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  1. Kaleb Dampf

    HALO 5 Competition

    I recently took up the call, as well as 500 other lucky HALO fans did, to attempt the impossible: Create an exact (or very near) representation of the Chief's Mark-VI SPARTAN II that you can walk, run, tumble around, shoot, and talk in. In order to accomplish this, I, at 6'2", (74 inches) need...
  2. Kaleb Dampf

    Anyone ELSE Play MW3 on Wii?

    If so, want to exchange ally codes?
  3. Kaleb Dampf

    Most Overused Quotes Ever

    Most overused quotes ever. If you have any, post them here. I used to be an adventurer like you. And then I took an arrow in the knee
  4. Kaleb Dampf

    Twilight Princess Was TP Ganon's Final Appearance?

    After slaying Ganon with the Master Sword, he loses the piece of Triforce he owns. Are we going to see a new villain, or will he return?
  5. Kaleb Dampf

    Ganondorf Pwn Game

    Rules are simple: Do something to make the Ganon PWN count go up. EXAMPLE: Kaleb walked up to Ganon and punched him in the face. ZD USERS- 1 GANONDORF- 0 Whaddya all say? Want to PWN Ganon?
  6. Kaleb Dampf

    Vial of Immortality

    Here's the rules.... 1) The vial is created by me, and will be just as a King of the Hill match. When you have the vial, declare that you do have it.... then run as fast as you can from the others who wish to take the vial from you. When you have the vial and drink from it, you can no longer...
  7. Kaleb Dampf

    Zelda Art Legend of Zelda: 3 Trilogy

    A few years ago, I created a mini-game of the Zelda series. The titles were (in this order) Courage of 3, Wisdom of 3, and Power of 3. The titular characters was of course Link in Courage of 3, but it was his younger cousin, Erda, in Wisdom, and older cousin Kaleb(:D) in Power. Taking place in...
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