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  1. Kyros 676


    I was playing AlttP today, and i thought of something that will either dawn me crazy or thoughtful. The pendants in the game seem to have pearls on the ends of the necklaces, and in WW, you get the same colored pearls. Could these pearls be from the pendants of AlttP? Just a thought :hmm:
  2. Kyros 676

    Rush Fans?

    Hey guys! I was wondering if there were any Rush fans out there. I'm going to see them in May, and I was wondering, which Rush song is your favorite? Mine is definitely Subdivisions, because that's what actually got me into them.
  3. Kyros 676

    Spoiler Midna's Return?

    At the end of Twilight Princess, Midna does shatter the Mirror of Twilight, separating her world from Link's. HOWEVER. "See you later" Is Midna coming back? :puppy: Even if the Twilight is seperated, there is no reason it can't be reopened. It was before.
  4. Kyros 676

    HOLD IT!

    In the child timeline where the sacred realm is protected, how come Ganondorf still has the triforce of power? In the adult timeline, supposedly when Ganondorf enters the sacred realm, he seizes the Triforce of Power. So if that was prevented, how did he ultimately end up having it in Twilight...
  5. Kyros 676

    Sonic Games Beaten

    Which Sonic the Hedgehog games have you beaten? I've beaten Sonic 2, 3, Adventure, Adventure 2, Advance, Generations, Colors, & Knuckles, and the Black Knight.
  6. Kyros 676

    Gohma to Gohma?

    In Ocarina of Time, the first boss you face was a giant insect named Gohma. It was a simple boss that simply sent it's "children" after you. In TWW, the first boss you face is... Gohma? A giant insect who lives in lava? There is something familiar about these two.... :S I was wondering why...
  7. Kyros 676

    Majora's Mask: Red Star

    I know that Random Person discussed this on Z Talk, and there was probably another post on this, but Random Person had said at around 3 A.M. on the night of the first day, the star disappears. (If you don't know what I'm talking about, look in the sky when the stars are out in the night of the...
  8. Kyros 676

    Favorite Sonic Levels?

    There have been many great Sonic the Hedgehog games and many great levels. So I was wondering, which ones are your favorites? Mine are: Sonic 1: Green Hill Zone, Spring Yard Zone, Scrap Brain Zone. Sonic 2: Chemical Plant Zone, Aquatic Ruins Zone, Casino Night Zone. Sonic 3: Angel Island...
  9. Kyros 676

    Sonic the Hedgehog Fans?

    I am a total Sonic fan... and Sonic and Link are my two favorite video game characters. Is anybody else a Sonic fan? If so... which Sonic game is your favorite?
  10. Kyros 676

    A Link to the Past How is a Link to the Past?

    I've been told ALttP is a very good game, yet I've never gotten it. And now I'm not sure if I should get it. I need some advice... should I get it? And why?
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