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  1. Rafa1996

    What Are You Doing In Zelda?

    I'm close to beating Age of Calamity. I'm also replaying OOT 3D. I lost my original copy and got a new one a few years ago, but I hadn't beaten it in the new one.
  2. Rafa1996

    How many hours have you put into the game (so far)

    I've played over 140 hours. I just found all shrines yesterday, I've beaten the 4 Divine Beasts, around 250 Koroks.
  3. Rafa1996

    What Are You Doing In BOTW?

    I'm looking for the last 4 shrines before I head to Hyrule Castle
  4. Rafa1996

    Location Names: Lots of Interesting References

    In Hyrule Field you can find the Ranch Ruins. Sure, there have been many ranches, but the ruined buildings and fences arrangement resemble Lon Lon Ranch's. There's also Mabe Village Ruins, Mount Daphnes. The entire game is full of references.
  5. Rafa1996

    Joystick Jams in BOTW

    Several people have reported that the Joycon have a syncing issue where what you described happens. Thankfully my Joycon seem to be working perfectly. I hear nintendo is investigating the issue and will hopefully address it in a future update.
  6. Rafa1996

    Help. Minish Cap last Kinstone fusion

    Yeah, I found it! Thank you!!!
  7. Rafa1996

    Help. Minish Cap last Kinstone fusion

    So I'm missing just one Kinstone fusion, and i believe it is the one that restores the tree on the right in the Western Wood. Anyone know where is that fusion? I'm sorry if this doesn't belong here...
  8. Rafa1996

    Spoiler Skyward Sword's ending?

    So are you suggesting another split? I guess it would make sense if Link, Zelda, and Groose returned to their original present after defeating Demise in the past. That leaves their present unaltered, and the past with Demise dead is the new timeline. But that wouldn't explain the Master Sword...
  9. Rafa1996

    Spoiler Skyward Sword's ending?

    That two Zeldas theory can be solved with Demise being "divided". When Link defeated him in the past, he wasn't completely destroyed, so Zelda didn't wake up in the past.
  10. Rafa1996

    Spoiler Skyward Sword's ending?

    Okay, so I think everyone that has beaten this game can agree that the ending makes no sense. How can the game happen if at the end you destroy Demise in the past? It's a grandfather paradox too big to ignore. You could say that the timeline is split when Link goes back to the past to rescue...
  11. Rafa1996

    What Do You Want to Be Shown at E3?

    A trailer. A title. A release date. A synopsis of the story, I don't want details. And some gameplay.
  12. Rafa1996

    TPHD-Wii U Question about completion (may contain spoilers)

    I believe there are 2 in each dungeon. The rest are in the overworld, where chests with rupees used to be. A few are given to you by some characters.
  13. Rafa1996

    Live Action Legend of Zelda Television Show - What You Would Like to See (and Not to See)

    I don't want any American accent to be heard.
  14. Rafa1996

    Oracle of Ages: I lost my shield.

    Oh. That's great. Thanks.
  15. Rafa1996

    Oracle of Ages: I lost my shield.

    So I had the Mirror Shield, but it got eaten by a Like Like inside Jabu Jabu's belly. Is there a way to get it back or is it gone foirever?
  16. Rafa1996

    Ocarina of Time 3D Changes?

    There are a couple of switches that were moved from behind some bars to another place that isn't behind bars.... The Ocarina has its own slot on the touch screen rather than being an equipable item. The boots are no longer part of the equipment and are now equipable items, so it's much easier...
  17. Rafa1996

    Skyward Sword VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 109!

    I think we should have been able to choose our own path. Maybe not with all the dungeons, maybe just for the Ancient Cistern, Sandship, and Fire Sanctuary.
  18. Rafa1996

    General Zelda What Would You Change About a Game?

    I think we've all thought at some point while playing a Zelda game "This should've been like that", "They shoul've done this", etc. What are the things that you would change of a game to make it better? I'll start. I recently played through TP again and after I beat Arbiter's Grounds and the...
  19. Rafa1996

    General Zelda Omniscient Triforce?

    If it's omniscient it means it knows everything. Maybe it does, but just doesn't distinguish good from evil.
  20. Rafa1996

    Twilight Princess 59 Poes - Twilight Princess

    I think you should check every location again, even if you're sure you've already gotten it. Maybe you think you did, but you really didn't. Maybe one time you missed one because it turned to day, so maybe you remember getting it. I remember one time I was attacking a Poe, and it was almost day...
  21. Rafa1996

    General Zelda Bits You Didn't 'Get'

    I had no idea there was a graveyard in Hyrule Castle in Twilight Princess when I first played the game. I found out sround last year when I was looking at the guide here to 100% the game. In Phantom Hourglass, when you have to actually close the DS to get that thing on the map, I had absolutely...
  22. Rafa1996

    General Zelda Toon Link in Mario Kart 8!

    That's funny. My birthday's on April 13 too.... I think the idea of any Zelda character riding a kart is really weird...
  23. Rafa1996

    General Zelda Pronunciation of Farore

    I've always pronounced it "fah-roar". And it isn't like that in French. It would be almost like "fah-roar", but the "r" would be different. I have no idea how to write how it would be pronounced.
  24. Rafa1996

    General Zelda Is Zelda Using Too Many Alternate Worlds?

    Don't forget Phantom Hourglass.
  25. Rafa1996

    Interesting Thoughts About Lorule

  26. Rafa1996

    Ocarina of Time Cosmo Wright Holds the Ocarina of Time World Record.

    It shouldn't count if it's done with glitches...
  27. Rafa1996

    Are the Sages in TP Related to the Sages in OoT?

    The Sage who dies is the Water Sage.
  28. Rafa1996

    What is the Most Recent Dungeon That You Completed?

    I beat the Forsaken Fortress in WW. With this being my second playthrough (it's the 2nd quest), I think this is actually the easiest dungeon in the game. Both parts. This time, in the first visit, I managed to beat it without being captured once. And the second visit is just very easy now that...
  29. Rafa1996

    Zelda Wii U: Another Orchestral Score?

    I'm not a fan of SS's music, but I think they should keep it orchestraed.
  30. Rafa1996

    Spoiler Who is Queen Rutela?

    I would say Rutela is Ruto's daughter. I have no evidence to support this; it just seems likely.
  31. Rafa1996

    General Zelda The Ultimate World Of Zelda Quiz

    Allright. So these are my answers. The ones I didn't know, I left them blank. An asterisk * means I'm not sure.
  32. Rafa1996

    General Zelda The Ultimate World Of Zelda Quiz

    I don't know how to put spoilers, so I can't post my answers yet.
  33. Rafa1996

    Can Some One Explain the Time Line to Me Rly Simple?

    The split is actually quite simple. In OOT, Link defeats Ganon and he gets sealed in the Sacred Realm, Zelda sends Link to the past, and then there's a celebration (after the battle with Ganon); all the games after this celebration are in the Adult Timeline; in this branch, Ganondorf is sealed...
  34. Rafa1996

    Song of Storms Time Paradox

    It's an Ontological Paradox. Basically, the song exists without having been created; what created it was Link teaching it Guru guru, but Guru guru taught it to Link... :tardis:"People assume that time is a strict progression of cause-and-effect... but actually, from a non-linear...
  35. Rafa1996

    Weakest Link

    Probably TP Link. The Ball and Chain is pretty deadly. Aside from that, he is able to swing his sword unerwater; it takes a lot of strength to do that.
  36. Rafa1996

    What Language Do You Play Your Zelda Games In?

    My first language is Spanish, but I play games in English; I think they sound silly in Spanish. And I also get to practice my English.
  37. Rafa1996

    Zelda Riddles!!

    I'm still thinking...
  38. Rafa1996

    The Degree of Difference

    How is the plot a copy of OoT?
  39. Rafa1996

    Game Help Wind Waker Pictographs

    I'm close to beating WW for the first time, and I'm trying to complete the figurine gallery. I was in Ganon's Tower, and as you know, you fight again 4 of the dungeon bosses. So i took out my Pictobox and took Pictographs of them, but only 3. When I activated that portal thingy, I went to the...
  40. Rafa1996

    The Degree of Difference

    1. They were very different and the monkeys actually did something. 2. So basically OOT copied that from ALttP. Getting something important after 3 dungeons. happens in a lot of Zelda games. 3. That's true. 4. That's also true. But why should they use another song? 5. I think this is the only...
  41. Rafa1996


    Iplayed the Tower of the Gods for the first time ever today and I thought it was very similar to the Temple of Time. Also, both have that balance thingy. I didn't read the entire first post, and none of the other posts (I'm too lazy right now, I might read them later...)
  42. Rafa1996

    Stupid Things You Did? (in Zelda Games)

    In TP, I would equip the Bomb arrows and just shoot at the sky pretending they were fireworks.... I would always run out of arrows and bombs...
  43. Rafa1996

    Stupid Things You Did? (in Zelda Games)

    In SS, I threw all the pumpkins in Skyloft to the water... I also made Link wlak very slowly, but I also quickly press A, so the stamina meter would deplete. So Link got really tired for walking a really short distance :lol:
  44. Rafa1996

    Spoiler Since It's Implied...

    Estelle is not star in French.... It's Étoile... :rolleyes:
  45. Rafa1996

    The Gorons: Oh, How They Have Changed

    I'm not sure, but aren't there Gorons in the Oracles?? The Gorons from PH are also from an alternate world, and you forgot the Gorons from ST.. :I
  46. Rafa1996

    Game Help Twilight Princess-Out of Reach Treasure Chest

    There's a lot of hidden chests in Twilight Princess. There's one at the end of the river (next to Hyrule town)
  47. Rafa1996

    My Mind Blowing Realization

    If we ignore all the rest of the ending of the game and only leave Zelda giving the bracelet to Impa in the past, and then she still has it in the future (present), it makes sense. But the rest of the ending doesn't make sense. AT. ALL.
  48. Rafa1996

    Time Confusion in MM

    There's a theory that Time in Termina passes differently than in Hyrule. So in the time that Link got to Termina, the Skull Kid could have already been there for some days, even if in Hyrule it passed about 2 minutes...
  49. Rafa1996

    Thoughts on Zelda Guides/Companions

    I've never found Navi annoying. Tatl was cool. I've never played WW, so I can't say anything about The King of Red Lions. I think Midna is the best, she could have been using Link at first, but later she became Link's partner. Her hints were short and useful, and never interrupted your...
  50. Rafa1996

    Majora's Mask Fourth Day Glitch

    Yes! That helped a lot!!! Thank you!!!
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