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  1. Moldorm

    What LP Are You Watching?

    If you're watching a Let's Play list it below and mention anything you think is worth mentioning :nod: Personally, I like LPs that have commentary, but sometimes that can be a disaster. The one I'm watching now is of Discworld on PC. The commentator is a guy named OreWaUsopp.
  2. Moldorm

    Impulse Gaming

    Every once in a while I find myself standing in a game shop just to burn a little time. And in the midst of my standing and looking around, I will occasionally take a chance on a game that I know nothing about. If you've ever taken such a chance, then you know the risk involved in such a...
  3. Moldorm

    Your Favorite GAME OVER Screen

    Face it. You've been killed in the line of gaming hundreds, if not thousands, of times. So, what is your favorite GAME OVER screen? Obviously, the screen doesn't have to say the words GAME OVER. Just put your favorite one up for all to see, or describe it as best you can. Space Quest is...
  4. Moldorm

    ZD Video Walkthroughs

    I know I'm not the only one who's watched these more than once, so I'll just ask this question. Who wants a new video walkthrough? I know I do. I like to keep them running just for entertainment. So which game would you like for the next video walkthrough? Personally, I'd like to see...
  5. Moldorm

    Gaming Art

    Hey hey, I've toyed with the notion of decorating my gaming/computer room for quite some time now. What I'm looking for is a site or gallery that sells paintings or similar art forms with a gaming theme. Obviously, I'd love some Zelda themed items, I but am open to other titles and genres...
  6. Moldorm

    Next Gen Zelda + Leveling

    I was just thinking: If Nintendo was to bring back the XP style of play from The Adventure of Link, would this be a fruitful addition to a future installment, or would this be a step in the wrong direction for the series? Personally, I don't like the idea of changing the formula of the game...
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