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  1. Ultimatium

    Why did the aliens invade romani ranch?

    I'd like to start a debate about the alien invasion in majora's mask. It takes place outside of the barn during the night, and it has quite a creepy atmosphere surrounding it. If you fail the quest, cremia will show up the next morning, to tell you that the aliens took her little sister with...
  2. Ultimatium

    Is majora's mask just a dream?

    So, i always wanted to come up with my own theory about majora's mask, so here it is. the skull kid, a prankster, is left alone in the lost woods, so he decides to befriend four giants. the skull kid is angry that his closest friends, the four giants, have left and betrayed him. so when two...
  3. Ultimatium

    Is ocarina of time & majora's mask still popular?

    I was curious if these games are still being talked about on this forum? It's been a long time since i have played these games, but i would still like to contribute to this forum, if people are still using it.
  4. Ultimatium

    Is it possible to beat the water temple this way?

    I was curious if it would be possible to beat the water temple, without getting the blue tunic first? I have tried it a few times, but i wasn't able to do it, did you guys try it?
  5. Ultimatium

    Was the deku nut bug ever fixed?

    I'd like to know if the bug with the deku nut has been fixed, in any of the versions of ocarina of time?
  6. Ultimatium

    What's the story of pamela & her father?

    I'd like to start a thread about the sidequest in majora's mask, where pamela and her father are going through a series of struggles, which ends up with link playing the song of healing, to heal the troubled soul of pamela's father and obtain the gibdo mask. Is there a deeper meaning to this...
  7. Ultimatium

    Virtual console graphics

    So, i just bought majora's mask on my nintendo wii from the virtual console shop, and the graphics are really grainy and blurry. It's an old game i know, but im playing it on this tv using a component cable, so the graphics should at least be okay. I did a comparison with the gamecube version of...
  8. Ultimatium

    Super mario 64 & super mario sunshine

    So, i just found some of my old consoles with a couple of games, that i would like to play a bit before i give them away, just for the sake of nostalgia. I had a look to see if i could find a website where people still talk about these games, but i couldn't find any, except a few message boards...
  9. Ultimatium

    Is majora's mask a bit underappriciated?

    I'd like to say that i have read a few comments on various message boards, where some people suggest that majora's mask is merely the shadow of ocarina of time. I personally have a somewhat different opinion. I'd say that ocarina of time, while without doubt being one of the best games ever...
  10. Ultimatium

    General Classic Is It Possible to Change the Name on a OOT Savefile?

    I have an old savefile that i would really to change to Link, is this even possibly? I would hate if i had to delete it and create a new game.
  11. Ultimatium

    Is twilight princess worth playing?

    I just bought twilight princess, and it was a game that i was really looking forward to play, but im already a bit disappointed. I really don't know what to say. I guess i was expecting a game similar to ocarina of time, but apparently im playing as a wolf right now?
  12. Ultimatium

    What did you like about the wind waker?

    I used to play this game back in the days as a kid. I was curious if anyone else used to play this game? I though it was interesting with the cel-shading graphics. I'd probably prefer ocarina of time and majora's mask, but i still thought it was a fun game to play.
  13. Ultimatium

    What's the story of the deku butler's son?

    I'd like to know if you guys have noticed the mysterious tree found in clocktown's basement, right after the forest stage? It's the deku butler's supposed son that im talking about. It's a bit of a mystery, as to how the deku butler was able to sneak into this place, as it's sealed off by a...
  14. Ultimatium

    The stone door in clocktown's basement

    I'd like to know if it's somehow possible to open the stone door found in clocktown's basement, after you go through it? If it is, would that allow you to go back through the twisted hallway that leads to the forest stage in the beginning of the game? Also, i think i have read a theory somewhere...
  15. Ultimatium

    What's your favorite location?

    I was curious if you guys have a favorite location in ocarina of time or majora's mask? I should probably clarify by saying, that we are talking about the whole game, so that includes towns, dungeons, secret locations and pretty much everywhere else in the game. I'd probably say the ice cave.
  16. Ultimatium

    Who has beaten ocarina of time completely?

    I was curious if anyone has managed to beat ocarina of time to every tiny little detail? In contrast to majora's mask, the treasure chests stays open, so i will allow myself to count them on the list as well. I have beat ganondorf several times, and i have found some pieces of heart pieces and...
  17. Ultimatium

    Who has beaten majora's mask completely?

    I was curious of how many of you have beaten this game completely, by finding all of the items, stray fairies, bottles, masks and basically everything else in the game? I have personally found everything in the game, besides a few pieces of heart that im still missing.
  18. Ultimatium

    What's your favorite minigame?

    I'd like to know if you guys have a favorite minigame? I really enjoyed the sidequest with the beaver brothers in majora's mask. I found the waterfall rapids to be surprisingly spacious, plus i really like its beautiful surroundings. I also thought it was a lot of fun to race against them.
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