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  1. Dimooshky

    World Cup Prediction Game

    I keep forgetting.... :/ Argentina 4-0 Iran Germany 3-0 Ghana Nigeria 0-2 Bosnia and Herzegovina I wouldn't have won many points for yesterday though, France actually look to have a good chance now.
  2. Dimooshky

    World Cup Prediction Game

    Sorry for missing yesterday :( Colombia 2-1 Ivory Coast Uruguay 1-1 England - Can't see us winning here, but Uruguay don't look great either. Japan 1-0 Greece
  3. Dimooshky

    World Cup Prediction Game

    Belgium 2-0 Algeria Brazil 2-1 Mexico Russia 2-1 South Korea <---- Really tough call, could go either way.
  4. Dimooshky

    Favourite Animal?

    THE KRAKEN ...(release it)... ... I like turtles
  5. Dimooshky

    World Cup Prediction Game

    Iran 0-1 Nigeria Germany 2-1 Portugal Ghana 1-1 USA Still haven't had a draw yet, and even though Ghana beat the USA in 2010, I reckon there will be a stalemate this time.
  6. Dimooshky

    World Cup Prediction Game

    Switzerland 2-2 Ecuador France 2-0 Honduras Argentina 2-1 Bosnia-Herzegovina <-- I think Bosnia will actually give the much favoured Argentinians a really good game, they have a great attack in Dzeko and Ibisevic. Both teams have really poor defences also.
  7. Dimooshky

    Call Me Nostalgic, but I'm Not Extremely Enthusiastic

    I don't blame you for disliking modern/more steampunky influences into Zelda, it's a medieval setting fantasy adventure. But personally I love it, I adore steampunk, and I love the Beamos-on-legs vs a mechanical looking bow, I would actually like to see a more industrial Hyrule - not too much to...
  8. Dimooshky

    My Theories - Regarding Timeline Placement and the Protag's Identity

    Soo many different interpretations of the very little footage we have seen can arise. It's impossible to determine anything at this point, and though I agree it's fun to speculate, there's not nearly enough to go on at the moment.
  9. Dimooshky

    Not Link in Zelda Wii U? "No One Explicitly Said That That Was Link"

    Aonuma is such a cheeky troll, I bet he loves watching all these theories pop up :)
  10. Dimooshky

    Nintendo E3 2014 Digital Event and Treehouse LiveStream

    The amiibo thing is just........meh.... If they do a Reggie amiibo so I can have my own small personal Reggie then YES. Otherwise I agree with what has been said already. Huge let-down on the lack of Zelda shown after all that anticipation. But they sold me on Hyrule Warriors just for Midna...
  11. Dimooshky

    Zelda Wii U - First Look

    ALL OF MY YES But yeah Link does look a little girly, not a huge problem but hey. Also I would have preferred a more tech-demo look but it still looks amazing. And the steampunk touches = WANT (Proceeds to die after realising how much money Wii Us are........ :( )
  12. Dimooshky

    What is Your Current Music Obsession?

    Shoegaze, particularly bands like My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive, Alcest and Dreamend. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5tfnHiiVbLQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jkM3M3zGcGE
  13. Dimooshky

    General Zelda Should Castle Town Be Made More of a Focal Point?

    Yes yes yes, definitely. Cross the population and hubbub of people from Twilight Princess with the interactivity of Clock Town. Loads of people with whom you can speak/listen to, and loads of sidequests from these dialogues, not just loads of people who only notice you if you're a wolf.
  14. Dimooshky

    What's Your Favorite (Non-Zelda) Game of All Time?

    Probably Portal (2) or Half Life (2), but it's hard, I loves all the Pokémons and Chrono Trigger just as much :)
  15. Dimooshky

    General Zelda How Would You Like to Play a More 'adult' Zelda Game?

    What, colourful enemies bursting into purple clouds leaving also brightly coloured rupees behind isn't gory? I need to rethink things...
  16. Dimooshky

    General Zelda Stealth Mission

    Metal Gear Zelda = YES Could be good, the slightly stealthy bits already in the series are awesome, but only for small sections like these. More stealthy enimies could be good, like the Armos in WW and TP, having to sneak round them and attack the crystal.
  17. Dimooshky

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

  18. Dimooshky

    Let's Make An Album!

    01. Hallogallo - Neu! 02. Dragon Din-Tei (More often refered to as "Numa Numa" or "Ma Ya Hi") - O-Zone 03. Öken - Robert Broberg 04. Nye Nummer Et - Choir of Young Believers 05. Hjartað hamast (bamm bamm bamm) - Sigur Rós 06. 07. 08. 09. 10. (@Myriadviper42 this made me happy, I love COYB)
  19. Dimooshky

    Should Link Level Up in Zelda U?

    Well, they said that they're gonna look The Elder Scrolls for inspiration so this isn't an impossibility. I think it would be good if executed well, the item upgrades in Skyward Sword were awesome, as you mentioned, so they could work from there. Also, I think the Adventure of Link would be one...
  20. Dimooshky

    Which Classic N64 Game Are You?

    Lel, I got Super Smash Bros too! And I'm gonna request that 'The Mauve Avenger' is how everyone will refer to everyone.
  21. Dimooshky


    Spyro defined my childhood. Thanks for this thread, I'm now gonna play them over again, and again, why did I ever stop? My first game was Year of the Dragon and I went backwards from there. But I also had Enter the Dragonfly and A Hero's Tail for the PS2 and Season of Flame for the GBA. -The...
  22. Dimooshky

    The Minish Cap New Zelda Idea?

    Shrinking in 3DS top downness would be awesome, and with all the talk of extremely unlikely remakes, I think I would most like to see 3DS Minish Cap :ezlo:
  23. Dimooshky

    Favorite Pokemon From Each Type

    I'm sure I'll miss something, but here goes. Normal: Loudred, dunno why, Whismur was one of the first Pokémon I ever caught (in Ruby), and I liked it when it evolved. But then I didn't really like Exploud.... (wut?) Fighting: Lucario. So Badass Flying: Ninjask. DAT PACE Poison: Never really...
  24. Dimooshky

    Spoiler Twilight Princess Final Battle V.Skyward Sword

    The final battle with Demise in Skyward Sword is the only part of the game that I prefer to Twilight Princess. Yes the Ganondorf fight is so incredibly epic, the horseback battle is freakin amazing and the final confrontation, though easy, is beautifully done. However, while I felt the controls...
  25. Dimooshky

    General Zelda VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 96!

    If they're looking at games like The Elder Scrolls and Fable for Zelda U, then riding about on Epona on a Skyrim scale Hyrule would be awwessomee :)
  26. Dimooshky

    An Underrated Mario Kart Like Game for Playstation: CTR.

    SO GOOD! Also Crash Bash, that was a brilliant Mario Party-like game
  27. Dimooshky

    Favorite Song (Movie, Game, Show, or Artist)

    It's so hard to pick individual tracks, it really depends on what mood I'm in. That said, one song is and will always be within my top 10 favourites, and that is the masterpiece of Grace by Jeff Buckley https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A3adFWKE9JE
  28. Dimooshky

    General Zelda VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 95!

    10-14, Teenage Link is good :) And he will hit puberty during the course of the game
  29. Dimooshky

    MM-3DS Huge Lasting Effect?

    I think it's the personal attachment whatnot you get by helping the characters and empathy and stuff
  30. Dimooshky

    Post Your Favorite Song Lyrics

    Little Faith - The National Camarillo Brillo - Frank Zappa - Though every Zappa song has incredible Lyrics Thank You - Led Zeppelin Colony - Joy Division
  31. Dimooshky


    Busted when I was like 7 or sommin in Broadstairs - BE JEL The Good the Bad and the Queen (Damon Albarn's 3rd band) - 2007 - Tower of London, actually inside the castle grounds! Blur - 2009 - Hyde Park, SO GOOD Madness - 2009 - O2 Arena Gorillaz - 2010 - O2 Arcade Fire - 2010 - O2 Rammstein -...
  32. Dimooshky

    General Zelda Gaps in the Timeline That Should Be Filled in Next?

    Between Skyward Sword and The Minish Cap Between Majora's Mask and Twilight Princess After Twilight Princess (Before FSA) I'd like to see games set here, though after Spirit Tracks could provide new opportunities with it set in New Hyrule and whatnot
  33. Dimooshky


  34. Dimooshky

    So... So... Umm... What's Your Favourite Day of the Week?

    Sunday - Lounge about, relax, do nothing and procrastinate day
  35. Dimooshky

    General Classic VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 93!

    Vire, I suppose they were quite annoying, but were basically more powerful larger Keese, so if Keese will remain in future games, why not Vires?
  36. Dimooshky

    Cringey Moments in Movies

    The whole of Snakes on a Plane. Why Samuel L, why? - If we're keeping all Harry Potter here, then I would much prefer to see the film Snapes on a Plane.
  37. Dimooshky

    Soft or Hard?

    Heheheh, 'Soft or Hard' *Immature giggles*....*click*......Oh WHAT! MATTRESSES!? I thought you meant cheese.......:( But soft. I like sinking into my dreams, and they're more fun to slump into after a long day. However are very hard to get out of in the morning.... For the record, I'm not fan...
  38. Dimooshky

    What Happens Next?

    Everyone's bank accounts MUST be connected to all their other bank accounts so all the banks in America join and form a huge superbank of death with hydraulic legs that stand 9000m tall. Your best friend gets crushed by a 9000m high hydraulic leg. WHN?
  39. Dimooshky

    Link As a Goat

    Well, according to Wikipedia, The Hero of Goats would be hard to contain within fencing. HA-Haaaa Ganon, You're Kidnapping plans have been foiled! SMALL FENCES ARE NO MATCH FOR THE HERO OF GOATS. No but seriously, I wonder where Aonuma could take this. Operation Goatfall is a go.
  40. Dimooshky

    Stupid Things You Were Scared of As a Child

    The Teletubbies were terrifying all the time. But this particular episode. Ma Gawd. And not for the 'Scary' lion, I was for him. Just dat bear. Help http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ASnh7_zSimU The BBC like to ruin children's dreams, and they succeeded.
  41. Dimooshky

    What Do You Think of the Simulator Genre

    I adore the Sims, I dunno why, just some of the crazy hilarious stuff that happens. I think it might be the glitches of simulations that I love, how they keep them in just for fun, they are some of the few games where glitches are an advantage. This is why I am so in want of Goat Simulator. I...
  42. Dimooshky


    Definitely the best game ever of ever and will ever be because goats who doesn't like goats I love goats because they're goats yey goats bleeaattthh ****ing goats and we get to simulate them and they're goats just goats omfg goooaaats.
  43. Dimooshky

    Do You Keep Your Banknotes Organised in Your Wallet?

    Usually yeah, I like orderlyness
  44. Dimooshky

    The Wind Waker Link Growing Up

    I think being able to see Link grow both mentally and physically throughout the game would be cool. Just as a small detail though. Or perhaps his hair grows a bit, or goes a slightly different colour coz the season changes or whatever. But not from Pink to Blonde though......... :) If...
  45. Dimooshky


    I dropped my DS Lite a few times on one corner so that a bit came off making it sharp. It was effectively a shank. And it dug into my right hand. Pain. I've also worn myself out, waving the Wiimote and Nunchuck around like a madman in the Cave of Ordeals :P
  46. Dimooshky

    Where Did You Get Your Username From?

    Simple amalgamation of Dimitri, Moosh and Ricky from the Oracles :)
  47. Dimooshky

    General Zelda "What if Ganon Was a Polise Offiser"

    He would be a green-ish piggy Rauru. And would try to help Link in his quest but muck everything up and be all clumsy and comical, followed by sighs and eye-rolling from all the other characters, and turn up at the end exclaiming he found the answer how to complete the quest even though they had...
  48. Dimooshky

    What is Your Best/Worst Experience with a Teacher?

    Haven't really had many good experiences, apart from my year 11 (Grade 10) music teacher, who took insults and just fired them back all in good humour, and said to someone doing their music tech coursework 'It needs to be more rhythmic in its wubness'. Owned loads of my friends as well, really...
  49. Dimooshky

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

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