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  1. GanonSlayr

    Mythical/Extinct Creatures.

    If you could have one mythical or extinct creature be brought either back into life or into life, what would it be? I would love to see the return of the wooly mammoth ( screw roads, I'm riding one to school), and the appearance of both dragons and worm bunnies.
  2. GanonSlayr


    So, I'm going paintballing for the first time next week, and I'm wondering if you have any advice. I know about thick clothing (I'm probably going overboard anyway) but if you have any tips or strategies it would be nice. The two maps we'll be primarily on are a woods map and an "Urban" one.
  3. GanonSlayr

    Why This Stereotype?

    Why is there this stereotype on this site that the X360 and PS3 are only for people who like to blow things up and play mindless games? People keep on saying that they're crap and they have no good games, and that everyone just likes to play COD on them.
  4. GanonSlayr

    What's the Point of Clothes?

    I don't get it. If it's hot out, why should we have to wear clothes? Why has our society developed to that point?
  5. GanonSlayr

    "Hardcore" Gamers.

    This one term I find completely ridiculous. It's impossible to be hardcore when you're a "gamer". People brag about being a hardcore gamer, but it's not really something to be proud of. You wouldn't tell a girl you like you're a hardcore gamer would you? If you were at a job interview, you...
  6. GanonSlayr


    So, I'm looking for a good camping hatchet under fifty dollars. If any of you have any recommendations if you could share them that would be great.
  7. GanonSlayr

    Places You Would Love to Travel.

    Just, places you would to travel to. 1. Italy- Amalfi Coast 2. Tibet- Drepung Monastery, Mount Laikash 3. Iran- Persepolis (If they accepted Americans as tourists) 4. Greece- Athens 5. Wherever the Ruins of Carthage are. 6. Morocco- Marrakesh 7. Finland- Lapland 8. Norway- Oslo 9. Sweden-...
  8. GanonSlayr


    I feel like there needed to be a thread dedicated to these creatures. What you would do in an outbreak, what a real life zombie would look like, so on so forth. I personally believe that a zombie in real life would be a human who' been reduced to a primitive state, like an extreme human rabies...
  9. GanonSlayr

    Eccentric Grandparents Stories.

    I personally have extremely eccentric grandparents, who are hilarious, annoying and just... well... strange at times. And I feel Like there needs to be a thread devoted to random stories about them. So, basically, just tell random stories about your eccentric grandparents. My grandpa once told...
  10. GanonSlayr

    If You Could Automatically Learn Eight Languages, What Would They Be and Why?

    Me personally, it would be these: 1. Italian: Want to live there. So much. 2. Greek Same as Italy. 3. Japanese 4. Han Chinese: 5. Faarsi : Would love to live/travel to Iran. Why? Persia. Persian Artifacts *drools* 6. Arabic 7. Russian: It sounds freaking awesome. 8. Armenian: Would love...
  11. GanonSlayr

    Good Gaming Laptop for Under 1000$

    Essentially, I'm currently looking at gaming laptops. I don't have nearly enough for one, even under 800, but I'm just interested. I'm currently looking at the Asus Republic of Gamers 15.6", but I'm also looking at the Alienware M11x. Something with enough power to run Skyrim on Medium settings.
  12. GanonSlayr

    Next Console Gen.

    I feel like I'm betraying Zelda. This is because The next console Gen, I'll probably get the PSIV or Xbox 720 instead. This is because the only games I really enjoy on Nintendo Systems are Zelda and sometimes Metroid. Also, the Playstation/Xbox might have better exclusives and maybe power. If...
  13. GanonSlayr

    COD for 3DS

    Basically, would you like to see Call of Duty on the 3DS? With the Circle Pad Pro it would work quite well, and the gameplay for the COD DS titles without the second analog stick might do well as well, although not the most desirable. The graphics would do pretty well as well. Also, you could...
  14. GanonSlayr

    Best Music in the Series?

    I have played no more than forty minutes of Skyward Sword. You may say it is a crime, but I got it today, and I had to study for a math test. Already,I can say it has, in my opinion, the best soundtrack in the series. I have played a lot of zelda games but even after all of those, it has the...
  15. GanonSlayr

    Why Are People Hating on Call of Duty and Not Pokemon?

    Know you all know people have been mad at Activision and various other developers of COD for rehashing or making the games so similar they almost seem like the same thing, but why is no one calling out Pokémon for doing this? They've been doing it for about 15 years and no one's complained! I...
  16. GanonSlayr

    Tech Help Good Bass Amp? Help?

    So basically, i was wondering if you guys could recommend a good bass amp? I m currently looking at the peavey max 126, but what do you guys think?
  17. GanonSlayr

    Top Ten Video Game Themes

    so basically, what are your top ten video game themes and why? 1. Final fantasy theme (especially the piano rendition at the end of FFVIII and the one played in VII) 2. Matoyas cave theme. FF1 3. Chaos temple theme FF1 4. Final fantasy vii battle theme 5. Oppressed people FFvii 6. Final...
  18. GanonSlayr

    Would You Like to See Final Fantasy 5, 6 or 7 Remake on the 3DS

    I would love to see a remake of at least one these games. I know,(was it Sakaguchi?) was considering remaking 5&6 for the 3DS. I would also just love to see 7 on the 3DS. I'm not sure if 7 would be possible or not, considering that the game was spread across three discs, also i'm not sure if it...
  19. GanonSlayr

    Nintendo Just Shot Itself in the Leg.

    There are three games, called The Last Story,(directed by Hironobu Sakaguchi!!!!:puppy:), Xenoblade(formally known as Monado beginning of the world) and pandoras tower. As you may have noticed, no interesting games are being released for the Wii lately except skyward sword. Xenoblade,and the...
  20. GanonSlayr

    What is the Strangest Dream You've Ever Had?

    So, what the title says. what is the strangest dream you've ever had? The strangest dream i've ever had was that sandy from spongebob, was floating in space, had eaten too much during thanksgiving, and blew up. this apparently caused a giant, walking, potato to terrorize new york with a skeletal...
  21. GanonSlayr

    If You Had the Choice to Be Immortal, Would You Take It?

    So, what the title said. for me its a mixed bag.CONS to being immortal: because eventually you'd get bored with life. Also all of you're friends would start dying around you. and if you had a wife or husband, he/she would die too:( . Pros:meeting new people and trying new things (plus i could...
  22. GanonSlayr

    Band Name Ideas.

    so basically, me, DLC and a friend are starting a band, but we don't know what to name it. I came up with "the cards that won't be played" but we're still looking for band name ideas. so what ideas for a band name do you have?
  23. GanonSlayr

    What Do You Do to Cheer Yourself Up?

    so basically, when your feeling depressed, what do you do? I usually have a cup of tea or a mug of hot cocoa. I also listen to "on the brightside" by never shout never.( no they have nothing to do with justin beiber) or always look on the brightside of life (Monty python :). when I'm feeling...
  24. GanonSlayr

    What's Your Favorite Miyazaki Film?

    so basically,what's your favorite Miyazaki film? my favorite is either Porco Russo, or castle in the sky. I love all of them though. all of his films I've seen make my top 15 movies easily
  25. GanonSlayr

    HAve You Ever Felt One with Nature?

    now i know many of you will think,ZOMG this is the cheesiest thread i've ever seen, but ive done this many times. I hike alot of mountains(mostly the adirondacks,a stunning,beautiful place in upstate new york). And up there,i've had alot of beautiful moments. just watching the sun set from the...
  26. GanonSlayr

    What Would You Want for a 3DS Zelda?

    so basically, what would you like to see in a 3DS Zelda game? I think it would be cool if it was a 2D game, but that won't happen because the big n is smart enough to see that people won't buy a 2D game, because they want like a seamless 3d experience, not some old 2d game.I would also love to...
  27. GanonSlayr

    Has Any One Played Kidicarus Uprising?

    I was just wondering,has nayone played it yet? i know they turned it into a shooter instead of the traditional platforming,so i was just wondering,is it any good?
  28. GanonSlayr

    Real Music

    Now tis thread is based on opinion,so don't go trollin' I personally htink that music today is way too produced. I prefer punk,bands like the sex pistols,the clash,the ramones,unlike bands like Ke$ha and lady gaga, and i think that music today isn't from the soul,its all about making...
  29. GanonSlayr

    Main Hub in Metroid?

    Now, i love Metroid. I love the whole being alone thing. I just think it would be cool if there was a hub or town in Metroid where you could upgrade your armor or weapons.They kind've did this Metroid prime 3,with samus's ship,but i think it would be cool to have a town or city. do you think it...
  30. GanonSlayr

    Story or Gameplay?

    I'm just wondering,would you rather play a game thats more story driven,or gameplay driven?
  31. GanonSlayr

    Three Wishes

    I you were to have three wishes,what would they be? Mine would be 1.That all of human's energy came from renewable energy(solar,wind,geothermal,water etc.):yes: 2. to have a successful and happy life 3.to have angel wings sprout out of my back at will and be able to fly:puppy: (You cannot...
  32. GanonSlayr

    Minecraft Overrated?

    Ok,now let me start off by saying this:I do not hate minecraft. Its very fun.Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Ok,so,minecraft is amazing,huge open world,tons of creativity,:yes:but i think its overrated:dry:. Now me personally,i love open world games,but one of the reasons i don't...
  33. GanonSlayr

    Muramasa The Demon Blade.

    Ok,no one knows about this game.it probably sold two copies in America.Which is really bad cause its and amazing game,if you like retro hack and slash games,as well as japanese artwork,you will love this game,so much.Just watch reviews and stuff,it got like 9.0's on most sites.
  34. GanonSlayr

    What's Your Favorite Anime/Manga?

    Ok so i was just wondering,what is your favorite anime/manga?(no manga above 16+,seriously) There might already be a thread like this.Mine is Fullmetal Alchemist or Bakuman. for anime, FMA the brotherhood and code geass(so freakin' depressing) or Yuyu hakusho
  35. GanonSlayr

    Pokemon MMO?

    Ok so i read this article on IGN about Pokemon wii and one of the ideas was ta pokemon MMO. i think this would be really cool, mainly because you could battle real people and become gym leaders and pokemon masters. they could also have DLC's with new regions like kanto, johto etc. The map could...
  36. GanonSlayr

    3DS or NGP?

    ok so i was just wondering, would u guys rather have a NGP or 3DS? my friend and i would rather have a 3DS one its 3D,2 it doesn't break if you get lint in the disc slot. Although the NGP will probably have better graphics, thats the only thing going for it, what do you guys think?
  37. GanonSlayr

    New Instrument.

    I think it would be cool to see a new instrument in zelda. I would still love to see the pan flute from spirit tracks,(just cause its an insanely cool instrument) but what instrument do you guys think link should have next. oooh what about a lyre...
  38. GanonSlayr

    More Characterization in Zelda.

    I know characterization isn't the biggest part of zelda, but i would definitely like to see more characterization. like more than in MM. I know thats unlikely, but i would still like to see more of it.
  39. GanonSlayr

    A Bigger Role for Zelda.

    I'm pretty sure there might have already been another thread for this, but i'm not gonna search through 786 threads to find out. anyway, i was thinking it would be cool to have zelda have a bigger role. I know she actually helped you fight ganon in TP and WW etc. but i think nintendo should...
  40. GanonSlayr

    Greenpeace in Zelda?

    I was thinking it would be really cool to see a Zelda game with a theme other than saving the princess. I was thinking it would be cool to have a saving the environment themed game, like origins spirits of the past or princess mononoke( great movies by the way, except for frequent cries of TULA)...
  41. GanonSlayr

    What Will Happen to Skyloft?

    I was thinking that if skyloft isn't in any of the other zelda games (except maybe city in the sky), will it be destroyed? I don't, know but i was thinking it might be destroyed by the villain. what do you guys think?
  42. GanonSlayr

    L.o.z. R.p.g.

    haha, that rhymes. anyway i was thinking it would be so cool to have a turn based rpg like the first 7 FF games,(just as like, a spin off game) because they did it with mario, so why not zelda? It seems more logical than a mario rpg anyway. It would be so cool to have like link as a fighter, a...
  43. GanonSlayr


    If SS does take place before Hyrule, like some speculate, will it be like the original LOZ and have no shops or villages like in the first one? I would prefer there be villages and towns because if i want solitude I'd just play metroid. What about you guys? thoughts? :~
  44. GanonSlayr

    Who Will Zelda Be in Skyward Sword?

    I was just thinking, im pretty sure miyamato has confirmed that zelda will be in ss, however, what if she's not a princess, because if this is like everyone has been speculating,and this game takes place before hyrule, than what if zelda isn't a princess? she could be a girl from his village,or...
  45. GanonSlayr

    The Legend of Zelda Legend of Zelda:the Iphone Adventure?

    calm down, they're not actually making this, i just think it would be cool if they did port or remake the original zelda or even a whole new zelda: What do you guys think?http://zeldadungeon.net/forum/images/smilies/link_smile.gif
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