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  1. LittleGumball

    Game Thread Trouble Communicating: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Game Thread

    Greetings, participants. I understand most of you know what's been going on, but let me fill in the details for those of you who don't know - or are pretending not to know - what's going on. Lately, there have been some "strange happenings" in town. It appears that "alternate universes" are...
  2. LittleGumball

    Sign Ups Trouble Communicating: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure (Sign Up Thread)

    https://wiki.mafiascum.net/index.php?title=Trouble_Communicating Here's a link to the setup and mechanics. To sum it up, mafia is a trio with only one person at a time being able to perform a nightkill (the Gunbearer), and the remaining members being Compulsive Faith Healers (protection with 75%...
  3. LittleGumball

    Game Thread Things LG Doesn't Know About: Is This Mafia? Mafia Game Thread

    Hi friends. My name is LG, short for El Gee, short for LittleGumball, short for TheLittlestGumball, short f-- now's not the time for jokes. There is murder afoot! Probably. I didn't actually plan out the plot to this. what do i look like someone who knows how to write a story with a beginning...
  4. LittleGumball

    Sign Ups things i don't know about signups

    ayyyy what's good fellas welcome to things i don't know about mafia. it's nearing 4am and i don't feel like capitalizing things or making a very good description! if you want to play in my game uwu then sign right up below my dood lookin 4 about 13 players aye lads 1. Mellow Ezlo/Rubik 2...
  5. LittleGumball

    Game Thread Diamond is Unbreakable Mafia Game Thread

    What a beautiful Duwang! chew The town of Morioh is quiet and peaceful, as usual, after the defeat of Angelo Katagiri. However, it appears that he was not the serial killer that Jotaro Kujo was looking for. The Stand users in town now face up against this powerful threat, a man with a hand...
  6. LittleGumball

    Sign Ups Diamond is Unbreakable Mafia Sign Ups

    What's up pals it's time for another round of sign ups hopefully this one fills up lmao The theme this time around is Jojo's Bizarre Adventure part 4: Diamond is Unbreakable. I found a setup on mafiascum called Bird7p that I liked, here's the link...
  7. LittleGumball

    Idea: Fantasy Mafia

    So I made a joke recently about having Fantasy Mafia, like a fantasy football league or something, and then it stopped being funny and started being something I actually wanted to do lol. So here I am posting a thread so I can talk to everyone about it and get feedback on whether or not this...
  8. LittleGumball

    THESMALLESTZDMAFIA™ Game Thread :;):

    The sun was setting after a beautiful day. On top of a hill surrounded by other hills sat a small, lonely village. It hardly interacted with other towns because it hardly needed to. It had everything it needed. Farms for food, plenty of friends that got together for entertainment, local pets...
  9. LittleGumball


    hi friends i was to the wondering if you are liking the mafias game and if you were wanting of the lookings at mine i would to the liking of your playings keep of the minds that this game has the special qualities not for your fainting of the hearts i am having around 20 of spots that are...
  10. LittleGumball

    A Neat Tip I Found in my Textbook

    So I'm taking an online creative writing class, and the textbook for it had something cool that I thought that I would share with you all. (textbook is Imaginative Writing: The Elements of Craft by Janet Burroway. Just in case anyone is wondering. c: ) To paraphrase, many beginning writers name...
  11. LittleGumball

    LG Reads Stories Out Loud

    Big Octo and I wrote this the other day. I thought I should share it with you all in a dramatic reading since we liked it so much. Enjoy! :;): dont 5get to check this thread for more stuff bc there's more so yea ktxhbifrenz
  12. LittleGumball

    Downton Abbey Mafia Game Thread

    Welcome, welcome, ladies and gents! Welcome to the beginning of the game! I'll explain the rules shortly, but first, the gist of how it works! During the Day period you may talk and during the Night period you may not! If you want to use an ability that you have just let me know, I'll work out...
  13. LittleGumball

    Downton Abbey Mafia Signups

    Good evening, ladies and gentlemen! I'm Martha Levinson, but you all know that. Now, I know you English folk don't like too much excitement, but I've got a game I'd like to try out with you all, it's a hit back in America, trust me. It's a game of lies and deceit, not knowing who to trust, that...
  14. LittleGumball

    General Art Slammin' Salmon's Stupid Zelda Fanfic

    I hope I never post another one of these ever again. I've been having writer's block on anything and everything I'm writing that's important, so I started a really dumb fanfic. :3 Read it or don't, I don't really care, and I'm actually not really feeling like posting this, but I should stop...
  15. LittleGumball

    A Solo He Can't Refuse: Marching Band Mafia

    Hey, band! I’m your new director, Ms. Little-Gumball! I understand some of you may have some resentful feelings for me since I’m replacing Mr. Walrus, but I hope we come to tolerate each other soon enough. There are some rumors going around that another school has infiltrated the band and are...
  16. LittleGumball

    Beginner's Mafia: Marching Band!

    Hey guys! I had this crazy idea a while ago while not paying attention in class to mod a mafia game… And by some miracle, here I am, modding away! The theme of this game is Marching band! The marching bands at Dungeon High and Universe High have been at each others' throats for years, both...
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