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  1. MonkeyFightSquad

    Spoiler Two Master Swords?

    Could there be two Master Swords? In Twilight Princess, in the Temple Of time you put the Master Sword in the pedestal, but the pedestal is empty before you put the sword in. The Master sword isn't there. Where is it. While your in the Temple of Time, could it be the same time frame in Ocarina...
  2. MonkeyFightSquad

    What's on Your Christmas List?

    I didn't see a thread anywhere else, so what is on your Christmas list. Here's mine. 1. I pod case. 2. I pod car charger. 3. Metroid Prime 3. 4. Legend of Zelda Twilight princess. 5. Chrono Trigger. 6. Madden 05. Tell me yours.
  3. MonkeyFightSquad

    Favorite Freeware Games.

    So, what is your favorite Freeware game that you download on the computer? I like Cave Story, but I got stuck....D:>:(
  4. MonkeyFightSquad

    Your Favorite Level/Minigame Creator/ Mode.

    A lot of games have these, but what are your favorite Level or Minigame maker. When you make levels or minigames in video games. Everybody loves these.
  5. MonkeyFightSquad

    Club Nintendo Wii Points Idea.

    Don't you think it would be a great idea to trade Coins/Stars in for Wii/DS points. Or you could have it like 500 coins =1,000 Wii points. This will probably neve hapen but.... WE CAN ALL HOPE.
  6. MonkeyFightSquad

    Favorite Rainy Moments in Video Games.

    We all love rainy moments in video games. From The opening scene in A Link to the Past to the final battle in Wind Waker. We all love rainy moments so what are your favorite rainy moments in video games.:)
  7. MonkeyFightSquad

    Which N64(Snes) Game?

    Which one do you like better? Super Mario 64, F zero X. Super Metroid. I want one of these games. they all sound fun. I have always wanted to try a F Zero game. I love Mario. Super Metroid is supposedly one of the greatest(Metroid) games of all time.
  8. MonkeyFightSquad

    Dreamcast on Wiiu Virtual Console?

    I was thinking. Since they are going to have Gamecube Virtual Console games on the Wiiu, are they going to have Dreamcast ones? I think it would be an amazing idea. What do all of you think?
  9. MonkeyFightSquad

    Metroid Collection.

    I think it would be cool to have Metroid Collection for the Wiiu. I think they should have all the 2d Metroids on one disc and the 3d ones on the other. I would buy that game for 70 bucks.(At leaset:party:)
  10. MonkeyFightSquad

    A Link To The Past or Super Metroid?

    So I am going to get either Super Metroid or A Link To The Past. They both sound like amazing games. I love Metroid and Zelda, but I don't know which one to get?
  11. MonkeyFightSquad

    3ds Remakes!

    If you could have any game be remade for the 3ds, what would it be? Mine would have to be Majora's Mask. It would be a great remake(The video). They already made Ocarina of Time for the 3ds, so why not Majora's Mask. Note: It does not have to be a Legend of Zelda
  12. MonkeyFightSquad

    Did You Use the Bike

    Did ya'll use the bike. I used the bike almost all the time. It was the second most fast thing after to fly to places.:nod:
  13. MonkeyFightSquad

    What is Your Favorite Nintendo System.

    What is your favorite Nintendo system. Mine was the Gamecube. You gotta love the Gamecube. And then the Gameboy Advance SP or color.
  14. MonkeyFightSquad

    When I Retire I Will Live In.....

    Here is how this game works. You say "when I retire I am going to live in [BLANK]. " It can be any thing, it can be real or not real. Just be creative and funny. I will start. When I retire I will live in Middle Eartho.o.
  15. MonkeyFightSquad

    Good Online Rpg or Games

    Anybody know some good free online games or rpgso.o. Do not say Minecraft. I really want to find a good rpg or online game Thank you,:clap::clap:o.o
  16. MonkeyFightSquad

    Pokemon Conquest

    What do you guys think about Pokemon Conquest.Is it going to be like normal Pokemon.What do you think Pokemon Conquest English Trailer - Pokémon Dungeon
  17. MonkeyFightSquad

    What Pokemon Game Are You Playing Now.

    So what Pokemon game are you playing.I am playing Leaf Green
  18. MonkeyFightSquad

    I Am a Noob to All of This.

    I am thinking about starting my own sig,avy shop and a need a good FREE website to make them with.any ideas??:rolleyes::)
  19. MonkeyFightSquad

    NFL Network Online

    If you are a foot ball fan like me,and you don have a good cable or dish program.You can watch Nfl Network online
  20. MonkeyFightSquad

    MonkeyFightSquads Signiture,picture or Avatar Editing Palace

    Have you ever wanted your signiture,avatar,or just a picture,changed some!YOU HAVE COME TO THE RIGHT PLACE o.oo.oo.o note:I DO NOT MAKE SIGNITURES OR AVATARS I JUST EDIT THEM. i put text and i can do other things to (i would make signitures but i am new to all of this.and do not be mad...
  21. MonkeyFightSquad

    Fun Wii Virtual Consle and and Wii Ware

    so what are some good wii ware and virtual consle games that are not zelda
  22. MonkeyFightSquad

    Skyward Sword Tips for Final Boss

    i can not beat demise 2 phase with the skyward strikes i know what to do but do you guys have any tips on how to beat him
  23. MonkeyFightSquad

    Offical Chuck Norris Jokes Thread

    the offical chuck norris jokes thread tell me all the chuck norris jokes and i will post them right here -Clothes wear chuck norris -superman and batman fought each other,chuck norris won. -Chuck Norris. He needs no punch line. His name is enough to make you laugh. thanks:yes:
  24. MonkeyFightSquad

    Club Nintendo Codes

    hi can anybody pm me some club nintendo codes if you look in your wii or ds or 3ds game box.there is a piece of paper that says club nintendo on it and, it says a code. can you please PM it to me
  25. MonkeyFightSquad

    What Does Miyamoto Mean by a Remake of a Link to the Past for 3ds

    so what does he mean by that would it just be a remake of the original 2D game or,could it be a link to the past in 3D. it wold be like a new zelda game if it were 3D
  26. MonkeyFightSquad

    What Was the Hardest Silent Realm

    i think my hardest silent realm was the dessert one(stupid quick sand)it was so hard. the forest and mountain one were easy
  27. MonkeyFightSquad

    Spoiler Do You Think This is Forshadowing

    in skyward sword at the begining opening scene it says something about hylia and how she put skyloft in the sky. does this mean that we might see a game that you can play as hylia
  28. MonkeyFightSquad

    What is Your Favorite Mario Game FOR THE WII

    so what is youur favorite mario game for the wii. (nothing else left to say)
  29. MonkeyFightSquad

    Good Wii Games

    i was just wondering what are some really fun wii games.i have money to get some and i do not know what game i want (ps.i already have skyward sword.)
  30. MonkeyFightSquad

    Skyward Sword Where Do You Fight a Moblin

    i am already in the lanaru mineing facilty and i have not fought one moblin.where do you fight one
  31. MonkeyFightSquad

    Skyward Sword How Do You Get the Third Pice of the Key Out of the Earth Temple

    so right outside where the entreanece where the earth temple is you have to find 5 picees of key,and i can not find the 3d 1
  32. MonkeyFightSquad

    Skyward Sword is Not the New Ocraina of Time

    Skyward Sword is not the new Ocraina Of Time,it is even better, think about it.these are the things that make ss better than oot. (most importent)-the motion controles. -this game is very unique. -it is the longest zelda game ever. -skyward sword is giant. -cool charcters. the...
  33. MonkeyFightSquad

    Your Skyward Sword Review

    hi i was wondering what your guys review of skyward sword i am only 2 hours into the game and i am about to enter faron woods
  34. MonkeyFightSquad

    Spoiler Will We Fight the Sand Ship Boss More Than Once(name Not Mentioned Becuase Spoiler)

    will we fight scervo more than once. he could not even be scervo. here is the video http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=CQtt_GgUyds ps.this is a brand new comerical at the beggining of the video link is seen with a ton of bokobolins. weird huh
  35. MonkeyFightSquad

    The Official Skyward Sword Reviews by You

    this is the oficial thread where YOU post reviews for skyward sword.for those who have the game can post reviews. people who dont have the game please dont post reviews
  36. MonkeyFightSquad

    What Do You Think of Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time

    so what do you guys think of "Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time"is it a fun game i am going on a trip to tennasee and need a good ds game posted in one of my other threads so do you think i should get iit...
  37. MonkeyFightSquad

    Good Ds Games

    hi can you tell me some good ds games(not 3ds) i want a fun one that will last me a trip to tenasee by car yeah that is right from northern IL to tenasee i need a really fun ds game ok
  38. MonkeyFightSquad

    Spoiler Can You Only Go in the Silent Realm 1 Time

    i was just wondering if you could only go in the silent realm once. that would be really bad,becuase i am really excited for the silent realm,and i want to go in it more than onece
  39. MonkeyFightSquad

    Gamespot is Working on Its Review

    http://http://www.gamespot.com/news/review-in-progress-the-legend-of-zelda-skyward-sword-6345185?tag=updates%3Beditor%3Ball%3Btitle%3B3here is a link to the preview review
  40. MonkeyFightSquad

    How I Think Hyrule Got Flooded

    here is what i think how hyrule got flooded this was dinjan meintioned in his article about,wind waker is a sequel to ocraina of time. gannondorf broke free from the silent realm(or whatever that is called)and flooded hyrule gannon from oot and ww look alot alike seen in the...
  41. MonkeyFightSquad

    What Do You Think Happend After Mm and Oot

    what do you think happend after mm and oot i think link left termina and married malon and had a quiet life on the farm (mod please dont delete this)
  42. MonkeyFightSquad

    What is Most Important to You in a Video Game

    what is the most important thing in a video game to you mine is the game play and the story is prety important
  43. MonkeyFightSquad

    The Therad of Users Reading No More Spoilers

    this is a thread if you have read spoilers(like me)and who are not going to read anymore(like me),are for people who have not read spoilers and who are not going to read them
  44. MonkeyFightSquad

    How Many Dungeons Are There

    so how many dunegons are there.gearhim claims that 3 more dunegons were just confirmed they are called, Temple of Time, Temple of Hylia, Sky Keep are all dungeons.so how many dunegons are there
  45. MonkeyFightSquad

    Skyward Sword is Smaller Than Twilight Princess

    on one of the recentley posted articles it says that The physical size of the world is smaller than Twilight Princess. what does he mean by that does it mean that just the islands is smaller than twilight princess,or does he mean the world bellow the clouds:O
  46. MonkeyFightSquad

    Skyward Sword Main Theme on Ocarina

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=tTCRFVeX_1Elook at this it is the skyward sword main theme on the ocrania of time
  47. MonkeyFightSquad

    Question About Prordering

    so if i preorder skyward sword,will it get here on the 20th are will they ship it on the 20th i am thinking about preordering it and i do not want to get it 8 days later
  48. MonkeyFightSquad

    Is There a Dark World?

    in the overworld trailer it shows link at somthink that looks like a portal and he is touching it could it be the dark world:)
  49. MonkeyFightSquad

    Spoiler Gaepora is the Giant Whale(freindley)

    gaepora is the freindley whale it looks just like him what are your thoughts
  50. MonkeyFightSquad

    The Legend of Zelda Jokes

    post all your legend of zelda jokes here in this thread what do you get when there are 200 gorons in a room?an iq of 50 someone has that on there sig
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