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  1. Rafa1996

    Help. Minish Cap last Kinstone fusion

    So I'm missing just one Kinstone fusion, and i believe it is the one that restores the tree on the right in the Western Wood. Anyone know where is that fusion? I'm sorry if this doesn't belong here...
  2. Rafa1996

    Spoiler Skyward Sword's ending?

    Okay, so I think everyone that has beaten this game can agree that the ending makes no sense. How can the game happen if at the end you destroy Demise in the past? It's a grandfather paradox too big to ignore. You could say that the timeline is split when Link goes back to the past to rescue...
  3. Rafa1996

    Oracle of Ages: I lost my shield.

    So I had the Mirror Shield, but it got eaten by a Like Like inside Jabu Jabu's belly. Is there a way to get it back or is it gone foirever?
  4. Rafa1996

    General Zelda What Would You Change About a Game?

    I think we've all thought at some point while playing a Zelda game "This should've been like that", "They shoul've done this", etc. What are the things that you would change of a game to make it better? I'll start. I recently played through TP again and after I beat Arbiter's Grounds and the...
  5. Rafa1996

    Game Help Wind Waker Pictographs

    I'm close to beating WW for the first time, and I'm trying to complete the figurine gallery. I was in Ganon's Tower, and as you know, you fight again 4 of the dungeon bosses. So i took out my Pictobox and took Pictographs of them, but only 3. When I activated that portal thingy, I went to the...
  6. Rafa1996

    Majora's Mask Fourth Day Glitch

    I'm trying to do the 4th day glitch, but it's not working. It is supposed to work if I exit the telescope when 00:00:02 or less remains; but I exit when there was 00:00:01 left and it didn't work. What am I doing wrong?? does it not work with the VC version???
  7. Rafa1996

    Twilight Princess Help Finding Chests Around Hyrule

    I want to get every single thing in this game, and for that I need your help. The only thing I may be missing in the game are some chests that are found outside the dungeons; I may have them all, but I'm not sure. So, could you please tell me any chest you remeber?? Any chest that is found...
  8. Rafa1996

    Twilight Princess Help Completing 100%

    I already got all Heart Pieces and Poe Souls; and besides some chests in dungeons that have only Rupees, I think I'm only missing 1 fish. I have Ordon Catfish, Greengill, Reekfish, Hyrule Bass, and Hylian Loach. Which one am I missing and where do I find it???
  9. Rafa1996

    Twilight Princess Poe Question

    So I'm using the guide on this site to get the 6 Poes I'm missing. But I have one question. Does the Poe in the Lost Woods appear only at night??? And, is there a way to know which ones I'm missing??
  10. Rafa1996

    Majora's Mask Majora's Mask 3D???

    So I was looking at a list of 3DS games in Wikipedia, and right below OOT3D it says "The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask (working title)". Can anyone tell me does this mean???
  11. Rafa1996

    Majora's Mask Help

    So I just finished the Snowhead Temple, I wanted to do it by myself so I didn't use the walkthrough. But now that I see the walkthrough, it says that to upgrade my sword to the Gilded Sword, it must be the 1st day or night, but I got out of the temple in the 2nd night, and it says that I would...
  12. Rafa1996

    Skyward Sword All Bosses in Boss Gauntlet??

    The last one that appears is the 3rd battle with The Imprisoned. How do I get the other 2 battles to be available??? Are they only available in Hero Mode??? I've beaten the game but I haven't started Hero Mode yet.
  13. Rafa1996

    Majora's Mask Is There a Way???

    So I recently downloaded MM for the Virtual Console. I just finished the 1st dungeon. But, is there a way I can keep all my arrows, bombs, deku sticks, etc. after going back to the 1st day?? Or an easy way to get them all again??
  14. Rafa1996

    The Legend of Zelda Level 5

    Never mind. This thread can now be closed.
  15. Rafa1996

    Skyward Sword Did I 100%'d It???

    I just beat Skyward Sword and I think I 100%'d it, but I'm not really sure. *I have all the Pieces of Heart plus the 2 medals. *I have all 5 bottles. *I have all the upgrades. *I found all Godess Cubes and opened all the chests. *I found all Gratitude Crystals and turned Batreaux into a...
  16. Rafa1996

    Skyward Sword Pieces of Heart

    I'm 2 Pieces of Heart away to complete my 18th (out of 20) heart. I just opened the entrance to the last dungeon (I did the last Silent Realm on my first try without any kind of help:)). I have opened all the Godess Chests (I can't find anymore cubes with Dowsing). Do I get a heart piece from...
  17. Rafa1996

    Skyward Sword Any Tips???

    So, in the Lumpy Pumpkin, the 3rd task to pay the chandelier is to play the Harp with Kina, but I always fail!!!! Any tips on how I can do better??? And what do I get afterwards??
  18. Rafa1996

    A Link to the Past Did I 100'd It???

    So I just beat ALttP. I have all hearts,items, and upgrades. Did I already 100'd it, or do I need to do something else?
  19. Rafa1996

    A Link to the Past I'm Stuck in the Ice Palace

    I'm nearly done with the dungeon, in the floor B6 there's a switch that opens a door, but as soon as I step out of it, the door closes; there's a block in the same room, but I can only push it once. How do I keep the switch pressed???
  20. Rafa1996

    A Link to the Past When??

    So I got the Mushroom and gave it to the witch in the Magic Shop, she told me to come back later to get something. When is "later"? I have beaten the first 3 dungeons and got the Master Sword.
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