to Trade Keys with Me?

    Guys, I want Regiice and the white forest, but It says I need to trade keys. Anyone know how to do that or who wants to do it with me?
  3. TheMasterSword

    How Do I Know if Lucario Has STAB?

    I heard that if you get Aura Spehre for lucario, he gets STAB. Well, i have the move, but how do I know if he has the STAB effect or not?
  4. TheMasterSword

    Ghost Recon Future Soldier: Anyone Play It?

    Does anyone play Ghost Recon Future Soldier? If so what are your thoughts? Also I play MW3 on PS3 as well so if anyone wants to play let me know.
  5. TheMasterSword

    Favorite Gummy Bear Flavor?

    Gummy Bears, they have been with us since childhood. SOme eat them head first, some eat them feet first, some let them melt in their mouth, while others just gobble them up like a mad man. Gummy bears have had their good, sweet times: Their Annoying times...
  6. TheMasterSword

    What Can We Do to Revive Toonami's Ratings.

    Ever since it's rebirth on Adult Swim, Toonami's ratings have steadily gone down hill. Starting with well over a million viewers, its gone down to about 600 thousand in april, and now it's climbing back up and falling back down at unknown intervals. The question now is why the ratings are going...
  7. TheMasterSword

    Injustice: Gods Among Us

    I'm not sure if many of you have heard, but it seems DC is entering the fighting game business. The game is Called Injustice: Gods Among Us. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hMkTQSbE6Bc The game was officially announced May 31st, 2012, and gameplay footage have arrived since then. More...
  8. TheMasterSword

    What Could the Races of Skyward Sword Have Evolved Into?

    Now I know there might be another thread like this, so Mandy, Vanessa, etc. Feel free to lock it. What could have happened to the Mogmas, Kikwi,the Parella? When did the Gorons move into the Eldin region? Were they always there or did they travel along? What could these species have evolved into?
  9. TheMasterSword

    What Do You Like/Dislike About GenGame

    So far, the things I'm loving are the sites layout, the variety of articles, they don't just focus on one particular genre, GenGame is a great site and I love some of the articles, and some may need a bit more strength, but they're amazing!
  10. TheMasterSword

    Thoughts on Sonic R?

    This thread was created to expand on a heated shoutbox debate I had. The debate was on the foot racing game, Sonic R. I Personally loved the game, maybe because it was my first racer, the hours of fun me and my brother had, forming new methods and learning how to get faster times (Knuckle's...
  11. TheMasterSword

    E3 Discussion

    With E3 only a day away, I think it's fair we have a thread to discuss what we think of the announcements as they happen! We could also talk about what we think might happen as the days progress. As of right now, here is one of my new theories: I was reading Nintendo Power June today, and they...
  12. TheMasterSword

    Toonami is Back May 26!

    Yup guys, Adult Swim has officially stated that Toonami will be back! It will be taking over their Saturday action block. My question is this: What are your thoughts on its revival? Would you want it to be like it used to be or have it be very similar or entirely different. What was your...
  13. TheMasterSword

    Thoughts on Toonami?

    I remember watching Toonami as a kid. Then waking up like at midnight cause my friend was calling my phone. "Watch TV damn it! Toonami's on!" April Fools Joke or not, I wish I listened to him and watched it. Damn I must have missed out. Supposedly they're bringing it back, any thoughts? Only...
  14. TheMasterSword

    Ghost Recon Online Beta

    Hey guys, feel free to talk in this thread about the Ghost Recon Online beta! I was just wondering if anyone else was in the beta and has recieved their email message. The game is great and is running pretty smoothly for me so far!
  15. TheMasterSword

    Super Smash Bros. Wii U Theories

    Hey guys. This thread is made specifically for, well, as the title states, theories. Thoughts and ideas can be added as well. Here are my thoughts. For character designs, this is what I think will be added: Skyward Sword Link: If Nintendo follows what they have done in the past, then...
  16. TheMasterSword

    My Thoughts on the Wii U

    Hey guys, here are my thoughts on the Wii U and some other next generation Consoles. Also, before I begin, mods if you find this necessary to be in another forum, please be free to move it. Ok, as many of us know the Wii U was announced at E3 2011. In my opinion, the Wii U looked great, but...
  17. TheMasterSword

    Club Nintenddo Updates Its Catalouge

    ** Mods and admins, I think it would be a good idea to post club nintendo updates ASAP please. You did with the new Skyward Sword posters, but haven't updated it with the new downloadable content. Yup guys, you heard it, Club Nintendo's updated their catalouge once again! The new...
  18. TheMasterSword

    Anime Suggestions?

    Hello guys, I need anime to watch. I'm like a crackhead who hasn't had crack in weeks, io want a new one xD. I have watched the following: Dragonball Z, loved it! Clannad/Clannad after story, one of my all time favorites. Yu Yu hakusho, loved it! Durrarara!!!!! I thought it was amazing. Eden of...
  19. TheMasterSword

    Should Skyward Sword Have a Gold Keep Case?

    Well, as you may know, some of nintendo's games have "rare" keep cases. Two examples are New Super Mario Bros. Wii with a red keep case, adn Mario and Sonic at the 2012 London Olympic games with a yellow keep case. In the bundles, skyward sword had a gold wii remote as well as a golden disc (the...
  20. TheMasterSword

    Should I Rebuy N64?

    Well, I was thinking if I should rebuy it? It's only 25 bucks and it's in great condition. Also, i never played MM and always wanted too, so is it worth it?
  21. TheMasterSword

    Did You Enjoy the 25th Anniversary Orchestra CD?

    Did you enjoy the music on the CD? I personally LOVED it. I have all the songs on my phone, and I go to sleep to the songs. I also find them amazing, the musicians are phenomenal. Sadly my band isn't competent enough to even try playing those songs. So, did you like it?
  22. TheMasterSword

    General Modern Favorite Song from The Legend of Zelda?

    For me, this is a difficult question. I love all the music, and had I had the money I would have gone to that concert in LA. But, I'd have to go with Ballad of the Goddess and Zelda's lullaby. they are such great songs, I love them! I could listen to them nonstop all day. How about you?
  23. TheMasterSword

    How to Gain Money As a Teen?

    Alright, so I decided t get a 3DS. But I want to get it with my own money. So, how can I make 150 bucks in a few months legally? I'm 14 btw
  24. TheMasterSword

    The Legend of Zelda Movie?

    Would you like to see a Legend of Zelda Movie? Now, I'm not sure if there is another thread like this, and if so feel free to delete it if you wish. Also, what games would you want to be made into movies? For me, I wouldn't start with skyward sword. Even though thats how it is, I thought of...
  25. TheMasterSword

    How Do You Play The Legend of Zelda ?

    As the thread name implies, how do you play? For me, its a bit of both, but more of standing up. I like standing, gives me a better feel of the game, etc. Then, when it comes to the classics, I sit down.
  26. TheMasterSword

    Favorite Legend of Zelda Music

    Not sure if this thread already exists or not so sorry if it does. What is your favorite song from the Legend of Zelda series? Personally, I LOVE Ballad of The Goddess, and Zelda's Lullaby as well. How about you?
  27. TheMasterSword

    Mario Kart Wii Tournament X [Sign Ups Open]

    Mario Kart Wii Tournament X [Sign Up Closed] Welcome to the Mario Kart Wii Tournament X Here's how it works: There will be 2 brackets, Bracket A and Bracket B*. Each bracket will have 8 players. *If there is an overwhelming amount of support, then I will add more brackets to allow more...
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