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  1. Batwing

    WW-Wii U Koboli's Mail-Sorting Job Insane!

    Is it just me or is this on insane difficulty. In The Wind Waker, theres a rito delivery guy named Kobali. He gets you to sort letters by pattern in a certain amount of time. Ive tried about a hundred tries to sort 25 letters. I always range from about 20-24 but no matter how fast i go i...
  2. Batwing

    Hilarious Zelda Comic

    A small comic that made me laugh enjoy... So...what do ya think?
  3. Batwing

    Zelda Atlas?

    Is there such thing as a Zelda Atlas somewhere out there?
  4. Batwing

    First Person Zelda Game?

    Would a first person zelda game be cool? I dont want to ruin the zelda style and move out of 3rd person but i think they should give it a try. What do you guys think.
  5. Batwing

    Where Did Navi Go?

    So a question i was thinking about... In the end of Oot, navi just leaves the temple of time and is never seen again. In MM link is seen riding epona through the forest without navi. So what happen? Where did she go? Did she go back to kokiri forest and live happily ever after by her...
  6. Batwing

    General Classic Links Awakening: Face Dungeon Boss Help

    So... In Links Awakening im facing the dungeon boss: Facade. I realize this is very easy boss to defeat but my problem is that I only started the battle with 2 bombs. Is there a way to defeat him without bombs or some way to escape the battle to go collect bombs. Any help would be great. I...
  7. Batwing

    General Modern Favourite Cutscene from Any Zelda Game

    Hey everyone What was your favourite zelda cutscene from any Zelda game out there. Personally i liked the cutscene in Skyward Sword where Cawlin is getting stroked by the hand after his side quest. Creepy!
  8. Batwing

    Majora's Mask Goht Child Dungeon Impossible

    Hey everyone. Did you find this as annoying as i did. Im guessing my n64 controller's analog stick was not at its finest cuz i could never get in a straight line as a goron. I must have tried 100 times before i got it right.
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