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  1. Danigo92498

    Kingdom Hearts Dungeon?

    I was just wondering: "Like what if there was a Kingdom Hearts Dungeon?" It's a game series and I don't think there is a quality site for walkthroughs and forums(maybe a few, but not for walkthroughs). I think it might not be a bad idea to make a Kingdom Hearts Dungeon because it's big like...
  2. Danigo92498

    In Which Order Do You Get the Portions of Song of the Hero?

    Basically what the title says. Which Dragon do you go to first,second, and last? I usually go in order from Water to Fire to Thunder(best for last!)
  3. Danigo92498

    Spoiler Am I the Only One with This Problem?

    Possible spoiler I was playing SS and I was at the part were you have to do the mini dungeon with the timeshift orb(Before Sandship) and you have to use the Beetle. I noticed that if I used the beetle in or go into the area affected by the timeshift orb, the beetle would almost instantly...
  4. Danigo92498

    Do You Think SS Was Too Easy To 100%?

    IMO, 100%ing Skyward Sword wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. Not much else I can say... What about you?
  5. Danigo92498

    What is The Hero's Shade?

    I feel like an idiot for asking this but it's been in the forums recently. What is the Hero's Shade, the dark side of link or something?
  6. Danigo92498

    What Do You Think Of The Timeshift Stones From SS?

    I thought the timeshift stones were cool in my opinion.
  7. Danigo92498

    Skyward Sword Bug Locations

    To help those in need in finding some bugs
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