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  1. Billy Ninja

    Pro Tips - Post Yours.

    Pro tip 1: Once you've played through the intro of the game(after you get the green tunic), save the game and make 2 copies of it in the remaining slots. Just in case. Believe me, the intro is great but I don't think you wanna go through it twice. There's a lot of text and almost no gameplay...
  2. Billy Ninja

    What Are Your Remaining Fears About the Game?

    What Are Your Remaining Fears/Concerrns About the Game? Well, before this recent media blowout I was already very confident in the game, because I trust the team, the franchise formula, and since they gave it the time to get done. But, sincerely I was uneasy about a lot of things. The recent...
  3. Billy Ninja

    Will The Sky Really Be That Big? (unsure)

    I know, the reps and previewers are saying that the Sky will be very big and all. So why all the portals for the land areas showed so far (green, red and yellow beacons) are so close to the Skyloft Village? Why? Well, it only makes sense and I did speculated on this months ago. The Sky...
  4. Billy Ninja

    Strange Bird Statues. The New Ooccoo? + Golden Sculpture the New Boss Key?

    Well the localization producer already told that will be taken to Skyloft by some statues, but I've never seen image of any of these before. It must be it, right? I think that theses are for going up only, going down will be by free fall in big holes in the sky (as seen in the trailers)...
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