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  1. triq267

    Custom Horse

    So I was just thinking, who thinks it would be a cool idea to be able to customize your horse, or loftwing for that matter. I'm thinking stuff like of course name, but also like coat, tail, and mane color. Or feather color for loftwings. Would you guys like this, and if Nintendo did this, what...
  2. triq267

    Zelda Art Whiteboard Zelda Drawings.

    Hey, so I've never really been an artist. But today, while sitting in father's classroom (he's a teacher) I decided to draw on his whiteboard. Being a Zelda fan and being in the middle of playing The Minish Cap, I decided to draw Ezlo. Even though I am not the best artist I decided it was some...
  3. triq267

    Spoiler SS Imprisoned and Demise

    I noticed that Demise's skin looks a LOT like the Imprisoned's scales. Demise. The Imprisoned. I have no idea if this is confirmed as I've been avoiding major spoilers, but it makes sense. Please tell me if this was confirmed, and if not, please comment.
  4. triq267

    Zelda Enemies

    If you were somehow turned into an enemy from Zelda, which enemy would you be. Please state the enemy and which version from which game. Example: I would be a Lizalfos from OoT. Please comment!
  5. triq267

    Link's Vacation

    Hey everyone:wave:! So, if Link was going on vacation, where would he go? Please keep it in Hyrule, Termina, or somewhere from a Zelda game. I'll be watching your commentso.o! So... Please comment!
  6. triq267

    Custom Boss

    If you could combine any two bosses to create a new boss to fight, what bosses would you combine, and what would they create? EX: Morpha and Bongo Bongo would create a giant, slimy, one-eyed ghost monster where you have to rip out the eye and kill it. Yeah... anyway, what would you combine...
  7. triq267

    Pet Boss

    If you could have any boss from the Zelda series, other than Ganon/other final bosses, as a pet to sick on people, which boss would it be. Personally, I would want Stallord, not as much because he's powerful, which he is, but because he would scare my friends to death!:lol: Seriously, what would...
  8. triq267

    If Link Died?

    Hey, I was just wondering, would anyone play a new Zelda game where Link dies:(, and you play as someone else? I just thought it was an interesting question.
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