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  1. Ninten*

    Mafia XIV: The Castle of Pueblo Island

    Welcome to Maifa 14! Finally it's my turn. Yeah, this was Axle-aproved. Raindrop had her game figured out before I had mine, so yeah. This game will allow for 36 people. If there's too many, that's fine. You can be a replacement. Either that or I can figure out a role for you. But everything...
  2. Ninten*

    MAFIA XIV: Resident Evil 4

    There's been a slight change. So re-read the rules. I will be playing as a role, but I won't vote or anything. It'll just be for the story. -Soldier's Log: Entry #1- It was a very quiet and normal day in the village. But then, a group of people showed up. The group used their weapons and opened...
  3. Ninten*

    Twilight Princess Poe Souls

    I need help finding the last of the Poe souls. I've looked everywhere and I still can't find them. I've used the guide and everything but no luck. I have 58 so far. I've already beaten the Cave of Ordeals. I think one of the Poes might be at Snowpeak, but I haven't found anything yet. I've also...
  4. Ninten*

    Apple Destroy Video Game Industry?

    There's a really interesting article I found a few minutes ago. Basically, it's saying that based on Apple's sales, they could destroy the gaming industry. Personally, I don't believe that this will ever happen. As long as the biggest video game series (Legend of Zelda, Halo, Call of Duty...
  5. Ninten*

    Skyward Sword Back Flip

    Sorry for asking a stupid question, but I have to know, how do you make Link do a back flip? Not the one where he's attacking and enemey, but the one where he dodges attacks. I looked everywhere, but I can't find anything. I've looked on the Skyward Sword manual and the actual game, but I...
  6. Ninten*

    Spoiler Metroid Prime: Hunters; Best Rival Hunter

    For those of you who have played Hunters, which one of Samus' rival hunters do you think is the best? Please include a brief discription including why (armor, affinity weapon, alternate form, attacks, etc.) Here's some descriptions of all the Hunters. These are just brief discriptions. If...
  7. Ninten*

    Spoiler James McCloud's Faith

    When you play the StarFox series, then you might know that he helps you out. Once in Star Fox Command just before the final boss at Venom (there's different places that you can fight the final boss), and I'm not sure about the other one. What do you guys think happened to James McCloud? Just for...
  8. Ninten*

    General Art The Battle of the Universe

    I started this one in 6th grade along with "Attack of the Stalker". I just went with battle of the universe. You'll know why, just read it. I'm brainstorming on the 5th book now and I will get it done by mid-July. This series takes place between the 3rd and 4th "Battle of the Stalker" books...
  9. Ninten*

    General Art Battle of the Stalker

    Ok, so this is a fiction story that I wrote up in 6th grade because we had to write a narrative. The story starts when a kid is doing his homework, but gets followed by a stalker. I have decided to write 5 installments in the series. I've already wrote the first 3 installments (the second two in...
  10. Ninten*

    The Heroes of Olympus

    This series is new so I wouldn't be too surprised if some of you haven't read it yet. The Heroes of Olympus is the sequel to the Percy Jackson series. The first book is The Lost Hero which came out about a few weeks ago. I read it and thought that it was a great book. I won't tell any details so...
  11. Ninten*

    Pork and Beans Weezer

    I can play most of this song on my guitar. It's pretty cool and if you like it, subscribe to them if you have a YouTube account and you like it. I really like it but I'm sure for the music video, people are mouthing the words while the real singer is singing.
  12. Ninten*

    Favorite ST Bosses (SPOILERS)

    I didn't find a thread like this so I posted it here. Who is your favorite boss? I would say Byrne because it was like a "once in the entire game if decide to save after you beat him" kind of thing. The battle was also epic where you would have to avoid his attacks and make sure Zelda avoids it...
  13. Ninten*

    Minish Cap Vaati Final Form

    I played Minish Cap and I got to the final form of Vaati. I get to the part where I destroyed the 2 arms and the front eyes open. While I charge up my sword, he sends these electric things which hit me while I'm powering up my sword so I can't clone in time to reflect the eye blasts. If I'm...
  14. Ninten*

    Dee Ess Island

    Hey guys, one of my friend got Phantom Hourglass around the time Spirit Tracks came out and when he was on Dee Ess Island, he threw some rock and a treasure appeared with 300 rupees:). I dug at the spot but it wouldn't let me:(. I even bombed it and nothing happened:(. It was on the bottom...
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