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  1. Parasite


    The Bird Statues are a really great idea because if you save with the buttons you get warped to the beginning of something where you are like a dungeon, with the Bird Statues not.
  2. Parasite

    Silent Realm IRL

    That is a nice game, very creative.
  3. Parasite

    Favorite Ocarina of Time Dungeon

    Spirit Temple for me! It has a very nice design and a nice story over Koume and Kotake brainwash Nabooru and stuff.
  4. Parasite

    Spoiler The Most HARDEST "pain in the Butt" Bosses(includes Mini Boss) in Twilight Princess

    Darkhammer as hardest, DekuToad as the most annoying and Death Sword as best mini-boss of that game.
  5. Parasite

    Which Zelda Girl Should Link Be With?

    OoT, Malon. SS, Zelda or Kina.
  6. Parasite

    Majora's Mask Is Majora's Mask Unique?

    One of the bestest in my opinion.
  7. Parasite

    In Your Opinion, What Exactly Was Zelda Going to Say?

    Something romantic for sure.
  8. Parasite

    Can You Beat Skyward Sword Without a Shield?

    It is possible, I did a normal quest, Hero Mode and I'm now doing a speedrun 12:27 and I am at the Song of the Hero.
  9. Parasite

    Spoiler Building the Surface

    Very Logical indeed.
  10. Parasite

    Wii Motion Plus (WMP) Ruined Skyward Sword

    It's cool, just a new way of fighting.
  11. Parasite

    Xbox 360 or Ps3?

    My friends have PS3's, only one has a 360 and I have a Wii. I much prefer a PS3 because the controller is much bettter to controll.
  12. Parasite

    Super Mario Galaxy or Super Mario Sunshine?

    Galaxy, I didn't play Sunshine, but I saw some vids on youtube of it and I think Galaxy is better, also much better than Galaxy 2.
  13. Parasite

    What Gaming Console/Handheld Do You Own?

    Consoles Wii Handhelds GBA DS DSi 3DS Not much, I know.
  14. Parasite

    What Would You Think of Link and Zelda Getting Married?

    It would be great but Zelda is going to hate Link if he's only cutting grass.
  15. Parasite

    Skyward Sword Vs. Twilight Princess

    Skyward Sword was better, much more original boss battles and dungeon. In Twilight Princess you have to use your item that you get in that specific dungeon to beat the boss, in Skyward Sword not. You have to use your Loftwing to defeat Levias and only your sword for Ghirahim, Bilocyte and...
  16. Parasite

    OoT-N64 Favorite Dungeon Music?

    Inside Jabu Jabu's belly, one of the better ones.
  17. Parasite

    Who is the Hottest Character in The Legend of Zelda?

    Adult Malon, Zelda SS, Kina, Nabooru
  18. Parasite

    How the Harp Could Have Been Improved

    You have to strike the harp with Wii Motion Plus and while doing that you have to push several buttons like in Ocarina of Time. That's how they could inprove it.
  19. Parasite

    Spoiler Do You Think Fi Has a "human" Form Like Ghirahim?

    As you say, they're the opposite of each other. So Ghirahim is Human and Fi is something like a Ghost created by Hylia, obvious is that Ghirahim is created by Demise.
  20. Parasite

    Updating Your Nintendo 3DS

    The last update is helpfull as hell. Finally I can normally scroll trough my main menu.
  21. Parasite

    Paper Legend of Zelda?

    One word: Awesomeness.
  22. Parasite

    Zelda Should Go SPACEWARD

    It would be cool, but it will never release because everbody at Nintendo reject the idea.
  23. Parasite

    Which Console Do You Think Had the Best Zelda Games on It.

    Wii and N64, I voted Wii.
  24. Parasite

    Best Powerful Zelda Sword

    Master Sword, says enough.
  25. Parasite

    Least Annoying Helper

    Midna, I had remorse with her when she lost her powers taken by Zant.
  26. Parasite

    VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 4!

    Phantom Ganon, first time I played it scared me of.
  27. Parasite

    Funniest Moment in Zelda? (New Version)

    Ghirahim dancing in Hylia's Realm. Groose falling down to the surface. Throwing that bird girl against the wall in Wind Waker.
  28. Parasite

    Best Mini-Dungeon

    Ikana Castle, almost a whole dungeon and a very good boss.
  29. Parasite

    Who Also Noticed That There is No Magic Meter in the New Legend of Zelda Games!

    I had hoped there was one in TP but there wasn't but still a very good game. In SS it is replaced by The Shield Meter.
  30. Parasite

    Favorite Ocarina Songs?

    Prelude of Light Song of Healing Song of Double Time
  31. Parasite

    Least Favorite Enemy?

    ReDeads, Gibdos, Floormasters, Takkuri's but also the Deku Baba and Bokoblin from Twilight Princess.
  32. Parasite

    Favourite Character Sounds

    Groose's voice
  33. Parasite

    What's Your Favorite Quote in the Zelda Series?

    Past, present, future... The Master Sword is a ship with which you can sail upstream and downstream trough time's river... The port for that ship is the Temple of Time... ~Sheik
  34. Parasite

    Top 10 Zelda Song

    1. Ballad of the Goddes - Skyward Sword 2. Gerudo Valley - Ocarina of Time 3. Bokoblin Base - Skyward Sword 4. Scrapper's Theme - Skyward Sword 5. Levias Battle - Skyward Sword 6. Fi's Graditute/Farewell - Skyward Sword 7. Hyrule Field - Ocarina of Time 8. Master Sword - Skyward Sword/Ocarina of...
  35. Parasite

    Best Transformation

    Deku Scrub is cool but Wolf Link was much better, the first time.
  36. Parasite

    Favourite Race/species from the LoZ Series?

    I've made a top 3 list of my races: 1. Deku Deku Scrubs are unique races in the Zelda series and I wish the had a bigger role in the Zelda games, but that isn't so yet. Nintendo can do much with the Deku Scrubs and they just don't do it. 2. Mogma Mogma's are just awesome by looking at them...
  37. Parasite

    General Zelda Favorite Zelda Character

    Midna, Kina, Groose, Cawlin, Twinrova Sisters, Staven (Byrne in the USA (I live in Europe)), Pipit, Epona, Hero's Shade, Sheik. My favourites are Staven and Midna, Staven because of his awesome theme and Midna because of her awesomeness.
  38. Parasite

    Spoiler Did the Twilight Princess Ending Stink?

    The ending was great but also sad.
  39. Parasite

    Best Opening to a Zelda Game

    MM's opening was the best in my opinion, but it is followed by SS.
  40. Parasite

    Spoiler Dungeons That Are Still Puzzling After Multiple Playthroughs

    Still the Water Temple's from TP and OoT, also the Sky Keep in Skyward Sword was the first time hard but later very easy, but still confuses me.
  41. Parasite

    King Dodongo VS Scaldera

    Scaldera, it's practicaly the same battle but Scaldera was better because of the motion controlls.
  42. Parasite

    Epona Vs Loftwing?

    The Loftwings are better, but Epona has such kind of personality.
  43. Parasite

    Dodoh and Tingle Related?

    The 2 of Twilight Princess are creapier.
  44. Parasite

    First Experiences with the Silent Realms

    I was screaming when they came after me.
  45. Parasite

    Most Intimidating Character in SS?

    The Silent Realm Guardian, I was screaming the first time I walked over Waking Water and they came after me.
  46. Parasite

    First Experiences with the Silent Realms

    It was heartbouncing by me, I was doing the Lanayru Silent Realm and going trough the area with all those lanterns, I was really scared of that they would see me.
  47. Parasite

    Skyward Sword Race That You Would Like to See Return

    I want the Mogmas and the Kikwi's back the most, they are very funny.
  48. Parasite

    Favorite Gratitude Crystal Quest?

    Out Standing in The Field, because Kina is my favourite minor character in the game/series and it is a good cutscene and afterwards talk, I also liked Cupid was here.
  49. Parasite

    Least Favorite Boss/temple?

    Defenitely the Skyview Temple with his boss, it is the easiest one in the whole entire game/series this goes for Boss and Temple, I also hated the Imprisoned, but only the first 2 forms.
  50. Parasite

    What is Your Favorite Nintendo System.

    The Nintendo 3DS for me, because I can only choose out of the Wii and 3DS (and some normal DS's), that are the only ones I've ever gotten, so the 3DS was the best.
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