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  1. TheGermanLegend

    Could OoT-Phantom Ganon Be Vaati?

    Recently I thought much about the Historia timeline and noticed that Vaati was sealed with the Four Sword befor the splits, but only freed and finally killed in the child timeline. So I wonderd why he doesn't appear in the adult and hero defeated timeline. In the GBA remake of ALttP we can...
  2. TheGermanLegend

    Need Help Understanding Some Parts of TP

    Hello everyone. I recently beat TP again, but I need your help to understand a few things. 1) Why is the ToC weaker than the other two pieces of the :triforce:? When Link is pulled into the Twilight he can't stay in his hylian form any longer, so the ToC transforms him into Wolf Link. But...
  3. TheGermanLegend

    Why the "official" Timeline Looks Like It Does

    Today at school I was wondering why the "offizial" Timeline looks like it does. First it seemed very strange to me, that Nintendo decided to give the ALttP/OoX/LA-LoZ/AoL-Part the status of "only" a what-if-scenario but after thinking about it I knew why. Look at most the timelines we have...
  4. TheGermanLegend

    The Bosses from LoZ and AoL - Good or Bad???

    I was wondering. In LoZ Zelda has hidden the ToW, which she has broken in 8 pieces. To get one of these pieces you have to fight against a boss(Aquamentus, Dodongo, Gohma, Digdogger, Manhandla and Gleeok). If Zelda put hem there to protect the ToW, why do they attack Link??? If it was Gannon...
  5. TheGermanLegend

    Spoiler AoL Takes Place Between OoT and WW

    Many people think it is very difficult to place the first two Zelda games, LoZ and AoL. When first playing you might think the only thing that connects them to an other game are the names of the villages in AoL, who are named after the sages from OoT(and Mido) but there is more: The Sleeping...
  6. TheGermanLegend

    Hyrules Geography - My Theory - There Are 2 Hyrules

    After I researching the geography of Hyrule for some days I made a theory that there are two Hyrules. The TP-Hyrule and the AoL-Hyrule. The OoT-, ALttP-, FSA-Hyrule and the Great sea are all the same and they are also Ordona and Faron Province. Holodrum, Labrynna, LoZ-Hyrule and TMC-HYrule...
  7. TheGermanLegend

    Spoiler My Personal Split Timeline Theory

    First of all, sorry for any grammar or spelling errors. I’m from Germany and I started learning English a few years ago, so it might not be perfect. Let’s start: My timeline starts with TMC which shows the Origin of Vaati and the Four Swords. After TMC I place OoT as it shows the...
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