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  1. Mikey the Moblin

    Wild Tears of the Kingdom guesses

    Post your favorite or craziest botw2 predictions here Mine: dark link returns Picori are involved somehow Maybe we can get a fun little prize for guessing correctly
  2. Mikey the Moblin


    in an attempt to trick myself into drawing more, I'm going to invite people to play a game once each week, you can post a prompt here and I will sketch my best attempt at that prompt [/spoiler] [/spoiler] please try not to be too ridiculous or unsavory with your prompts let's see...
  3. Mikey the Moblin

    What constitutes an open world in Zelda?

    This poll is meant to help disambiguate what people mean when they say "open world". The general concept is pretty simple of course, but it can get nuanced, especially if you consider a difference between simply open world and an open world game. So, vote for what games you consider to be open...
  4. Mikey the Moblin

    My Zelda Timeline Theory

    This is my current working wheel timeline theory. Basically, any timeline that breaks the curse of demise will branch off into a linear timeline and escape. Any other timeline will loop back into the main cycle of the curse. This does a good job of explaining 2 inconsistencies in the official...
  5. Mikey the Moblin

    Moon knight

    Since we've got a thread for some of the other ones of these I decided to make one for moon knight cause episode 1 was delicious
  6. Mikey the Moblin

    botw2 demo announced

    This is interesting: https://www.latlmes.com/breaking/the-sequel-to-breath-of-the-wild-will-have-a-playable-demo-3 do you think this was planned to begin with or is it in response to the recent delay announced here https://youtu.be/f_vgseuw_o8 either way, can't wait to hear more about content...
  7. Mikey the Moblin


    To the Skies! You Have 39 Of These Deep Lore Second Grade Geography Trade Sequences 200 200 200 200 200 400 400 400 400 400 600 ----- 600 600 600 800 800 800 800 800 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000 Rules: First person to post gets first choice from the board. Ping...
  8. Mikey the Moblin

    GAME THREAD: Dark Souls Mafia

    DARK SOULS Mafia Dark Souls Mafia Character Creation: 1. ExLight of Londor 2. Minish Link of Londor 3. TL the legend of Forossa 4. Ragnarokio of Astora 5. Seanzie of Mirrah 6. Isett of Catarina 7. Fext of Thorolund 8. CynicalSquid of Astora 9. Killjoy of Forossa 10. DawningWinds of Astora...
  9. Mikey the Moblin

    Favorite/least favorite literary devices

    I've started listening to the game of thrones books now and I hate it. Or more accurately, I hate the author's use of dramatic irony. Probably one of my least favorite literary devices, it burns me inside, as it's meant to. What are some of your least favorite literary devices? As for...
  10. Mikey the Moblin

    Elegant Design Solutions

    Every now and then, you'll hear a story about or maybe reverse engineer a problem that developers had to overcome, and the solution they arrived at just really tickled your fancy with how clean and elegant it was. For me, a lot of magic cards hit this sweet spot, but I've also appreciated...
  11. Mikey the Moblin

    Flawed Masterpieces; suboptimal/poor design choices

    Oftentimes the most iconic, influential, and masterful games of all time are games that are also flawed to some degree. Some would argue all games have flaws; I don't think this is necessarily true but that can be discussed "If players like your game, but nobody loves it, the game will fail."...
  12. Mikey the Moblin

    The Shining Diamond and Radiant Pearl Official Rivals' League

    The release of Shining Diamond and Radiant Pearl is just around the corner (that's officially their names now I've decided) and what better way to actually derive meaning from these games than to host a companion league to the ingame Pokemon League? Here's how it works: Sign up here (you'll...
  13. Mikey the Moblin

    How integral is time travel to the series as a whole?

    I've always considered Zelda intrinsically a story concerning time travel or at the bare minimum the concept of zeitgeist regardless of the themes each inatallment focuses on, despite not all games featuring time travel mechanics. What so you think?
  14. Mikey the Moblin

    I Love Soup

    I love soup so much! My mom stopped cooking it, even though I want her to and it is so annoying! Why does she buy pizza or something instead of cooking that treasure. Soup isn't just some lumpy drink that only old people need to eat, so I know what the appeal is to anyone! And it is just the...
  15. Mikey the Moblin

    Elden Ring

    Hype Gameplay trailer today revealed quite a few similarities to dark souls 3 In addition the ability to crouch and a much more applicable jump I know the release got delayed, I don't remember if the new release is announced or not but still coming out before spring This thread is for Hype and...
  16. Mikey the Moblin

    Dark Souls Mafia

    Yes, indeed… The Darksign continues to plague humanity, those branded locked far away to the north. Good men have begun to curse Gwyn’s name, believing him to be responsible for the curse of the Undead. Few remember the Age of Fire; the world grows colder, becoming Ash. Yet hope for the...
  17. Mikey the Moblin

    Metroid Dread

    literally everyone is playing this, why does the search feature not show a thread? Apologies if there is one I literally don't see it anywhere this video showed up in my recommended and is a good starting point for anyone who's already beaten it and looking to master/dismantle it...
  18. Mikey the Moblin

    2021 Jack-O-Lantern Carving Contest

    Hey everyone, it's that time of year! I love carving jack o lanterns, and some of you may remember my majora's mask carving from last year that turned out... not perfect, let's say. This year, you can submit an image of a jack o lantern (that you made yourself) for a chance to win $10 in eShop...
  19. Mikey the Moblin

    Which of these Mario games is a "3D Mario"?

    When talking about "3D Mario games", which of these games are you referring to? Why do you exclude some?
  20. Mikey the Moblin

    Post here and I'll tell you what League of Legends champion you remind me of

    title When akshan was spoiled his middle eastern facial features weren't as prominent, so I recognized him as looking eerily similar to how I look with long hair
  21. Mikey the Moblin

    Are you a player character or NPC irl?

    title I'm an NPC
  22. Mikey the Moblin

    Which art would make the best phone case?

    (for this option, it would only be the character on the right side, the words and empty space would be cut off)
  23. Mikey the Moblin

    If you could choose only one, which would you choose and why?

    Fully customizable // basic customization, still "link" // characterized somewhat like WW or SS // totally characterized, like Cloud in FF7 I'm curious to see which change would be preferable moving forward please no flaming the options that you don't like and no flaming link's current...
  24. Mikey the Moblin

    SSHD Special Edition Joycons + Amiibo

    Hey everyone. When the special edition joycons were announced, there was a lot of talk about potential for scalping both for the joycons and the amiibo due to Nintendo's habit of under-producing hardware to meet demand. With that said, thanks to my job I can arrive at wal-mart an hour before...
  25. Mikey the Moblin

    Do spinoffs count to you?

    How much of a purist are you with the "zelda game" label? I'm interested in getting a wide set of data for this question to help me with a blog post in the future
  26. Mikey the Moblin

    The Official Ocarina of Time Zelda Dungeon fan script

    Hey everyone! This came up in the shoutbox the other day and so here's what we're gonna do we're gonna rewrite the entire ocarina of time script, found here: https://transcripts.fandom.com/wiki/The_Legend_of_Zelda:_Ocarina_of_Time The rules are pretty simple. You can edit as much or as little...
  27. Mikey the Moblin

    How do you feel about BOTW's stamina bar?

    The stamina bar in BOTW is interesting because it's one of the only linear mechanics in the obnoxiously nonlinear game. That being said, it caused a lot of problems for me personally when I played and demanded to be fully upgraded almost immediately just to be able to climb and swim...
  28. Mikey the Moblin


    attempt at a sticky thread post things you want like this statue buuuuut it's $500
  29. Mikey the Moblin

    Which has a wider variety of uses

    Balan Wonderworld transformations or Twilight Princess items
  30. Mikey the Moblin

    Post here and I'll tell you what animal crossing character you remind me of

    Title (if you just want to comment and not be judged just say "skip me" somewhere in the comment) I remind myself of Gulliver lol
  31. Mikey the Moblin

    Favorite/least favorite minigames

    title? For me, Thrill Digger is possibly my favorite and least favorite simultaneously. I'm also partial to Sploosh Kaboom for obvious reasons
  32. Mikey the Moblin

    Daily sketches

    Now, I'm no artist, so spare me your praise lol I'm going to be doing a dark souls sketch every day for the foreseeable future until it's time to host my mafia game Now keep in mind I've been drawing since I was a kid, mostly comics and fake mons, and my grandpa is a fairly famous cartoonist...
  33. Mikey the Moblin

    Wheel (of) Time(line)

    While playing Skyward Sword and getting tired of all the "ancient past" references that the game throws out while allegedly being the first game in the timeline, I started wondering, "Hey, could Breath of the Wild be a prequel to Skyward Sword? While still having its place on the Downfall...
  34. Mikey the Moblin

    What instrument do you play?

    I've been playing piano since I was young and still enjoy playing casually although I dont perform classically anymore I also played percussion in school band
  35. Mikey the Moblin

    What changes could Skyward Sword HD make?

    As some of you may know, I'm playing through the entire series in timeline order, starting with skyward sword of course. Normally when I'm analyzing games I'm thinking "how well do they do this?" But with the knowledge of the remake coming up I've been thinking, "how could they do this better?"...
  36. Mikey the Moblin

    Postgame Turbos

    I had the idea that maybe in between games, to give players time to put their games together and cleanse the palate, we could schedule a turbo game to be played over the space of an afternoon or evening, with less than hour long or so day phases. Setups would be simple and open, allowing players...
  37. Mikey the Moblin

    What makes you anxious?

    Things that make you anxious or uncomfortable, and maybe you aren't sure why. For some reason hearing people talk really quickly gives me anxiety, like I can't breathe
  38. Mikey the Moblin

    Spoiler Pokemon Presents

    Discuss the information from the pokemon presents video here But also, leaks right now??? Non-game freak non-turn based sinnoh remakes???
  39. Mikey the Moblin

    Straight From the Moblin's Mouth: A Guide to Moblin Cuisine

    Have you ever wondered what the average Moblin's diet looks like? While Moblins do have a reputation for eating Hylians, they are actually omnivores and enjoy a wide variety of both fresh and prepared food. Today, we'll be taking a look at one of many recipes enjoyed by Moblins in any...
  40. Mikey the Moblin

    World Of Dark Souls

    After spending some more time immersing myself in FromSoft's incredibly subtle approach to world building, I feel like I'm finally gaining a better understanding of how the three Dark Souls games fit together. I feel that I'm close to a reasonable timeline but I think having people to discuss...
  41. Mikey the Moblin

    Game Thread Little World of Gumball Mafia: Day 4 (Endgame)

    LITTLE WORLD OF GUMBALL MAFIA Welcome to the Little World of GUMBALL! Little World of Gumball mafia is an anonymous game, meaning that as part of your confirmation you'll receive the login information to a new account. Each anonymous account will be LittleGumball, but which Gumball will you...
  42. Mikey the Moblin

    Sign Ups Little World of Gumball Mafia

    DO NOT POST IN THIS THREAD Welcome to the Little World of GUMBALL! Little World of Gumball mafia is an anonymous game, meaning that as part of your confirmation you'll receive the login information to a new account. Each anonymous account will be LittleGumball, but which Gumball will you get...
  43. Mikey the Moblin

    Pokemon Home info dump

    https://www.serebii.net/pokemonhome/features.shtml Pokemon Home's inner workings have finally been released. Notable features: Trade with people via mobile phone GTS is in the mobile app "room trade", which sort of scrambles everyone's pokemon and trades them "home points" convert into BP at a...
  44. Mikey the Moblin

    Made-up Invitational Kickstarted End of Year Awards

    That's right, it's time for the MIKEY Awards! As we all know, the MIKEY Awards are a celebration of all things superlative, where the categories are meaningless and the trophies are imaginary. So let's get right into it. Most Omnipresent- Twilight Shadows Congratulations! You knew you won...
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