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  1. Zorth

    Card or Cash?

    Personally I used to always pay in cash when I was younger, but now I always use my card, even for something as simple as a coke. So what about you? do you tend to whip out your shiny bank card or those huge stacks of cash to pay?
  2. Zorth

    General Zelda I Find the WM+ to Be a Step in the Wrong Direction.

    Yes, you heard me! I completely hate the WM+ and find that it actually gives me less immersion than a regular controller because all the swinging around with the Wii mote is a constant reminder that I'm in my living room playing a game (a minor reason why I didn't enjoy SS and TP Wii). Which is...
  3. Zorth

    Are You Branded?

    By that I mean when you shop for products do you have a specific brand you have to buy from? for example if you buy a coke out of many other options for a soda, will the coke have been your choice because of the brand or the taste? Imagine a world without brands on anything, do you think that...
  4. Zorth

    General Zelda What Would You Do If Zelda's Paternal Ancestor Turned Out To Be Ganondorf's Mother?

    I would totally complain to Nintendo.
  5. Zorth

    Do You Have A Best Friend?

    That person who you love to hang out with every day, share everything with and could trust with your life? :yes: I have friends which I generally spend a lot more time with and enjoy doing so with than others, but none of them stands out in particular and can't really say I've ever had a...
  6. Zorth

    Ancient Aliens?

    Not so long ago I used to be a big fan of the Ancient Astronaut theory, basically that we have been visited by aliens in the past and that they have influenced cultures, religions etc. in various ways. There is even a show on the History Channel about it. Although I came across a 3 hour long...
  7. Zorth

    General Zelda Link, a Lone Wolf?

    Throughout the series Link has either been completely alone in his adventures or always had some sort of companion that provides hints for us players, the latter for the latest games, he has always been the one to save Hyrule. Should Nintendo maybe instead give Link a more useful companion...
  8. Zorth

    Do You Wash Fruits Before Eating Them?

    Do you wash apples, grapes or tomatoes etc. before eating them? I didn't use to do this before but after working in my local supermarket for a few weeks and seeing in who's hands all those poor fruits get to be in and not to mention the insectides that all of them get sprayed with, I started...
  9. Zorth

    How Do You Like Your Pizza?

    I saw this in the SB earlier.. A simple margarita with just cheese and tomatoes? perhaps some kebab slices? or are you more of a pineapple mixed with oranges atop your pizza kind of person? Personally I love a big old fashioned pizza with only cheese and some ham.. So what do you guys have for...
  10. Zorth


    If you don't know what it is I'll explain shortly. A Tamagotchi is a keychain-sized virtual pet simulation game for people of all ages (well, 6-12 year olds IMO). The characters are virtual creatures based on animals, objects, or people. Beginning with the 2004 Tamagotchi Plus/Connection, a...
  11. Zorth

    Should The Last Boss Stay Dead?

    What's always bothered me in most of the Zelda games is that the last boss always comes back because the game doesn't save our progress after the final encounter. Has this ever bothered you guys or do you think we should be able to explore a Hyrule that is free from all evil?
  12. Zorth

    Which Type of Villain(s) Would You Like to See in Zelda Wii U?

    Throughout the series we've had a few different bad guys that have been put forward in different ways. We have the puppet master & his minions type of bad guys, the power hungry lone wolf, the imprisoned dark lord and mysterious troublemaker etc. So do you want to see any villain structures...
  13. Zorth

    New Years Eve!

    Hey guys, new years eve is just around the corner. So what are your plans for new year? Have any new year's resolutions, fireworks to blow up, parties to go to or something else? Tell me! :xd: :wave:
  14. Zorth

    How Would You Fix Your Least Favorite Zelda Game?

    We all have our least favorite Zelda games, Mine personally is SS. Obviously this isn't the case for everyone, But it doesn't really matter in this scenario. What I have in mind is that you just think about your least favorite game for a while and think about what you hate about it, What made...
  15. Zorth

    How Do You Plan On Getting Zelda Wii U?

    I plan on getting it early in perfectly legal ways that in no way include me paying a person extra money to get the game 2 weeks early. :xd: I did the same with SS, However I got OoT 3DS waiting in a long line (kind of like midnight release) which was SUPER FUN, meeting so many fellow Zelda...
  16. Zorth

    How Tall (short) Are You?

    I'm at 187 cm (6'2 ft). Although I've most likely reached my peak. :xd:
  17. Zorth

    Zelda Wii U Release Date Speculation Thread.

    Hi there my lovely guys & gals. It's time to have some fun! :party: What I had in mind is that we play a little game, When do you think that Zelda Wii U will be released? Very common type of thread on gaming forums about games that haven't released yet. Would be nice if you could give me...
  18. Zorth

    Is Link a Person or a Link?

    What do you think? Is he a guy with a personality or nobody at all? What do you think the developers intended him to be?
  19. Zorth

    Spoiler Favorite Link?

    Which out of all the Links we can play in all of the installments of the Zelda series is your favorite? My personal favorite is TWW Link, He's a random guy who hasn't got any hero blood within him and has to earn his triforce of courage by finding all of the shattered pieces of it and saves...
  20. Zorth

    Classes in Zelda?

    Hai ther! :> I got this idea when posting in this thread Skill tree in zelda. So I was wondering would it work (I personally think it would, hehe) if the series made a little change in the next installment where we can choose Link's class at the start of the game, so we can choose our play...
  21. Zorth

    How Often Do You Eat Out?

    Simple question. Personally I do it at least every weekend, I have kind of a little routine. After every Friday gym session I'll grab a few friends and eat a big juicy kebab with fries or a pizza, Later that night I'll take my GF out for a more fancy dinner at a place with a beautiful view...
  22. Zorth

    Zelda Art The Adventures of T'bone

    My name is T'bone and this is my story. * * * I used to be a farmer sitting inside of a tavern by myself in the land of Hyrule. Yup, that was pretty much my life, sitting in the Ingo-Tavern by myself at night. No friends, no family, nothing. That was until I was on my way to the tavern one...
  23. Zorth

    Kid Gets Taught Some Manners on Airplane

    LOL, Just found this on YT. This kid apparently cut before everyone else in line to get the best plane seats and was forced by his coach to apologize to all the passengers. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DP2Dp0rRUw4 Soo, should this be encouraged.. that teachers & coach try to humiliate...
  24. Zorth

    Spoiler What Is Nintendo Spoiling Exactly?

    Yes that's right, What info have they released that has created a bandwagon of people accusing Nintendo of spoiling the game for them by revealing some mystical "Major Plot Points"?.. I don't understand this hysteria, What information has Nintendo released that has spoiled the game? Demise (Big...
  25. Zorth


    Am I the only one thinking that the slingshot will be underpowered.. again? In OoT the slingshot was the ''bow'' for child Link, So it was balanced. Although just as in TP Link will be able to use both items in SS. So my question being does anybody know the difference, pros and cons? I...
  26. Zorth

    The Main Quest?

    Hello! Didn't see you there.. :P I was going off topic about this particular subject on another thread.. But anyways so I wanted to know what do you dear people think about the main quest, Does anyody know what it's gonna be about, What would you want it to be? Some of you might be...
  27. Zorth

    Are You Disappointed That Ghirahim Won't Be the Main Villain?

    If it's true that Girahim has a master and that his master will be the big baddie we are giving the final blow to, I'm a little disappointed. The reason being that I don't want this to turn out like TP, where you are chasing this mysterious and cool Zant. And it's a really interesting story...
  28. Zorth

    Do You Have Any Fears? :O

    I've been thinking alot lately about how awesome SS will be, Actually I've been thinking about that the whole time. But this week I've started to worry. What if SS fails to live up to it's expectations, What if the hype is too big? Let me explain... I remember when I was 6 years old...
  29. Zorth

    Have You Pre-ordered SS?

    I have pre-ordered the game already online.. It will apparently be in my mailbox at launch day.. :) Have you done the same, Do you plan on waiting in line or maybe just pick the game up a few weeks after release.. or something else that's not on the poll? Post.. :)
  30. Zorth

    Opinion on Bird Flying?

    I would like to know how many of you guys like the idea of having your own bird to fly around in the skies with.. I like the idea.. :) There are new features that can be added and already have with this... Mini games in the sky, Little floating islands with treasures, Sky dungeons, Dragons, sky...
  31. Zorth

    Ocarina of Time Deku Tree Fail..

    Hi.. Didn't see you there.. lol jk :lol: Anyways I remember when I was 5 or 6 years old and I just got OoT for my N64.. And I can remember liking the game until I got into the deku tree.. The dungeon that was supposed to be the easiest in the game became the hardest one.. After you fall down...
  32. Zorth

    How Will You Play Through the Game and What Will You Name Link?

    How will you play through SS on your first run and how will you name your character...? Will you directly start sprinting and try to finish the game as fast as possible playing 24/7.. Or will you take your time and collect a few goodies here and there.. Humoristic name or Real name? Post what...
  33. Zorth

    More Depth to the Dungeons in SS

    I've been reading the forums and I have seen alot of dungeon ideas lately, and many of those ideas aren't just the four elements fire, earth, water and wind but more complicated ones like electricity, Music, gears etc. And I love the idea of having these new ''elements'' in dungeons. And I...
  34. Zorth

    Difficulty System..

    Skyward Sword is bringing lots of new things so why not this too? When you start the game you can choose to play Hard, Easy or medium.. Here are my thoughts on how this should work.. Easy -- Enemies are dumb, They deal little damage and your health regenerates. Medium -- Enemies are Smart...
  35. Zorth

    What Do You NOT Want in SS?

    Just as the title says.. What gameplay feature, item or storybased content do you NOT want SS to have..? I myself don't want a few things.. :P First, I don't want this to turn out like TP were you are chasing this one dude (Zant) the whole game and then you find out he is a puppetof...
  36. Zorth


    What if you could build reputation in SwS, You choose what villages you wanna be an ally with and it has different minor story changes like who will give you a quest and who will sell a specific upgrade? would add replayability to the game so you can choose if you wanna be the good, bad...
  37. Zorth

    SS Dialogue Choices

    I think that it would be a great idea to put more choices in what Link can say in dialogues, and depending on what you choose multiple things can happen. :P For instance if you choose to be rude to a man and not help him he might get killed and bandits may steal a secret item from him wich...
  38. Zorth

    Magic Society

    I posted in an earlier thread an idea of the use of magic in SS, it would be cool if Link had the ability to use magic but what if there was a whole civilization that used magic, and through those people Link could learn to use those kind of powers? :) I've heard some people talking that the...
  39. Zorth

    Re-using Some Features from Previous Games

    i really think they should bring back some old items, moves npc's or other features from previous games as easter eggs or just for the awesomness... :) i mean the magic meter was really super mega awesome in zelda II where you could turn into other creatures or in ooT with din's fire and the...
  40. Zorth

    Citys, NPC's in SS

    I myself love the citys and races in all zelda games, they are so interesting. i wish they could make the citys MUCH more detailed and bigger. :cool: Hope the citys could be huge and each race having it's own palace and rulers so you could build up your friendship with each city and get...
  41. Zorth

    Boss Names!!! Xd

    do you peeps like the feature with the boss name showing up when boss is all badass or do you dislike it? you want a description or just a name? or do you want something different let me know what you think :D
  42. Zorth

    Skyward Sword Equipment

    i was wonderin the other day what if you could buy your own equipment, like new tunics and swords. you could have a sword that grants you extra agility and speed but isn't as powerful as the mastersword or a axe wich can is powerful like **** but can only be used against certain enemies or a...
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