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  1. Canadian

    Favorite One of Link's Various Shields.

    i like the v1.0 of the mirror shield from Ocarina of Time, i don't really like the one in Majora's Mask (its scary :()
  2. Canadian

    What Are Your Zelda Related Plans for 2012?

    Find and track down the gameboy/gameboy color games, then beat them, then sleep :3
  3. Canadian

    Shiny Pokemon

    once i got a shiny Pokemon (can't remember what Pokemon it was)from link trade (or whatever you call it)on Pokemon Pearl. At first I didn't know what was going on, so i traded it back in and i was the BIGGEST mistake of my (Pokemon traner)life
  4. Canadian

    Your Favorite Pokemon Game

    Pokemon yellow was my first game and my favourite(and if you can please excuse me, im going to play some Pokemon Yellow)
  5. Canadian

    Ocarina of Time Tunic Colors: Which Games' Tunics Did You Prefer?

    While my first playthrough of Ocarina of Time 3D I would just forget to take off the red tunic (why? I dont know.) But while playing the original Ocarina of Time on the N64, I would normaly wear the green one
  6. Canadian

    Four Swords Zelda 4 Swords DSi/3DS

    Its free until like 2 months after new years if I remember correctly
  7. Canadian

    General Classic Ocarina of Time V Majora's Mask

    Yeah Ocarina of Time was cool, grabbing the master sword as a kid and turning as an adult was quite interesting, but grabbing masks in Majora's Mask was cool
  8. Canadian

    Twilight Princess Funnest Boss in Tp

    i liked the mini boss in the forest temple.... it was fun swinging your sword at the monkey's butt
  9. Canadian

    Ocarina of Time ¿!Which is Your Favorite Moment in The Legend Of Zelda Ocarina of Time!?

    for me, my favorite part of ocarina of time was when i killed an enemy, it got decapitaded and turned in to diffrent colours of smoke :3
  10. Canadian

    What Did You Name Your Loftwing?

    i called my loftwing Bird, cause that's what it is right?
  11. Canadian

    General Classic Three Heart Run

    for me, my opinion isn't in the list but for me the only one that i did a 3 heart run was Ocarina of Time but i would do a 3 heart run on Wind Waker too
  12. Canadian

    Does Anyone else Hate the Way Link Runs in Skyward Sword?

    put your sword away then you know?
  13. Canadian

    Ocarina of Time Hardest Dungeon in Ocarina of Time?

    hands down the water temple because its annoying and we need to backtrack all the time and its annoying
  14. Canadian

    Majora's Mask Best Boss?

    TwinMold, due to the fact that they don't do anything than just fly around or something
  15. Canadian

    Ocarina of Time Water Temple

    HATE the water temple it took me ages to finish it
  16. Canadian

    Saddest Zelda Song

    Fore me, its gotta be the song after you go back into grany's house in Wind Waker (Okay it might not be THAT sad, but whatever)
  17. Canadian

    Most Hated Enemy in Zelda

    its gotta be the stalfos from Ocarina of Time, they are such a pain in the *** to defeat
  18. Canadian

    Ocarina Vs Harp

    i gotta say the Ocarina, cause I think its easyer to play than the Lyre (didn't play Skyward Sword yet, so i have no clue if its easier or harder, but im getting it after Boxing day)
  19. Canadian

    How Were You Introduced to Zelda?

    My first time playing Zelda was back when i was 3-4 years old when my friend rented Ocarina of time on the nintendo 64 and when i had the time to play it, i would just walk to his house that was just across the street and i was hooked after that.
  20. Canadian

    The Minish Cap Best 2D Zelda?

    i gotta say a link to the past
  21. Canadian

    Star Trek Vs Star Wars

    I like Star Wars. Dunno why but i do
  22. Canadian

    Pikachu: Chubby or Athletic?

    i love chubby pikachu cause he's classic
  23. Canadian

    Your First Pokemon

    Oh god, my first game was Pokémon yellow for the original gameboy, so i couldn't choose between bulbasaur, charmander and squirtle. So i had no choice to use pikachu ( he's a great Pokémon by the way).
  24. Canadian

    Why Are People Hating on Call of Duty and Not Pokemon?

    COD didn't start with modern warfare. Plus why would you not want to throw balls on weird like animals that live in tall grass, water and caves?
  25. Canadian

    How Do You Use Your Master Ball?

    catch a pidgey witch it then use all the rare candies on it! ALL THE RARE CANDIES
  26. Canadian

    WW-Wii U Why Do Some People Hate Wind Waker Because of the Graphics?

    At first, my impression was "What is this? This doesn't look like a zelda game to me..." then i looked at the cover and it was a zelda game. I still dont own the game itself, but i can still borrow it from my friend.
  27. Canadian

    Ocarina of Time What Sage Was Your Favorite from Ocarina of Time?

    i liked Darunia, cause he's a goron, and gorons are cool :D
  28. Canadian

    Phantom Hourglass Figure Giveaway - Favorite Zelda Enemy

    I loved the beamos cause in Skyward Sword, you use your sword instead of bombs (i think you can use bombs on them, i didn't play the game yet), and that's a major improvement.
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