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  1. DrNedaj

    Hyrule Warriors DLC Question

    Hey all I have a question if anyone knows the answer. I have to wait for my birthday to get Hyrule Warriors. It is October 19. Now the first paid DLC comes out October 16. My question is if I don't get the Hero of Hyrule pack (the preorder of all 4 packs) does that mean when the first...
  2. DrNedaj

    Hyrule Warriors My Pre-order DLC Code Give Away

    yes please I would also love the skyward sword one but I think I was too slow on the reply and I have nothing to trade with :(
  3. DrNedaj

    A Link Between Worlds Canada Preorder Bonus for ALBW

    Hey all, I'm surprised this isn't on the main page yet but us Zelda fans in Canada finally get a preorder bonus. I was waiting to get a preorder until I got some type of bonus (even the americans get OOS at gamestop). Well the wait was worth it. At bestbuy.ca if you preorder the game you get...
  4. DrNedaj

    OOT Title Song

    Wow I can't believe it took me 14 years to finally realize where the title music of OOT came from. I set my ringtone to a certain sound from the original LOZ then realized that I've heard that on another game... OOT I'm sure this is common knowledge but it amazed me. Without giving it away have...
  5. DrNedaj

    Goron Reproduction

    well all we know is zoras lay eggs and turn into music note tadpoles then grow up. Thanks majoras mask for clarifying that mystery but gorons will probably always be a mystery.
  6. DrNedaj

    2012 ZD Marathon Wrap Up

    Hi all, I would like a post called 2012 ZD Marathon Wrap Up. I wasn't able to watch even a 10th of the marathon so I would like to know a few facts such as how long it took them to beat all the games (if they did beat them all). Also a few other highlights (such as Goeey not getting epona or...
  7. DrNedaj

    Attempt to Be the Largest Thread in DGN History

    wow this is an awesome long thread!
  8. DrNedaj

    Oracle Games

    Yes I also found the many recurring characters in the series very odd. That I didnt mind because its like most other zelda games they reuse stuff from older games. I never take into account recurring characters as timeline stuff. As far as Zelda introducing herself, I guess I will accept the...
  9. DrNedaj

    Oracle Games

    I recently replayed the oracle games and I realized the whole official timeline thing was just made up for hyrule historia and not a secret document that was used to plan all the zelda games. The oracle games are suppose to be after ALTTP and before LA. Ok I understand LA, due to the boat...
  10. DrNedaj

    Link's Awakening: Original or Remake?

    Really DX added another dungeon, colour, and pictures in which stickers could be printed with old game boy printer. The only thing the original has that dx does not have is the extra ending at the end with marin. You could play dx on original or color game boy too so ya dx is better
  11. DrNedaj

    Majora's Mask I Never Have Trouble with the Collectors Edition Disc.

    Mine would freeze on me now and then. I think its actually great if you can beat the game on the disc becasue the freezing adds a challenge to the game. I had to redo many dungeons because of the freeze glitch. I got it on wii VC instead (well because it was free through club nintendo) so I...
  12. DrNedaj

    General Classic Oracle of Ages and Seasons on Virtual Console

    I would sign something for opertation maple syrup. I owb them but I dont have a GBA with a backlight. I can play on my GBC or old GBA but that requires a great light source so I never got them out to play again because of that. I guess I could buy a used GBA SP but I would prefer them on 3ds
  13. DrNedaj

    Majora's Mask 3D...

    hmm after recently replaying majoras mask on wii virtual console I decided I dont care if it comes to 3ds. Maybe if I didnt have that chance to play it again so recently I would say sure it would be fun but since club nintendo had majoras mask for however many coins and I got it for free... ya I...
  14. DrNedaj

    Which One of Link's Swords is Your Favorite?

    double helix. Very unique sword and it can shoot energy waves. Master sword is overused
  15. DrNedaj

    Spin-off Games

    I think I would enjoy a game where you are ganandorf causing destruction. With this new hyrule historia timeline thing of Link being defeated by Ganon at the end of OOT it would be great to have a game from ganons point of view. Yup thats my new dream. Live out the Link is defeated part of the...
  16. DrNedaj

    Majora's Mask Is Majora's Mask Unique?

    I would have to disagree and consider Zelda 2 saving the princess but anyway now onto the games without Zelda.... I think only Majoras Mask and Link's Awakening (oracle games do have her if you played a linked game). You could argue Phantom Hourglass has Tetra not Zelda but thats kinda weak...
  17. DrNedaj

    Poll: Favorite Race in Zelda

    Another favorite race thread eh? Im glad this one has Zora in the choice though (the last thread didnt). The Zora were the one race since the first legend of zelda. Although in the first game they were more of an enemy then a race really... anyway my vote is zora just because I think they have...
  18. DrNedaj

    Zelda Theme Park

    No I probably wouldnt go. I love playing the games but I've realized im not that big of a Zelda Geek. After seeing some of the stuff posted on Zelda Dungeon (such as Majoras Mask Opera demo :P) I have a new phrase. Just because its Zelda doesn't mean its good.
  19. DrNedaj

    Link's Mother: Where is She?

    Link's mom is only mentioned in OOT. In wind waker you think Link's grandma would say something at some point about his parents being proud of him or something I think Link's Uncle dies in ALTTP. If he just passes out why would Link just leave him there and not help him? Also, if he did just...
  20. DrNedaj

    Do You Replay Zelda Games?

    I replay all the games. Its nice that there are now 16 (not including remakes) so I can rotate through them. Unlike some people though I dont think I could replay through the same game more than once maybe twice a year.
  21. DrNedaj

    How Do You Prefer to Complete Zelda Games?

    seems i am with the majoity, I play it through for fun without using a guide. I have never tried three heart challenge. I think its because I end up accidently getting a piece of heart (which leads to at least 4) then I get an extra heart and so I just gave up on trying to do that.
  22. DrNedaj

    Most Attractive Character in The Legend of Zelda

    I would still say TP Zelda. Game characters arn't really attractive but TP Zelda is very elegant.
  23. DrNedaj

    Completed Zelda Games

    Since this is a Zelda forum I would expect that most fans would have completed or at least played every Zelda game. I know a thread like this has been done but it was old so I thought I would make a new one. What Zelda games have you not played? What Zelda games have you not finished? I...
  24. DrNedaj

    What Has Zelda Taught You?

    I think it taught me to go into people's houses break their pots and steal stuff. Skyward Sword actually taught me that it is only ok to take stuff from the closet of the girl you like (after breaking into her room) and going through others closesta besides the above exception makes you the...
  25. DrNedaj

    POLL: Hena (the Fishing Hole Girl) or Iza (the Canoe Girl)

    Hena ofcourse. Iza was trying to use her body to sell her canoe ride and doesnt seem to be passionate about her profession. Hena is nice, pretty and passionate about her fishing profession.
  26. DrNedaj

    Why Can't the Kokiri Children Leave the Deku Forest?

    I think the kokiri can leave the forest. Now, is there ever evidence saying that the deku tree told them they couldn't? I think it was a rumor started by one of the kokiri that if they left the forest they will die specifically um whats his name Mido I think. The deku tree never says himself...
  27. DrNedaj

    Shortest Zelda?

    hmm I think the original zelda would be the shortest if you dont count the 2nd quest. Links awakening to my recolection would be next shortest or the shortest if you do count 2nd quest. Then again adventure of link is probably short too hmmm. I guess the best way to find out is look at speed...
  28. DrNedaj

    Physical Books Versus E-Books

    well I grew up with real books then these things called ebooks came out. Its handy because you can quickly pull out the device and its easier to read on the train or bus or between classes or a lull at work. I find carrying books around a pain and they get all banged up in my bag
  29. DrNedaj

    How do you play Brawl?

    I like the wii mote and nunchuk cause its wireless. All my gamecube ones are wired controllers. I have a classic pro, havent tried to play with it but dont think I would like it cause sticks are further down
  30. DrNedaj

    Paper Legend of Zelda?

    hmm well at first i thought it wouldnt work well but then someone mentioned zelda 2. It actually might work quite well. (by the way I liked zelda 2). Have a 3d view like paper mario but then change it to side scrolling battle like zelda 2 when an enemy is touched or the dungeons. People would...
  31. DrNedaj

    What is Ganon's Most Attractive Feature?

    wow weird post anyway I would agree and say laugh
  32. DrNedaj

    Twilight Princess: Wii or Gamecube?

    Well it is now only $20 and then you dont have to use the wired gamecube controller unless you have a wireless one ofcourse. However it is the exact same game and as far as visuals the only difference is that wii has the widescreen mode and gamecube does not (you can see comparison on youtube)...
  33. DrNedaj

    Adventure of Link Took Me 20 Years....

    Thats great you beat it! I think the emulator is the way to go if your having trouble but playing it like the original (gamecube, wii, 3ds) is a little bit more rewarding. Congrats and now move on to the next challenge :) No save states :)
  34. DrNedaj

    Which is the Scariest?

    wow the poll results suprised me. Skulltula... really.... what 9 people voted for that? I guess people who are scared of spiders. Anyway that was kinda mean and sorry. I think dead hand is creepy looking followed by the scream of redeads
  35. DrNedaj

    Possible Beginnings and Plot Catalysts for Future Zelda Games

    You had me at broken master sword. I think it would be great to have the master sword break and then get repaired. I know picori/four sword already did this but come on the master sword is an icon. Yup thats my new favortie plot. Link gets beat up in the begining, master sword breaks, evil...
  36. DrNedaj

    Favourite Race/species from the LoZ Series?

    wow I didnt realize there were that many until I saw the options. I think races were really put into zelda with OOT (zoras were just enemies before) so I will have to go with one of those original races... Sure, how about zora... oh wait you forgot the one race that was there even before OOT...
  37. DrNedaj

    Skyward Sword OST Rip

    hmm I think if zelda dungeon has files of all the other sound tracks then this is just as legal as that
  38. DrNedaj

    Second Majora's Opera Demo!

    ya interesting idea but since Im not into opera I would not go see this or for that matter I am not watching any more demos after seeing this 2nd one. I think any zelda musical (opera or pop or whatever) would be weird
  39. DrNedaj

    OoT-N64 Fire Temple

    like most i think the chanting added something to the music. I do have the original game and perfer that music but I dont go as far as only play that version. I play the 3ds version now because the at is the most convenient. I dont want to dig out old game systems and hook them up and use old...
  40. DrNedaj

    Like Ghirahim? ;D

    Hot? no? (just to add and Im a guy and I dont find any video games girls "hot" either) weird, gay, funny to watch in a creepy way. sure
  41. DrNedaj

    Top 5's

    Characters: 1. Zelda (wouldnt have the series without her) 2. Link (almost same reason as number 1) 3. Ganondorf (again similar to number 1) 4. Ghirahim (he is so gay and creepy its hilarious) 5. Epona Dungeons (No particular order): Temple of Time (TP) shadow temple (OOT)...
  42. DrNedaj

    Shadow Link In SS

    Yes a dark link battle would have been fun. Girahim should have used his magic on link to make a copy of him and then made some remark and run off. That would have been great. I do wish we had a sword fight like in wii sports resort in skyward sword. Sadly that never really happened.
  43. DrNedaj

    General Modern Light Vs Dark: Link's and Dark Link's Possible Rivalry in a Future Zelda Game!

    I like the race idea, kinda was in skyward sword, racing after zelda but no matter how long you took she was always one step ahead of you, just like the running man in OOT... However, they probably never would do a race idea because putting a time limit on zelda seems to be unfavorable (I liked...
  44. DrNedaj

    Weird Things That Make No Sense in Zelda

    I think what confused me was how a hand could live in the toilet in MM. What did the body attached to the hand eat and drink?? Poop and pee? Thats all that goes down there except maybe Anjus cooking which is suppose to be really bad.... oh ok solved it thats how he lives, anjus cooking and pee...
  45. DrNedaj

    What Was the Creepiest Moment in Any Zelda Game?

    depends on what you mean by creepy. Goro-Link had a good point about ruto hitting on link that was creepy but I think more creepy than that was the maku tree in oracle of ages hitting on link. A tree people. Thats creepy.
  46. DrNedaj

    Wii Motion Plus (WMP) Ruined Skyward Sword

    I think I agree with most people. Either something wrong with the wii mote or you were swinging it like a mad man or not calibrating it right in the first place. I only have to centre the wii mote if I was pointing off in some crazy direction while getting out an item other than that it worked...
  47. DrNedaj

    Epona Vs Loftwing?

    epona is more classic adventure. the loftwing was fun, I especially liked it after reading The elfstones of shannara (there are flying birds in that). I do think epona is better for the classic zelda feel. I think if there was combat while on the loftwing that would have been better and it...
  48. DrNedaj

    Flavors of Potions

    That is a very interesting idea. I cant say I ever thought of how they taste. Usually link goes "ahh" after drinking it so it cant taste that bad.
  49. DrNedaj

    Custom Horse

    That would be lots of fun. I would also add custom "weapons" such as the ability to blow fire or something. Ok maybe thats a little overboard...
  50. DrNedaj

    Which Console Do You Think Had the Best Zelda Games on It.

    I think gamecube. Really think about this. With a game boy advance player attachment (which sadly I dont have) You can play Every single zelda game except for PH,ST and SS. (and I guess OOT 3D oh and I dont think you can play FS). That is 12-13/16 (again not sure about FS but I dont think...
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